In Sheep's Clothes

This is actually one of my old movellas which I accidentally on-purpose removed. I don't know if I want to finish it, but it was a really good idea. I might consider completing it after i'm through with Maverick.

Oh, and a new cover might be nice, i'll have to check in with Aldrin with that... And the trailer is made by Naj (N.S.)


1. Part 1

 – PART I –


Mary had a little Lamb, whose fleece was white as snow;

And everywhere that Mary went, the Lamb was sure to go.


Little Mary loved her Lamb, and the Lamb loved her the same;

Indeed the Lamb would die for her, once the time came.


An Eagle came and took the Lamb, and Mary cried and cried;

She would not know what to do; if her little Lamb died.


An eaglet told Mary what to do, to get her Lamb back;

But the task was not an easy one: she could die if she lost track.


“Seven lives, for the life of One,” little Mary swore,

“Till Rome in Tiber melt, and Nile runs red once more.


“Till all know my name and cower beneath my stare,

And will fear me as Wolf feared by hare.


“I will drag down the nation for my Lamb, most loved,

He will not die; I will not allow it without my loyalty proved,


“Anoint me, Vixen, this day, and I will fall into this fold,

Of murder, of deception, of thievery as has never afore been told,


“Farewell, my Father, my Saviour, my Guardian of all time,

My Lamb that laid down your life for me under all clime,


“I shall pay your sacrifice; your prize will be won,

People will remember when Seven fell for One.”


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