Lux Fannery

Lux Fannery is an ordinary girl that has never known her mother and father. She has two sisters and two brothers, she is the youngest of them all. They've looked after each other for sixteen years now after their parents left them two days after Lux was born. She finds out that most of her live she's been living in lies, people around her have lied to her and siblings over the years. After her sixteenth birthday she sees things differently though she doesn't tell anyone because she doesn't know if it's normal or not.


1. I

"Lux! Get up! There's a fire! Lux!" Tarver yells at her. She can't open her eyes widely enough to see the actual fire though she can feel the heat of it. All she sees is blurry features of Tarver's body because she doesn't have her glasses on. "My glasses, I can't see without them." Lux panics. 

"It's okay, Torah has a bag filled with your things, she put your glasses in it." Tarver says hurriedly. They can hear sirens and hurry out of the burring house they had grown in and shared delightful and happy times in. Her two sisters, Torah and River, and her other older brother, Lawson were standing at the letterbox in front of the house watching as their memories of their only house was being burnt by flames. Firefighters were around the siblings, fire hoses being pulled out of the trucks as quickly as possible to save the remaining shreds of the house that was once River's safe haven. Torah and Tarver held their younger siblings in their arms as he flames and water scorched the house that they loved, the house that they escaped to after a hard day, the house that had given them both bad and good memories that they could never forget. 

Tears were streaming down nine-year-old Lux's face as she tried to understand how the fire started. Torah had packed her things into her favourite bag, a blue and green duffel bag. "It's okay, Lucky, everything will soon be okay." Torah tried to cheer her up but she didn't stop crying. Lawson, Lux's older brother by three years had handed her, her glasses the minute she was out of the burning house. Tarver and Torah had had the idea to pack those bags two days before incase something bad had happened to them, they seemed to have the idea just in time. In each bag were about five pairs of spares clothes, sweaters, toiletries, torch,a book to write in and a two pairs of runners. 

River's long dark brown hair fell in front of her face as the cold autumn wind blew around the sad family. Lawson had his head in his hands, for a twelve-year-old, Lawson was very wise and mature. Torah was fourteen and had beautiful shiny blonde hair, even in the night of a miserable night her hair was shining, she had blue eyes that sparkled as she fought tears back. Tarver was seventeen and protected his siblings with everything he has. He and Lux were very much alike although she didn't understand much, like why her parents weren't missing two days after her born, or how the leaves fall of the trees in autumn, or why people need to be so angry one minute and then perfectly fine the next, just like her teacher, Mrs Lettingworth. 


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