Don't be sorry

17 year old Alison is kind of a popular girl.. She has a lot of frinds, she always know what to say and she´s not afraid to stand up against anyone that hurts her or her frinds. Actually she is the complete opposite than the schools nerd Luke.But somehow she manages to find him attractive.What happens when luke finds out?. At what happens when Luke decides to keep a distance to Ali?.


2. Leave me alone

Alison´s POV


I  took out my books and slowly closed my locker and walked down the hall. I didn´t want to rush to get the class. Actually I didn´t want to go at all. But I had to. The fact that my ex Jackson would be there scared me. I broke up with him about a month ago and he still wouldn´t let me go. 


When I reached the classroom, I stopped and looked around. Then I walked down  to the very back of the room and sat down in the corner as far away from Jackson as possible. He had cheated on me.... twice.! 

First time I forgave him but the second.... I couldn´t take it... I was heartbroken.

Just the thought of it maked my heart shatter.

And before I knew it, tears escaped my eyes and I lifted my hand to cover my face.

" Are you ok?"

I removed my hands from my face and turned to look at the blonde haired with boy with glasses next to me. It was the school nerd Luke. Luke Hemmings. He was always alone and didn´t really talk to anyone. 

" Yes i´m fine" I sniffled and smiled weakly.


Soon the teacher entered the room and I wiped away my tears and turned my attention to the teacher. 

" Goodmorning everyone. I hope you all had a nice weekend. Today we are going to start up a new math project. In a minute you´ll get a partner and it´s your own responsible to have it ready next monday."


I sighed.

As long as I wouldn´t get Jackson as a partner this couldn´t be that bad.

I listened carefully as the teacher began reading up the partners.


" Kat and Joe, Helen and Matt, Spencer and Jackson...."


I sighed in relief as the teacher kept reading. 


" Alison and Luke"


I turned and smiled weakly at Luke. But my smile faded as I saw Luke clenching his fist, making his knuckles white.  Had I done anything wrong?


( skip to the lunch break)


When class ended Luke had dissapered before I could ask him what was bothering him. So I decided just to go to the cafeteria. And there he was.... In the very back as far away from everyone as possible.  He was reading a book or something... not even paying attention to the food in front of him. 

I walked down past the rows of tables and pulled out a chair and sat down in front of him. " Hi Hemmings"

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