Why read this... Its only my life!

its my life, it sucks, and you get to read my moans, groans and rants


4. Now We're getting somewhere!

Hear we are, sauntering along the length and breadth of my miserable mind. If you're still reading this, then things will be better. I hope...

Any who, on we press, this that and the other.

Other people. Why I've waited until chapter 4 to do this I'll never know, but this really is an absolute pain in the posterior for me. I just don't like meeting and talking to other people. They have nothing to do with you, they are mostly obnoxious or pompous and want to talk to you simply to brag, or they are just plain cretins, simple.

Example time! As you've probably guessed by that comment above, I'm an introvert. I'm a stereotypical, "nerdy", quiet and conversational rookie of an introvert. And, yes I do have friends (granted I can count them on one hand but that's beside the point,) and yes they're similar to me. Anyway, I digress. I was at a party, against my will, sipping on the one drink that'll last me all night while munching on those little cheese savories, when I'm approached.


'How are you, you seem quiet' he yells at me through obscenely loud, pitiful attempts at music (see later chapters,)  trying to be a nice guy. At this point I grumble something and gesture my leaving. He scowls at me, and goes to some other unlucky guest. It's this sort of thing, the logic plucked from nowhere that you can just simply talk to someone you've never met and come out of it as friends.

I mean, why the heck did this come from? I'm alone for a reason, not to talk to people. Don't approach me, don't talk to me, and don't even think about offering me a drink, because then I'll be indebted to you, and I'll never see you after this night to pay you back. If I pay you back by say another drink, we end up friends, the one thing I didn't set out to make. It's a crap system.

Enough said.

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