My Immortal

Rain meets a Vampire prince who want to make her his bride, but Rain has other things on her mind, her father is deadly ill and she'll do anything in her power to cure him, even if she have to become the vampire's bride.


7. Chapter 7

4 and a half months have already passed since Vincent had left for investigating and my belly has become huge, 2 more weeks for labor, and still no sign of Vincent. His friend hasn't spoken to me yet about Vincent's condition, and I'm very worried. Guan and Father tried to cheer me up but failed.

I sat outside on the bench watching the horses and chickens; I was waiting for a message that still has to come. Guan and joined me. She looked at my belly and touched it gentle. ''They are restless'' She said softly. I nodded lightly. She touched my black curly messy hair. ''He'll come'' She said softly. ''I hope so, Vladimir have not spoken to me yet since his last and only message'' I said and sighed. I looked up at the sky. It was clouded, but rays of sunlight was about to shine through. It's almost spring now, and still chilly outside. One of our horses is already pregnant and I'm sure many of our chickens are having baby chicks too, that's a good sign for us, and our poor life will come to an end soon.

Guan smiled. ''We're going to the village soon to get a cow for milk and butter. I suggest you go inside and sleep some. You must be tired'' She said and looked at me worried. I shook my head. ''I'm fine, but I will go inside. The light is already starting to burn me'' I said and got up. I walked inside and rested in my blinded bedroom. Father met Guan outside. I heard them talking softly.

''I think it's better if I go alone, Rain can't be left alone in her condition, and you should stay with her'' Vadim said. Guan sighed. ''I guess you're right'' Guan said and sighed again. ''My dear, you are carrying a child too, you should stay with Rain, for she can't take any sun light and she's not able to walk this much'' Vadim said and kissed her lips softly. Guan held her mate tightly. '' I'll take our stallion, he's fast so I'll be back soon okay'' He said and kissed Guan again and moved to the black stallion. He was enormous. Vadim made the horse ready to ride and went to greet Rain who already fell asleep.

Vadim left to the village to get their cow and bull, and to get a few other things.

Meanwhile in the snow village, Vladimir was still taking care of Vincent, whose condition has not changed. Vincent had more marks over his body, and he still had a fever. Vincent lay on the bed only wearing his underwear, covered by a blanked. Only his upper body was bare. ''Still no changes'' The nurse murmured as she saw Vladimir entering the room. ''I know'' He said softly. ''His mate is soon to labor, after that and being rested. We must visit her so she could help us.'' He said. The nurse looked at him. ''But why is she the only one who can help him?'' The nurse asked. Vladimir joined her on the couch. ''She carries his blood and light. She must help me destroying the energy'' He said softly.

The nurse looked at him with her light green eyes. She moved closer and kissed his lips softly. ''I'm sure she'll make him better'' She said softly touching his face gentle with her fingers. Vladimir smiled lightly. ''That what I believe too, Jasmina'' He said and held the dark brown haired woman close to him. They both looked at the vampire prince hoping he would get better soon.

More days had passed

Vadim brought a bull, Cow, a couple of sheep's, rams, and a few ducks, he wanted to make the farm bigger. He also builds extra bedrooms for guests and new family members and stables for their new pets. The farm looked much bigger now and more lively. Vadim had a few human friends helping him with building the things he needed. They were strong men and knew him well. They were the same men who helped him building his house.

Rain rested in her new room. She had no idea how long Vincent would stay away so Vadim had made a new bedroom for her. One that was bigger than her old one, also a crib and other babies stuff was placed there. Knowing she would give birth soon.

I woke up slowly feeling a weird pain in my stomach. I sat up slowly. I heard the sounds of hammers slamming onto the wood nailing them together. It gave me a headache. I walked toward the living room. I saw Guan-Yin sitting on the sofa reading a book. She looked up at me. ''Your belly, its low… you are going to labor soon'' She spoke softly. I sat down next to her. ''I feel a weird pain'' I said rubbing my hand over my stomach. Guan nodded. ''Seems like it's going to happen soon'' She said and smiled. ''I will inform the men'' She said and got up telling the guys about my labor, they all soon entered the living room.

''It's best to rest in your bedroom. We won't continue with construction during your labor'' Father said and smiled. He helped me getting up and brought me back to my bedroom. Guan joined me short after father left; she helped me out of my dress. ''There, it'd be much easier to labor without your dress on'' She said smiling. I sat down on my bed and stare at the ceiling. The pain got worse; it was like my muscles tighten together.

Guan stayed with me for couple of hours. The pain gotten stronger and came faster. ''Just an inch more and you can start pushing'' She said softly. I nodded softly. I was breathing a bit harder. We waited for another hour before I could start pushing.

The moment I did, it hurt a lot, I felt sweaty and breathing become a little harder. I've been pushing for a few minutes. And finally the first one arrived. Guan pulled on the baby's head, to get him out. Nobu was the first one who was born, a healthy baby boy. Guan cleaned him a little with a clean towel; she cut his umbilical cord and placed him in the crib. He cried for a short while.

We had no choice but to ignore him for a short while, there was another child that had to get out too. I pushed hard to get it out, not long after Midna was born. She was crying as well, Guan handed me both babies. I was so happy that they were finally here. But I was sad that Vincent wasn't here to join me. The twins were quietly resting on my chest I closed my eyes. I felt so tired. Guan moved closer. ''Let the babies rest in their beds. We are not done yet'' She said. I nodded. Guan cut the umbilical cord of Midna and moved the newborns to their cribs where they could rest in for a while.

Guan told me to give another push so she could pull out the placenta, something that I didn't need any more. Once that was done, I got up from the bed so Guan could change the sheets for me. She prepared a bucked of warm water and a cloth, helping me washing myself a little before entering the bed. The twins were quiet; they had fallen asleep while Guan was cleaning me.

I lay down on the clean bed. Holding the twins in my arms, Guan watched the babies and me carefully. ''I'll call your father to come and see the newborns'' She said smiling, she moved to the door and called out my father.

He entered the room quickly. He had a bright smile on his face. ''Finally, about time my grandchildren came'' He said and grinned. ''You can hold them if you want to'' I said. Father nodded. Guan helped him holding the newborns. They looked so happy. Father stayed in the room for a bit longer, before he went to continue on the construction. He promised not to make loud sounds, for I was about to sleep.

Guan dressed the babies up and placed them in their bed so they could continue their napping. ''Rest... you need it'' She said and left the room. I gave her a small nod, no need to tell me that twice, I moved down to my sides and quickly fall asleep.


Vladimir looked up toward the direction of Vadim's farm. ''Seems like they are finally born, we'll have to wait till she is rested well. She's all drained'' Vladimir said softly. Jasmina's hand moved over his pale face gentle. ''And so are you my dear, you can't give him more of your energy'' Jasmina spoke; her was voice full of concern.

Jasmina is a nurse Vladimir had met recently. She's a pure blood vampire like he is. She's a strong healer, and was often hired to heal humans. Vladimir met her on his way home after he went to meet Chaea. He told Jasmina about Vincent's condition and she got interested in joining Vladimir with his aid.

''Why did you go to see Chaea?'' Jasmina asked. She never asked him before but she was quite curious about why her lover went to see another woman on the day they met. ''Chaea is Vincent's sister; she did not heed my words when I spoke to her in her mind, so I had to visit her personally.'' He explained and looked at the woman sitting on his lap. ''That's not an answer to my question'' she continued. Vladimir laughed softly. ''Jealous?'' he teased her and playfully bit her neck. ''I'm serious'' Jasmina snapped. ''Alright, alright, I went to see her to tell about Vincent's condition and to know what she was planning on doing to Rain'' He said softly.

''Rain? Who is that?'' She asked her lover curiously. ''Vincent's mate, I think she's in danger, Chaea's 'lover' want to have Rain, and I cannot let that happen'' He said softly and sighed. ''So many problems all at once, I hope Vincent gets better soon. This is a little too much for me'' He said yawned lightly. It was day time and he felt exhausted. He stayed up the day time to check on Vincent and to watch over Rain's labor, wanting to know if everything went well to the prince's son and daughter.

Jasmina smiled at her lover. ''Come, let's head to bed, we can't do much more now'' She said softly and yawned lightly, she got up and walked over to their bedroom, Vladimir liked to sleep in a soft bed, so did Jasmina. Their room had no windows at all. It was dark and quite messy. Paper and clothes lay everywhere on the floor. Jasmina entered the messy bedroom. ''Darling, I think we should clean this room up sooner or later'' She said as she almost tripped over a shirt that lay somewhere on the floor.

Vladimir laughed softly. He undressed and joined Jasmina in bed. He held her small and slim body tightly against his large and hard body. ''Are you going to see Rain tomorrow?'' She asked him softly. ''Not sure, depends on how much of her energy have restored'' He answered her.

Jasmina kissed his lips softly. ''I love you'' She whispered. Vladimir smiled. ''I love you too'' He said and kissed her back with passion. They made love for a while and then short after fall asleep in each other's arms.


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