Why read this... Its only my life!

its my life, it sucks, and you get to read my moans, groans and rants


2. Here it comes... Round Two

Right then... If you didn't read the first chapter, then hello and what are you doing reading this in the wrong order! I'm not filling you in as you got to read the full thing, preferably in the right order. (enough said.)

Anyway... Disney.

Any huge mega fans out there.. skip this. (And all you grammar and language fans out there, yes I did contradict myself.) The only problem with this company is Walt Disney's death. Before that, the company came up with new tales and never before seen fairy-tale remakes. 1 point there. But when Walt sadly pass away (or was in a cryogenic freeze for fellow conspiracy fans,) it all went downhill.

They ran out of ideas and decided 'hey why don't we but up some of the rights to major companies, exploit them in over-expensive and damn right stupid merchandise based off the crumby re-makes where we've redesigned the characters to look like pansies' So Star Wars and Marvel took a beating under that damn blasted rule!

And another thing... The new films. They make extremely predictable, stupidly made princess movies that smash the box office because they appeal to winy little under 10's going "Mummy Mummy take me to see that!" (imagine the voice as you wish) and then they release a stupid soundtrack AND DVD! As a fellow sufferer of this I know its pathetic, but I really wish they'd just get an original movie for once!

Enough said.


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