My Immortal

Rain meets a Vampire prince who want to make her his bride, but Rain has other things on her mind, her father is deadly ill and she'll do anything in her power to cure him, even if she have to become the vampire's bride.


5. Chapter 5

When I woke up, I found myself in something dark. I couldn't see anything around me it was all black. I placed my hands in front of me. I felt a hard cover. It was made of wood. I pushed on it and it opened. It was a door of something. After I had opened it, I saw Vincent sitting near to whatever I was laying in. I sat up and smiled at Vincent.

''How are you feeling'' he asked. He held out a hand to me to help me getting up. ''I don't know I feel a little weird'' I said and got up from whatever it was I sat in. I looked down at the boxlike bed and realized that it was a coffin I had slept in. ''Why did I sleep in a coffin?'' I asked. I was pretty surprised to wake up in a thing like that. I can't even remember when I fall asleep. I looked around me and noticed this was a different room. This room had windows aswell.

''I had to move you to a room that had a coffin in it, if I let you sleep in a bed, you would get burned by the stream of sunlight'' Vincent said and touched my face gently with his hand. His hand felt much warmer now. Was it because I'm a vampire too? Or did his body temperature changed? However the touch of his hand on my skin felt much more pleasant now.

''Come on'' Vincent spoke softly. Held my hand and walked us out the room. We walked on the corridor, it looked very dark. The candles on the walls didn't give all that much of light. He led me down the stone stairs. At the end of the stairs was a wooden door. Vincent opened it and walked in. The room was very dark. Suddenly several candles were lid, out of nothing. I looked up at Vincent. He simply just smiled at me and didn't say anything.

The room looked a bit like the room I had stayed in for most of the time, but this one was bigger. Unlike the other room this one had no windows in it at all; it looked like it was some sort of basement, a basement with a huge bed in it but also a coffin. ''Why are there a coffin and a bed in here?'' I asked curiously. ''I recently placed that bed there. I thought you would like to sleep in a bed instead of a coffin'' Vincent said. He looked down at me and kissed my forehead.

''You only put a bed here because of me? So were going to sleep in a bed together?'' I said. I was pretty excited about the idea of sleeping together with Vincent. We never slept in the same room before. ''Yes, I did this for both of us, I thought it was time for both of us sharing the day time together'' Vincent said and sat down on the bed. '' I still have to remove the coffin though'' He added and smiled up at me.

Somewhere else in the castle.

''Do you like that young woman?'' Chaea asked. A tall and dark and evil looking man lay on top of her naked body and kissed her lips. ''She's gorgeous, maybe we should let her join in our love life'' The man said and grinned down at Chaea and pierced her breast with his teeth and drunk her blood.

''Maybe we should'' She said softly. Her arms were braced over his head. She loved this man so much she would gladly give anything for him. Even let another woman in their life. ''Rain is indeed very pretty, my brother claimed her, and watch over her'' Chaea said and sighed lightly.

''Then we should kill your brother'' The men spoke. Chaea shook her head. ''No, I want him for my own; I want to be claimed by him. I still love him, not as a brother but as my life mate. But I love you too. It's hard to choose'' Chaea said. ''Loving your own brother is pretty freaky'' The man said. ''He's not my brother. We don't share the same blood'' Chaea said and kissed her lover. ''If you say so, love'' The men said and kissed her back.

''We're not the only one who are making love right now'' Vincent spoke softly as he kissed my neck gently and touched my naked belly. ''who?'' I asked him. I felt his trace of kissed over my naked body. ''My sister'' He simply answered. ''I didn't know she had a lover'' I said. I didn't know anything about his sister. I only knew her name and seen her once. ''I didn't know either'' Vincent said and kissed my hip gentle.

I couldn't care less about his sister. Who she was, and what she was doing. My only purpose was to heal my father and share my life with Vincent. Only that is important to me. Vincent kissed my lips gently. ''We're going to see your father soon'' he said softly and smiled down at me. I thought about the night before, about what Vincent had told me, about our children. I closed my eyes and focused on my tummy. I felt it too. A warm energy coming from it, two fast heart beats.

I looked at him. ''When do we leave?'' I asked, we both got dressed ''Now'' He answered and took my hand, and walked me toward the other room. The one with the balcony. He opened the doors, and stepped outside. ''Weather is nice'' He said and jumped on the fence. He put out his hand toward me, like he wanted me to jump on the fence as well. I shook my head. ''No, I prefer not'' I said and stayed on the same spot I stood. He smiled at me, and just grabbed my hand and forced me to stand on the fence. I almost lost my balance and fell. But Vincent held me tightly and made sure I didn't fall off. ''Time for you to learn how to fly'' He said. I was scared to death, I didn't want to fly on my own, and I am too scared of falling down. He held me tightly against his body and jumped off the fence and we flew. He let go off me gentle. '

''You can do it too'' He said softly as he loses my embrace around him. ''Release your energy'' He said softly. I concentrated on my energy and released it. I felt warm inside, I've never felt so much energy within me. I felt my weight becoming lighter. As if I turned into a feather or something. I concentrated more on my energy. The more I released the lighter I become. Without realizing it, Vincent already had released me. I flew on my own. I opened my eyes, it was scary at first but after a while, it was fun. I held Vincent's hand as we flew toward the farm, where Guan and my father waited for us to return.

Once arrived at the farm. Guan greeted me happy. She hugged me and pulled me inside the room where father was sitting. I walked over to him and smiled. I was so happy. I could heal him now, finally after years. ''Guide me'' I said and looked at Vincent who stood behind me. ''Of course I will'' He said softly. I moved my wrist to my father mouth so he could drink my blood. I understood. He bit into my flesh; I could feel the blood getting sucked out of my wrist. It felt weird. Once done, Vincent closed the wound with his tongue. ''Vadim, it is best if you lay down'' Vincent said. Father obeyed him and lay down.

''Place both your hands on his chest and concentrate your energy into your hands'' Vincent said as he rested his hand on mine. I listened to his words. I felt the warm energy flowing into my hands. I opened my eyes and my hands were glowing green light, his hands glowed as well. I could feel the heartbeat of my father on my hands. I could feel the blood streaming through him. I felt all his cells moving. It was like I had control over all that happened inside him.

Vincent guided me to a spot near his stomach. Something was there. I don't know what, it was hard, and it was something that shouldn't be there. A lot of cells were in it. ''We must destroy that'' Vincent spoke. Our energy merged, and started to destroy the cells inside. Father moaned from pain. ''We have to do it fast'' Vincent spoke softly as he used more energy than I did and destroyed the thing inside real fast. It took like a few minutes to cure my father.

''Done'' Vincent said as he removed his hand from father's chest. ''How are you feeling?'' I asked my father. ''I feel great, It weird, but I feel so much better now'' He said. He looked much younger as well. He looked as if he was like 30 years old. He looked great. Guan brightened up as well she moved toward my father and kissed his lips. She was so happy. Vincent and I moved away from them and left them alone for a while. ''Well mission accomplished'' I said softly, as we sat down outside on a bench.

''Indeed, now we can aim on our lives'' Vincent said and smiled. I nodded in agreement. ''Something is bothering me, I feel this energy for some while, and I need to check out what it is. I'll have to leave you for a while. I want you to stay with your father and your mother, now they are able to protect you. And you'll have your mom helping you taking care of the twin, if they are born before I get back'' Vincent said. His hand was around my shoulder and held me close to him.

I didn't want him to leave me. It would be unbearable for me. ''I hope you won't stay away for long'' I said softly. I felt so sad. He smiled at me. ''I'll send you messages once a while'' He said and kissed my cheek and smiled at me. I still didn't felt happy about it. Why does he have to leave now? Why didn't he investigate when he had the chance, before he kidnapped me? I sighed lightly and looked away from him. ''I'll talk with your father about it, once he's finished making love with his new wife'' Vincent said. 'What? They have sex?'' I asked. Vincent laughed. ''No I was just kidding, they wouldn't have sex now while's we're outside'' He said and smiled. He had a point though.

Knowing father he wouldn't do such a thing with us being around. After a while we headed back inside, we found them in the same room where we had left them. They were holding hands and talking to each other softly. They didn't seem to notice us. ''Can I have a moment with you Vadim?'' Vincent asked. He walked over to father who stood up, and took him to another room. I and Guan sat down. ''So how are you doing? With Vincent'' She asked. I looked at her. Why did she ask that? ''Everything goes well now, how about you and my father?'' I asked her. She nodded. ''It's going perfect now, thanks to you and Vincent. I was angry at first and worried of course. But now everything is alright, I'm no longer worried'' She said and hugged me.

At the other room Vincent and Vadim we're talking to each other.

''Maybe I should join you with the investigation?'' Vadim said. ''No, I will go alone, and beside I thought you didn't wanted to fight anymore'' Vincent said and smiled. ''True but if you need help then I will help you, but then again, Rain is pregnant, she needs a guardian'' Vadim said. Vincent nodded. ''Indeed, so I need you to stay here, with both women. I'll leave tomorrow night. We will go home tonight and return tomorrow'' Vincent said and sighed lightly.

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