Twitter girl

Leah a typical lover of the band 5SOS unknowingly has gained the interest of Luke Hemmings 5SOS' lead singer through her tweets. They meet in the most difficult of circumstances but, will Leah survive? Does Simon ruin everything? And will Luke end up with his Twitter girl....


34. goodbye Luke

Leah's POV

I stood by the microphone and Sam came to sit next to me on the spare chair

"Look Leah" Sam began

"I've met Luke a couple of times before when he's flown from here and he's genuinely the most kind hearted person I know, you've done nothing wrong and I know he'll forgive you" he paused for a minute

"Well technically he doesn't need to because this wasn't your fault but you know what I mean"

I smiled

The crackling from the microphone stopped and I could hear Michael

"Leah's on the radio, she wants to talk to you"

I sat and listened on the edge on my seat

In my head I was chanting 'please forgive me'

Lucks voice perked up "tell her to fuck off back to Simon"

There was a pause and both me and Sam looked at each other with stunned looks wiped across our faces

"I don't want to see her again j hate her" cane Luke's voice again

Sam looked at mean as if to say 'go on say something'

I cleared my throat before pressing the microphone button

"Ok, goodbye Luke"

I paused and could feel a growing lump in my throat

"I love you Luke"

I took my finger off the button and burst out crying

"Your letting him go?" Sam asked confused

"What am I meant to do, he hates me didn't you hear"

"Yea he does" came a voice from behind

I spun around to see Simon stood with an uninviting looking gang crowded behind him

"What are you doing her?" I questioned angrily

"Came to teach someone a lesson for hmm" he pause as he ran his hand over the red mark on him face

"This remember" I growled angrily

Sam stood up

"This is my airport now you best get your sorry butts out before I kick them out for you"

Before he could react one of Simons gang hit him


I kneeled down by him

"Are you ok?" I asked quickly

"Hm yea" came a slurred reply as he cradled his head

"HEY GET OFF ME!" I shouted as I got grabbed from behind

"Come on we're going to go find somewhere to teach you a lesson" Simon smugly said from the door he held open

His band of yobs dragged me out the door

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