My Immortal

Rain meets a Vampire prince who want to make her his bride, but Rain has other things on her mind, her father is deadly ill and she'll do anything in her power to cure him, even if she have to become the vampire's bride.


8. Chapter 8

Vladimir woke up the next night. He stretched his arms and yawned lightly. He looked down at Jasmina. She was still asleep. Vladimir got up to his feet's and walked over to Vincent's bed. Vincent was asleep and breathing heavily. The fever still didn't settle down. ''I'm going to see your mate today, we can't wait any longer'' Vladimir whispered softly. He headed to the shower, washed his hair, body and teeth quickly. Got dressed and headed out. He left a small note for Jasmina so she'd know where Vladimir was.

I opened my eyes, my body felt heavy. I was still very tired from giving birth. The twins are still asleep. Guan watched over them the entire day. She fed them with milk when they needed it. Guan entered the room and smiled at me. ''I see you woke up. You must be hungry'' She spoke. I couldn't help but smile on her comment. '' Hungry? I haven't fed in weeks'' I grinned. ''Come, I'll take you to the Village so you can feed. Your father will watch over the twins'' Guan said. I nodded and looked into the crib. The twins looked so sweet. I pressed my lips on their small heads and left the room for a quick shower and preparing myself for leaving.

It didn't take long of my time to be ready, I wore a long light blue cloak and I wore trousers instead of a dress. Horseback riding went easier that way. We soon left the ranch and headed to the nearest village south of our ranch. It was a new village that has been build within the past year. It is so much closer than the other village which used to take me 2 days to get there. Our horses were fast and brought us to the village within an hour.

We dismounted our horses and tied them to a fence. ''Let's see if I can find a nice meal'' I spoke softly and looked at Guan. She decided to stay with the horses. I headed into a bar. It was filled with men. One of them stepped over to me. ''Hey there, sweetie pie'' He grinned. Man… his breath smelled awful. I just nodded and stepped away from him quickly. There dozens of drunk men here, I could pick who ever I wanted. All I needed to do is act flirty, let him take me upstairs and then I can take my bite.

I saw a nice looking man at a table. He looked like he was about to pass out, which was even better. I stepped over to him. ''Hey there'' I spoke. He looked up at me, took another sip of his beer and grinned. ''There's my love'' He spoke. He tried to get up to his feet's, he had a hard time standing. He placed an arm over my shoulder. ''Let's go upstairs… Hic… Sweetie… Hic…'' I only nodded at him. We moved up the stairs and entered a room. It was filthy; booze lay around everywhere, empty bottles and glass spread over the floor.

I closed the door behind us. The man started undressing himself and dropped his clothes on the filthy floor. I moved my hand toward his face. He soon got into a sort of trance. This is something I learned from Father. He taught me how to mesmerize my victims so they don't know what happens to them or feel any pain afterward.

The man looked dazzled. I moved closer with my mouth to his neck. I felt my thirst had gotten stronger. I pierced my fangs into his skin and sucked the warm red tasty liquid out of his body. It tasted so delicious. I hardly could stop from drinking it all of his blood. ''I do not want to kill him'' I looked at the man he looked pale but he'll be alright. I closed the wound with my longue and lay the man down on the bed and then quickly left the room. I walked quickly out of the bar and met up with Guan. ''I had one meal, I think it's enough for a couple of weeks'' I said and mounted my Friesian horse. Guan nodded and mounted her Shire horse. We rode slowly out of the small village.

''Princess!'' A heavy hoarse male voice called out. I recognized the voice. It was Vincent's friend. ''Vladimir?'' I looked around. All I saw was a back wolf. The wolf nodded to me and ran into the woods. I looked at Guan. She slowly nodded at me too and rode after the wolf. I had no choice but to fallow.

Soon the wolf had stopped running. ''I think this is far enough from the Village'' He spoke. The wolf shape shifted into a human being. ''My princess, I came to bring you news of your mate'' Vladimir said and bends down his head to me. ''We need to hurry and save him. He can't hold on any longer'' Vincent sighed. ''Let's go then, Father can stay with the children.'' I said. ''No... We need to bring Vincent here, to your place. He needs to see his children, it may save his life'' Vladimir said. ''How do you want to do that? Bringing him here, it's not like we have a horse cart'' I said. Vladimir smiled. ''But we do'' He said. ''I guess you better start moving, and get the prince here before it's too late'' Guan said. I nodded in agreement. Vincent had to be saved.

I missed him dearly, and I would do anything in my power to save him. Vladimir nodded. ''Princess, I do not know how long it will take for us to reach your ranch but we need a guide who can be trusted and who can take sunlight'' Vladimir said. Guan smiled. ''Vadim... The previous Vampire hunter, he'll take you to our ranch. I'll tell him to leave tonight.'' Guan said. Vladimir nodded. ''I'll trust your choice. Let's head back your ranch and get going to my place quickly.'' He said.

Guan and I nodded and kicked the sides of our horses making them run really quick back to the ranch. Vladimir turned into a bat and flew fast toward the ranch. Vladimir was the first to arrive. ''Vadim!'' He called out as he landed on his feet's. Vadim rushed out of the house. ''Who are you?'' He asked. ''I am Vladimir, friend of Vincent, I came to ask you for your help'' He spoke. Vadim nodded. ''Alright, Tell me what you want'' He asked.

''I'd like you to guide us to your ranch from the snow mountains. We will use a horse cart to move me and Vincent in our coffins. Our coffins shall be covered with a blanked or something like that so humans can't see what is on the cart'' Vladimir explained. Vadim nodded. ''Alright, I'll come'' Vadim said and nodded at Vladimir. Vladimir smiled. ''Great, let's get going, there's no time to lose'' He said. ''Wait what about Rain and Guan?'' He asked. ''They are on their way here, don't worry'' He said. ''I can't leave the twins here by themselves, we got to wait for them to return'' Vadim said. ''Ah yes, that's true, I totally forgot about that'' Vladimir sighed. ''I hope you don't ever get children'' Vadim murmured.

An hour had passed and Rain and Guan arrived at the ranch. ''Alright they are here, go change into a bird or something'' Vladimir said. Vadim sighed; he didn't like transforming into animals. Vadim concentrated on his energy and turned into an eagle. Vladimir had changed back into his bat form. ''Come'' He whispered and flew up into the air heading toward the mountain.

''We just arrived and they already left, seems like he really was being serious about Vincent's life being in danger '' Guan spoke. I nodded. I was glad that they left right away.

Guan brought our horses into the stables while I fed the babies. I wondered how long they'd be gone, and if they would make it here in time.


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