Lux Fannery

Lux Fannery is an ordinary girl that has never known her mother and father. She has two sisters and two brothers, she is the youngest of them all. They've looked after each other for sixteen years now after their parents left them two days after Lux was born. She finds out that most of her live she's been living in lies, people around her have lied to her and siblings over the years. After her sixteenth birthday she sees things differently though she doesn't tell anyone because she doesn't know if it's normal or not.


2. II



Tarver had found them an three bedroom apartment to stay in until they were back on their feet. Lawson and River shared a room together, Torah was allowed her own room and Taver and Lux shared a room because Lux could never get to sleep unless she was next to her big brother. 

After that night Torah had had hallucinations about her siblings and everything she had, burning down in that fire. Torah wished that her parents hadn't abandoned her and her siblings when she was just five years old. They said that they couldn't do this anymore, caring after five children, working the jobs they had and paying the bills. Torah didn't understand anything at first and then within a matter of months she'd grown up to be mature and respectable. 

Tarver was only 8 at the time, though his parents knew he could handle working and living for his siblings. The young siblings didn't know why their parents had abandoned them when they did. They didn't know the actual reason because surely not being able to pay the bills, not being able to work the jobs they had and not being able to take care of the five children they had bought into the world, weren't the only reasons their parents left them

River was much like her mother, or what she remembered of her mother anyway, red hair, fair skin and bright green eyes. She was quiet and mostly kept to herself. Daily she wrote in the book that Torah had packed for her, she pretended to write to her mother and father, thinking that somehow, someday they'd meet again. 

Lawson, River and Lux were enrolled in the school that took only ten minutes to walk to, while Torah and Tarver were able to find day jobs to pay for groceries and pay off the monthly rent for their little apartment. The five siblings were hassle-free, they never fought and didn't tie each others things like normal siblings, though in the letters she wrote, River didn't prefer them to a normal family. She didn't think they were normal because their parents weren't with them. 



The five Fannery children had become a sort of gossip family after they had moved into the apartment and a small article was made up about them in the local newspaper, shortly after they had left their old town behind. River always wrote in her letters that, she knew that word spreads. After Tarver was able to work three jobs at a time, he-with Torah's help as she worked-could afford paying for a bigger house with four rooms. Though River and Lux still had to share. 


River had found out that her parents had abandoned them because of some sort of agency needing them, though she didn't have enough information to understand. Their parents had contacted Tarver once through out the years that they had abandoned them. Apparently it was because they had to go back to this spying agency that they were once in. Torah didn't really believe it, she said that she would never trust them ever again for what they did. 


Lux was getting bullied at school, though she never told anybody. She didn't have any friends and River's and Lawson's luck hours were different to hers. She was getting bullied because she didn't have any parents, she was always devastated when the lunch bell went. She tried to escape the bullies by finding a tree that she thought no one knew about, though the bullies just followed her there and started hassling her. She was one of the smartest in her class because she always listened and always had her assignments in on time. 


Lawson was someone you cold call "popular" in her year level. He was attractive, strong, though he was never up himself and was always kind. He wasn't someone that everybody knew because of his bad qualities, but of his good qualities. The teachers loved him because he was a straight "A" students and his grades never faltered. 


River basically a no-body in her grade, and she didn't mind it one bit. Just like at her house, she kept to herself. She was smart but not as smart as Lux and Lawson. Most lunches she spent in some abandoned table, writing to her parents or reading a book. For the last week she tried to piece together the "message" her parents had given Tarver a six months ago. 


Torah was always home when the three younger children got home from school and prepared afternoon tea for them. After their afternoon tea, Lawson, River and Lux all helped each other with their homework, then did their own thing for a bit, before helping Torah and Tarver prepare dinner. That was their day-to-day activity that they were all used to. Sometimes Tarver wouldn't get home until 10 at night, but they always worked around it. Lux was always tired and had dinner earlier then went to bed, but the others waited for their older brother. 


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