Don't be sorry

17 year old Alison is kind of a popular girl.. She has a lot of frinds, she always know what to say and she´s not afraid to stand up against anyone that hurts her or her frinds. Actually she is the complete opposite than the schools nerd Luke.But somehow she manages to find him attractive.What happens when luke finds out?. At what happens when Luke decides to keep a distance to Ali?.


1. This is my story

Alison´s POV


My name is Alison Hale Edwards. I´m 17 years old an live in Sydney.

I live in a big house with my mom and my older brother Jeremy.

My father works a lot, that´s why he´s never home. 

But Jeremy is like a father to me..... except the fact that he is my brother.

I mean he is allways there for me.

He was the one that helped me getting over my ex, Jackson. 

I have light blue eyes and long brown hair with blond in the ends.

I´m actually a pretty shy person but somehow people seems to think otherwise.

-This is my story-

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