My Immortal

Rain meets a Vampire prince who want to make her his bride, but Rain has other things on her mind, her father is deadly ill and she'll do anything in her power to cure him, even if she have to become the vampire's bride.


4. Chapter 4

We arrived at the farm that stood at the edge of the forest. Vincent and I walked over to the door and opened it. Guan and father were sitting on the bed talking softly to each other. When they heard the door opening their heads turned to our direction. Guan jumped on her feet's and hugged me.

''Are you alright?'' she asked and glared at Vincent. ''I'm fine really'' I said, It was true; I have been fine for the past 5 days. There was only one thing I have been worried about. Vincent and I made love a few times. And I know I was not ready for it but I did want it to happen with him. First I refused but then later my feelings grew stronger and I knew that I wanted him and only him and my body felt that too. I've only been like this when Vincent was around. And so I gave in to my desire of having him and I don't regret it.

''I've been looking all over for you'' Guan said and looked worried at me. ''I'm sorry'' I said. ''Don't be'' Vincent spoke and moved closer to me and Guan. Guan grabbed her sword from the table and held it against Vincent's throat. ''Leave!'' Guan snapped at Vincent. ''Don't! It's okay, he won't hurt us'' I said and stepped in front of Vincent and looked down at Guan who were a few inch shorter than me.

''You've changed. Even your body changed'' Guan said and walked over to my father. Her face looked more worried than it already looked. She looked down at my father and touched his face gently. He looked at our direction from Vincent to me and back. ''So it is true...'' He murmured and looked away. He looked like I did something terrible.

Vincent comforted me. He rested his hand on my shoulder. ''I came here to talk to you.'' He said softly. ''I don't want to talk to you'' Father said and glared at the tall vampire behind me. ''I love your daughter and for her sake, I came here to see you, to find a way to solve this problem'' Vincent spoke and moved over to a chair and sat down. ''What problem?'' Father asked he sat up from the bed and looked curiously at us.

''You know, the claiming, and you being alive, and Rain's feelings. That problem'' Vincent said and held my hand and pulled me toward him. ''I love her so much that I would gladly give her anything she wants but this is something I cannot give her so easily. And you know what I'm talking about'' Vincent spoke. His gaze turned to Guan and then to father. ''I think I know what you are getting at'' Father said. I sighed lightly and looked down at Vincent touched his hair gently while the two men were talking to each other.

I cought Guan's gaze, she looked confused at me and worried, as if she didn't know what to do. As if she felt helpless. But why? I questioned myself.

''You did something that I normally would never forgive anyone but now I'm thinking about it. You too give me something in return, maybe it was fate...'' Vincent spoke and looked up at me and kissed my hand softly. Father looked at him confused. ''What are you talking about?'' he asked.

''Years ago... You killed my brother, it was I who wanted to kill him but somehow you were faster and took away what belonged to me, my revenge. I hated you from that day, but when I met the 10 year old Rain. I was somewhere happy that she was alive... It softened my pain.

I've been watching her from that time, from a huge distance to be certain she would be save, Even though I knew that her father was protecting her. But when I realized you were ill, I took steps, I wanted Rain to be in my safety since you are too weak to protect her'' Vincent said. He looked at father. He nodded lightly as if he understood what Vincent was going through.

''You wanted to take Rain away from me for her own safety, because I can't protect her.'' Father murmured, I walked over to him and rested a hand on his shoulder. ''I don't want to be taken away from you. I want to cure you.'' I said softly. I loved my father, I wanted him to alive and to be happy with Guan and that they would live happily together.

''I can cure you, or let Rain doing it I don't care who, but. There is a price you must pay. I want to be certain that you won't harm any other 'innocent' vampires.'' Vincent said. Father grinned at him. ''Innocent, no vampire is innocent; they all take the blood from humans and kill them after it.'' Father said. He had raised his voice toward Vincent.

''That's something we can't help, we need to feed, you humans kill animals to feed, just like we kill humans. Its nature'' Vincent said. I didn't know what to say. Vincent was right about us killing animals for their flesh, bones and fur. But killing humans for their blood, it sounded wrong to me.

If I were a vampire I could never get used to drink human blood and let them die because vampires are too greedy to stop drinking and leave some blood in them, so they can survive. ''You got a point there, but still it's wrong to kill humans, maybe you shouldn't be so greedy and let them live.'' Father spoke. He watched Vincent's movements. Vincent walked over to us and sat down next to me.

His hand moved over my tummy and a smile caught his lips. ''Listen to me, I am willing to cure you, only because Rain wishes to, it's no use to try to change the way vampires are'' Vincent said. Father sighed, he knew Vincent was right, all vampires were like that, and maybe it was the will of the gods.

''So what you are saying is that you will cure me for Rain's sake, and in exchange you want me to leave vampires alone?'' Father said and looked into Vincent's eyes. ''That's correct'' Vincent said. ''Fine... To be honest, I liked my peaceful life here. No battles, no blood, and no corpses, But! If Rain or Guan are in danger I'll kill the bastards'' Father said. ''That's fine by me; I might give you a hand with that.'' Vincent said and laughed softly.

His laugh was so pretty; it was the first time I had heard him laughing. It sounded like pure music in my ears. Father looked surprised at Vincent. ''You would help the one who killed your brother?'' He asked and smiled. ''You killed my brother but gave Rain in return, so I don't care anymore'' Vincent said and kissed my cheek.

''You are willing to cure my father?'' I asked Vincent and looked up at him. Vincent just nodded. I felt so happy; I hugged him and held him tightly in my arms. Vincent put his arms around me and smiled down at me. Guan sat down next to father and rested a hand on his shoulder. ''It's about time someone is going to cure this old guy'' She said and laughed. ''I want Rain to cure you, so I hope you can wait a little while longer'' Vincent said and got up his feet's.

I looked up at him as he held his hand out at me. ''Come, my love'' he said. I took his hand and got up. ''I'll return as soon as possible'' I said and walked with Vincent to the door and left.

We quickly arrived at the castle. Vincent flew us to it. We were once again in the same old bedroom. ''I'm so glad father is going to be better soon'' I said and smiled at Vincent. I walked over to the bed and lay down. He moved closer to me and sat down next to me and rested his head on my tummy.

''What is it?'' I asked as I run my fingers through his long soft white hair. He didn't answer he just sat there, resting his head on my tummy with his eyes closed. ''I was right, they are there'' Vincent said softly. He didn't move at all. ''They? What is there?'' I asked. I had no idea what he was talking about.

''Our babies...'' He said softly and moved up. He looked down at me and smiled. ''I can't be pregnant'' I said, I couldn't be, not so soon and how could he know I would be only a few days pregnant, it's impossible for him or even for me to know that, it's way too soon. ''It's different for vampires to get pregnant; one shot is enough, just like humans but vampire babies grow extremely fast and we vampire males and females can sense when a woman is pregnant, it doesn't matter if she's human or not.'' Vincent said. I was too chocked to believe him.

I couldn't believe him unless I would see it with my own eyes. I feared that I could become pregnant but I wouldn't have thought that the baby would grow so fast and he mentioned the word 'they' are we having twins or triplets? ''How long does a vampire woman carry her baby?'' I asked. I was curious about that, if the vampire babies would grow so fast how long does it take for the woman to labor? ''Seven months'' Vincent answered. He smiled brightly at me, his perfect teeth were showing, they were white. His fangs were quite long and looked sharp.

''Seven months, that's 2 months earlier than human labor'' I said softly. I still couldn't get used to the idea of having a baby inside of me let stand 2 or more babies. Vincent just smiled. ''That's right, Vampire babies doesn't need to stay long inside their mother'' He said and rested his head on my tummy again. ''I've thought about a name for when one of the two is a girl'' He said softly. I was surprised that he could think of that so fast.

''What name?'' I asked. ''Midna'' he answered. Midna... That name had a nice ring to it, I liked it. ''If they are boys, I would name one of them Nobu'' I said, I just made up that name, If he could do it so could I. ''I like that name too, Nobu...'' Vincent said and smiled.

He moved up again and kissed my lips gently. His hand moved on my tummy. He left a trace of kisses toward my neck and bites me gentle. I felt blood running over my skin. It hurts but on the other side it felt good. I felt my blood getting drained out of me. Soon the pain was over and Vincent was just staring at me. ''Don't be afraid'' he said softly.

How could I not? Someone suddenly biting me without a warning and drank my blood. That is something to be frightened off. He forced me to sit up. He removed his upper clothes. His chest was very muscular. His whole body was. His skin so pale, I run my fingers over his muscular frame. He held out a dagger on his hand, and cut his chest with it. It was a small cut but it bleed like hell. ''Drink'' he said.

His hand on the back of my head forced my lips to touch his bleeding cut. I moved my tongue over his skin and licked the blood from it. It tasted good for some reason. I loved the taste of it. Without thinking I was drinking his blood. I felt his arms moved around my body holding me tightly while I drunk his blood.

After a while I hear his voice whispering in my ear, telling me to stop. I moved away and looked up at him. My whole body burned. It felt like I was set on fire. I lay down on bed and looked up at him. ''It's alright my love; the pain is normal and will fade away soon. Your body is changing that's all'' Vincent said and moved his hand over my cheek. I closed my eyes and tried to ignore the pain.


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