Why read this... Its only my life!

its my life, it sucks, and you get to read my moans, groans and rants


3. You know the drill

Right. Here I am, here you are and something must be going well in this as you're at chapter 3. Well done you...

So what to talk about here... erm... aha!

Cleaning product adverts. They suck. Why? The flippin' companies decide to open the advert with questions EVERYBODY knows the answer to and show the "home" to be in worse hygenic condition than a rubbish dump in a football stadium urinal! I know it demonstrates the power and technology used, but if nobody's home gets in that condition anyway, why show you it like that. Another thing, If you house becomes in that condition, your probably really lazy or hitting a rough spot financially, so you don't need to spend an excruciating amount of money on an all-in-one multi purpose steam do-hickey!

Oh, and another thing, they're everywhere! You can't sit through an ad break without having these products shoved under your nose (dangerous that, chemicals under your nose, ripe for the sniffing,) and somehow you feel obliged to buy these things. Why, I hear you ask. Because you've got no other blooming choice! Your house gets dirty, soapy water doesn't cover it, you but these things.

In other words, you're stuck with them. Enough said.




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