Don't be sorry

17 year old Alison is kind of a popular girl.. She has a lot of frinds, she always know what to say and she´s not afraid to stand up against anyone that hurts her or her frinds. Actually she is the complete opposite than the schools nerd Luke.But somehow she manages to find him attractive.What happens when luke finds out?. At what happens when Luke decides to keep a distance to Ali?.


3. " I was wondering....."

Luke´s POV


I was sitting in the back of the cafeteria reading my book when I heard someone pulling out a chair next to me. I didn´t really bother to look up until at familier voice caught my attention. " Hi Hemmings" I looked up and got completely lost in her deep beautiful eyes. " Hi... ehh... Alison" I stammered as I used my index finger to nudge my glasses further up my nose. " Are you going to eat that" She said pointing at the apple on the tray at the table in front of me. I slowly shook my head as I handed her over the apple. Why was she even talking to me? Girls that pretty never talks to me.! She liftet the apple to her mouth and took a small bite.  " ehh.. What are you doing here?... I mean.."  I asked nervously. Great Luke, Just Great. Now I sounded really stupid. I blushed. " I was just wondering if you would like to hang out later... I mean to start up our math project. " She told me giggling a little. I think she might have seen me blushing. " Yeah sure." I said trying to sound more condfindet. " great... shall we say at your place after school?." she smiled. " oh... ok..sure"


( Skip to the end of the day.)


Alison´s POV

I maked sure to leave the English class as soon as the bell rang. The halls were filled with people. But I somehow managed to get to my locker to grab my bag. Then I turned and stood against the locker waiting for Luke since we didn´t agree in a place to meat before I left for next class. A few minutes later I heard yelling and the sound of books getting dropped and I turned my attention to the left were I found Luke bending down to pick up his books. A laughing Matt was standing beside him with a group of laughing guys behind him.

Matt was one of Jacksons best friend and I had never really liked him. 

I rushed over to Luke and bend down helping him pick up his books before I turned my attention to Matt and his laughing group of jerks. 

" Wtf is your problem.! Stay the hell away from him. He has nothing done to you. Leave him the fuck alone!" I yelled as they slowly turned and left. It felt so good to let it all out. 

I mean... what do I mean? Since when did I start to care about Hemmings.? 

Luke are you ok?"

He looked shocked...but honestly no one had ever defended him so it is understandable.

" I´m f-fine, thanks A-Alison" He stammered looking down at his books. It was obvious that he  felt uncomfortable. 

" Do you wanna start up the math project another time or...." " No it´s fine!" He cut me off. 

I felt a smile spread across my face.

Why did this boy have such a huge affect on me?... Come on Alison get it together.!



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