My Immortal

Rain meets a Vampire prince who want to make her his bride, but Rain has other things on her mind, her father is deadly ill and she'll do anything in her power to cure him, even if she have to become the vampire's bride.


6. Chapter 6

The next evening Vincent brought me to the farm, where Guan and father were waiting for me. He left short after I arrived. The look on his face said he didn't want to leave but it was something he had to do. I felt so empty when he left. All I could do is sit and wait for his return.

Weeks went by, and I waited and waited. Vincent has not sent any messages yet. I sat outside in the garden watching the clear sky, Snow had fallen a few days ago. It was very cold now this time of the year. Father was doing fine. He now was feeding the horses himself and went to town to get some food for him and Guan. I couldn't eat anymore, the scent of human food made me feel sick. That's the reason why I am outside now.

I haven't fed for days, I told Vincent in his mind, but he didn't reply. I am worried...

Miles away from the farm Vincent was at the mountain Village, a small snowy village high in the mountains with a small population. Vincent went to visit an old friend. A friend he knew for centuries, someone he was raised with. ''Vladimir, it's been a long time'' The prince greeted the tall dark figure who stood in an ally. Vladimir stepped closer to the prince and a smile appeared on his pale face. ''It has been long hasn't it'' Vladimir spoke. His voice sounded heavy and hoarse, as if he had caught a huge cold. ''57 years'' Vincent said. ''I see, so how are things going?'' Vladimir asked.

''Great, I'm going to be a father, my mate is pregnant of twins'' Vincent said. He smiled lightly. ''Really, congratulations'' Vladimir said. ''What about you? Have you found a bride yet?'' He asked. Vladimir shook his head. ''No, been busy lately, investigating the source of evil energy'' He reply and sighed lightly, his long black hair fall over his shoulders as he bent over toward Vincent. ''I think you should return to your mate, I'll do the investigation alone, your mate needs protection'' Vladimir said softly.

''No, it's fine, really, her father is watching over her, he's the damphir Vadim, nothing to be worried about'' Vincent said. ''Lucky, I guess'' Vladimir said and sighed again. ''Follow me'' He said and shape shifted into a snow owl and flew into the clouded sky. Vincent turned into a bat and followed his friend. They flew high through the beds of clouds, where no human or other creature could see them. I found a crater not far from the mountains, that's the source of the energy Vladimir said into the prince's mind. The white bird flew a bit lower from the black/brown colored bat. A meteor crash? Vincent asked. Yes, purple colored light comes from it, which must be the energy we feel. Vladimir said.

A while later they arrived at the crater. It was huge, and miles deep. The two flying creatures flew into the crater where they found the meteor. The meteor wasn't all that big, but it made a huge whole into the earth. When did this happen? Vincent asked. Not sure, maybe a few months ago? Vladimir answered. Both men turned back into their vampire/human forms and landed on the ground. Vincent touched the meteor. It felt warm, and hard. ''It's not a good idea to touch it'' Vladimir warned the prince. ''I don't feel any different, I guess it can't do any harm'' The prince said moved his hand over the purple light.

''My prince stays away from it'' Vladimir warned. ''It is not wise to come so close to it'' Vincent sighed and moved away from the meteor. But his body was sucking the energy. Vincent stood still and couldn't move. ''Vincent?'' Vladimir said softly and moved toward his friend. ''Are you alright?'' He asked and shook his friend lightly. ''Something is wrong'' Vincent said softly, Vincent looked at his friend who looked worried at him. ''Your body is sucking the energy'' Vladimir said as he grabbed his friend's arms and pulled him out of the grip of the energy source. He jumped up into the sky to get away from the meteor.

Vincent passed out while Vladimir carried him on his shoulder. ''Idiot, I warned you!'' He snapped annoyed at his unconscious friend. Vladimir brought the vampire prince to his home; he owned a large house in the mountain village. He placed Vincent down on a bed. More beds were standing in the room. Nurses walked around with first aid equipment and medicines. Vladimir was the doctor of the village and accepted by its citizens. He cures the sick, in return they let him drink blood, but he won't kill people.

A nurse walked over to the vampire. ''What's wrong with him?'' She asked. She looked down at the vampire prince. He had purple tribal marks all over his face. He started to sweat. ''He's sick, get me some cold water'' Vladimir said as he sat down at the side of his friend. His hands placed on the chest of his friend. He went to look into his energy lines. They were poisoned by the dark energy in his body. Vincent was fighting the dark energy with his own energy.

Vladimir put some of his own energy into the prince's body to help him win the fight. Vladimir moved his hands off the prince's chest. ''I can't do more than give him my energy'' Vladimir said and sighed. He looked at the nurse who looked worried over the vampire prince. She sat down on a chair beside him. ''All we can do is waiting'' Vladimir murmured and left the room.

At the farm

Guan and I were feeding the horses while father was keeping himself busy with the garden. Even when he had drunk my blood, he still is half vampire. So he still needs to eat human food once a while. Same goes for Guan. Guan decided to live with father, now that they had become a couple. They are very sweet together; they remind me of me and Vincent. God, how much I missed him. It's so strange not having him around me.

Weeks went by. And still no message of Vincent. It made me worry a lot. But good news is that my tummy has started to grow bigger a little. Guan had to remake my dresses to make room for the twin.

While I was sewing one of my own dresses a voice spoke to my mind. I didn't recognize it. It was heavy and hoarse.

I am Vladimir, childhood friend of Vincent. I had a hard time looking for you, my lady.

The voice spoke. Vincent never told me anything about having a childhood friend.

I have news for you about your mate, my lady. He is ill, very ill, my nurses and I are doing our best to help him getting better but it will take a long time for him to get well, IF he'll survive. He spoke. Tears were burning in my eyes.

How come? I asked

Did he tell you about the dark energy he was feeling? Vladimir said

Yes, he did tell me about it, what happened?

His body sucked up a big amount of the dark energy, and the energy is eating his body from the inside.

I started to cry quietly, I didn't want Guan and father to hear me crying.

How bad is it? I asked after some time.

Bad... He may die. He needs more of our light energy, I'm giving him mine to hold back the energy from taking over, but it's hard.

Can I do anything to help him? I asked

In your state, no, the twins may die if you give too much energy, all we can do is wait, and you will be able to help him after you give birth. Until then we need to wait. I could hear sadness in the man's voice. He cared about Vincent. I could tell by the sound of the man's voice. All I could do is pray and hope that Vincent will survive.

Alright, then waiting is what I will do. Let me know how he's doing once a while. I'm worried. I said

I will my lady...

The conversation had ended. The man had left my mind smoothly, like the way he had come in. I wonder how he had found me. It was rather strange. It bothered me so much that I can't help Vincent, I have no idea where he is, what he is feeling, if he's hurt, I don't know anything. I'm so worried...

Guan entered the room with a cup of tea. ''What's wrong? Why are you crying?'' She asked softly. She joined me at the table. I told her the story, she felt sorry for both of us, me and Vincent. She didn't want to see me sad. ''Let's go on a walk, its twilight, and soon dark'' She said and took my hand and walked with me.

We were walking quietly through the bald forest, no leaves on the trees and bushes. The whole forest was white; it has been snowing a lot the last few nights. It was quiet outside. Only a few ravens were making sounds. They were beautiful, large black birds. I'd love to have one as pet.

While we were walking we met a deer. Beautiful creatures they are. My father used to kill these for their flesh, but he stopped doing that because I didn't like it.

''Stop moving'' Guan suddenly said, it made me jump a little, it was unexpected. I looked at her, wondering why she said that. She took out her sword. ''A bear, close to us'' She said as she pointed at the deer that run off quickly, I heard sounds close to us. It was the sounds of breaking sticks, like something stepped on them. Sounds of breathing had come stronger, as if it came even closer to us.

We turned around. There it was the large black bear. It was huge, much bigger than me and Guan. I stepped backward. ''Stay back!'' Guan hissed and moved toward the bear. The bear moved toward her as well. It was growling and drooling. I think it was very hungry. Guan started running toward the bear and jumped into the air pointed her sword at the bear and killed it instantly. I never thought that Guan could do such a thing.

She looked at me; the bear's blood was dripping off her face. ''Don't you worry, with me around you no one can hurt you'' She said and grinned. It looked like she enjoyed killing that creature. I felt bad for the bear, it only looked for food. Guan grabbed my arm. ''Let's continue shall we'' She said and dragged me along. ''Why was that bear awake? It doesn't make much sense, it should've been asleep around this time'' I said, I looked at the poor creature as we walked passed it. Guan looked at me. ''You are right, it doesn't make sense'' She said.

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