Twitter girl

Leah a typical lover of the band 5SOS unknowingly has gained the interest of Luke Hemmings 5SOS' lead singer through her tweets. They meet in the most difficult of circumstances but, will Leah survive? Does Simon ruin everything? And will Luke end up with his Twitter girl....


20. food

From Luke's POV

food, Leah, food, Leah.

What if she wakes up when I'm not there or something else happens? What if? No I'm not even going to consider the fact that she might not wake up

Michael tapped my arm

"Hey dude, are you ok? You look really stressed out"

"Yea I'm ok just thinking" I replied

"She's going to be fine" Michael added

"Yea the doctors said she was doing well and some swelling had gone down and all that technical shit" cal said as he pushed the button on the vending machine

"I hope so" I said feeling conflicted.

I had no control over this situation and I hated it.

"Hey what do you want Luke?" Ashton asked as he jokingly pushed cal out of the way

"Um anything small I'm not really hungry"

I turned around to find the guys stood staring at me with the most ridiculous expressions slapped across their faces that they could manage to make.

"What?" I asked innocently

"Haha are you kidding? You, not hungry. Luke Robert Hemmings I've known you long enough to know that you're never not hungry" cal said smiling

You know people are serious when they use your full name but he had a point

"Haha ok maybe something decently sized" I replied laughing

"That's more like it" cal said as he pushed ashton back out the way jokingly and started pressing buttons

"Here" cal handed me a large bag of crisps

"That decent sized enough for you" he said smiling

"No" we all paused

"Hahaha, yeah of course it is" I said taking the crisps from him

I opened the packet

"Seriously, crisps are more like bags of air" I said disappointedly

"You've got some crisps in your bag of air there Luke" ashton said laughing

Wonder what it's like being in a coma

I can ask Leah when she wakes up I though

"Hey guys"

I quickly turned around to see grace waltzing down the corridor

"Hey where did you go?" I shouted down to her

"Went back up to see Leaf and the doctors"

"What did they say? Anything new?" I asked inquisitively

"They cant tell till they do more scans they defiantly know she going to wake up though" she replied smiling

"That's great!"

Yes she'll wake up, I can't wait to see her beautiful eyes and smile

"Yea it is they think it might be soon so you might want to come back up to the room" grace suggested

"Yea ok we'll be up in a second" Michael said as he pulled me to one side

"Luke, if she does wake up"

"When" I interrupted

"When she wakes up just be prepared ok? If it's something to do with her brain they might not know the damage till she's awake" Michael said in him concerned voice

"I know but I'll like her regardless"

I said to erasure him

"I know, come on then" he said

We all started to walk back up to the room

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