My Immortal

Rain meets a Vampire prince who want to make her his bride, but Rain has other things on her mind, her father is deadly ill and she'll do anything in her power to cure him, even if she have to become the vampire's bride.


3. Chapter 3

I woke up and found myself in a room. I looked around the room and recognized it. It was the room I had been kept in before.

''I'm back here again'' I sighed and got up from the bed. The balcony door was closed; all windows were closed as well. I walked over to the bedroom door and tried to open it. It was locked. ''Darn it'' I looked around some more, I was looking for an out way, I tried to open the windows and the balcony door, these were as well locked. ''Trying to get out?'' Vincent's voice spoke in my mind. I moved my left hand to my head. ''Let me out!'' I yelled loudly. Vincent's gentle laugh echoed in my mind.

''There's no need to yell. Don't worry I won't hurt you'' He said, his voice sounded calm. I sighed softly and lay down on bed. ''Where are you? Why do I hear you in my mind?'' I asked curiously. I had been gotten curious about the vampire. I closed my eyes for a moment and at the moment I opened them I see Vincent sitting next to me on the bed.

I just looked at him amazed. ''You were not here a moment ago. How did you do that? I didn't hear a door slam or anything'' I said and sat up. Vincent smiled down at me. ''That's called magic. My love'' he said. His pale hand touched my cheek softly.

I felt my face turning warm and an odd feeling crawled inside of me I must be blushing. ''How did I got here? I can't remember anything, did we fly here?'' I asked. Vincent nodded. ''I love flying. I can teleport as well. But I prefer flying.'' He said and moved closer to me.

I moved away slowly. ''That's nice.'' I said and got off the bed and walked over to the window. ''Why can't I remember anything? Did you rape me or something?'' I asked. I wasn't surprise if he did, He did want to claim me, and so why not doing it when I was unconscious. Vincent shook his head. ''I would never rape a woman, especially not my bride, my life mate.'' Vincent said and looked right into my eyes.

''You can't remember anything because I forced you to sleep at the moment we left the house.'' He said and got up and walked over to me. His hand touched my cheek again. I looked into his eyes. My heart started to beat faster, was it he doing? Was he forcing me to feel this way? I felt so warm inside. Vincent leaned over and his lips touched mine gently. His hands moved around my body tightly and held me close to him, his kiss. It felt so good. My body wanted more of him but my mind refused.

I closed my eyes as he kissed me. I enjoyed the kiss so much and started to kiss him back. After a while Vincent broke the kiss and held me in his arms. ''I won't claim you yet. I'll wait till you are ready to be claimed. Till you love me. Till you beg me to claim you. Not just to save your father but to be with me'' Vincent whispered in my ear.

It made me blush more. I moved my hands on his chest as he was still holding me. I looked up at him. ''Why did you choose me?'' I asked. I've been wondering that for some time. ''You and I know each other for some time. I didn't just choose you recently. I choose you years ago, when you were a child. You reminded me of my first bride, who died years ago. I met her the same age you were.

She was about 10 years old back then. I first saw her as if she was my daughter. I took care for her after her parents were killed by low life vampires. As she got older I started to feel more for her, and when she was around your age. I fell deeply in love with her. Short after I was about to claim her, but we were interrupted. My older brother killed her, only because of jealousy.

I soon was about to kill my own brother but your sweet father was the one who killed my brother instead. I was never able to get my revenge'' Vincent said and sighed softly.

He looked deep into my eyes and smiled. ''Then many years later I found you, playing in the woods, near my castle. It was at down that time, I just had risen up. I sensed someone was near my castle. I decided to check who it was.

I knew it was someone weak, I knew it had to be a woman. But I never thought it was a little girl. It was your strength that made me think that you were a grown up. Then I knew right away that you were from a human/vampire breed.

I sensed a very weak strength in you. It was stronger than a grownup woman's strength.'' Vincent said smiled ''You are very strong now. Don't you remember we had been talking to each other for quite a while?'' Vincent asked me.

I looked away for a moment and tried to remember. Then I looked up. ''Yes, yes, I remember now. But was that really you? I can't remember that man's face, or the sound of his voice.'' I said. I really did remember a man in the forest who talked to me.

Vincent laughed softly. ''Yup, that was me. It was quite dark so you never were able to see my face. I was the one who brought you home. You were carried away with playing that you just forgot your way back. Your father was so worried.'' Vincent said and smiled.

''I remember, he was so furious at me, and said that I was lucky that I didn't meet a vampire, if I did he would have killed me.'' I said. I felt that I could trust Vincent.

Vincent kissed my forehead. ''Most vampires are like that, but I'm not'' he said and hugged me tightly. ''I believe you'' I said.

''What do you want Chaea?'' Vincent snapped toward the door. The door went open and a beautiful female vampire walked into the room. ''I'm sorry for the interruption, I wanted to see your bride.'' Chaea said and walked closer to Vincent and me. I looked amazed at the other woman. She was so beautiful. ''I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself yet. I am Chaea. Younger sister of Vincent'' She said.

Chaea had a very beautiful voice, just like Vincent. I smiled. ''I'm Rain Enis, Nice to meet you'' I said. I felt more comfortable when there is another woman in the bedroom. I felt uneasy to be in a bedroom with a man I barely knew.

Chaea smiled toward me. ''My brothers choose the right woman. You are pretty and kind. I hope we can spare some time together soon. I'd like to get to know you better'' Chaea said and looked at Vincent. ''Protect her. Before this one too get killed'' Chaea said.

Vincent gave her a glare when she left the room. ''As if I'd let you get killed'' He said softly and kissed my lips again. ''She's nice'' I said smiling to break the kiss before something else would happen.

''Don't be too sure about that, she can be one hell of a bitch'' Vincent said and let go of me and sighed lightly.

I walked over to the bed and sat down. ''What's bothering you?'' I asked. Vincent looked over at me. ''Your father... I love you, but I don't want to see you sad. I hate your father but I don't want you to hate me if I let your father die'' Vincent said.

I looked shocked at him. ''Have you ever talked to him, I mean really talking, like getting to know him? He's a nice man. Maybe the two of you could get along as friends?'' I said and looked at Vincent. For some reason I was worried, I don't know why, Maybe Vincent really did something to me when I was asleep.

I wanted my father to live. I knew I'd be claimed sooner or later. ''I have never really spoken to your father. Maybe it's an idea, but I doubt that we'd be friends'' Vincent said. He walked over to me and kissed my lips. I smiled lightly. It felt good although it was a bad idea to kiss me while we were sitting on the bed.

''Please try to talk to him ok?'' I said softly and touched his face. Vincent smiled. ''I'll try'' he said and held me close to him. He started to kiss me again and with a lot of passion. His hand moved over my breasts down to the lower part. I wanted more but I want it to happen with the man I love not for some hot desired lust that was burning inside both of us.

Back at the farm.

''I'll go and rescue her'' Guan-Yin said and looked at Vadim. Vadim sighed, he was getting weaker again, and he had a hard time to stand on his legs. ''I know, but I won't let you go alone. I'll go with you'' He said and looked at Guan and touched her face. ''No, you would only slow me down, I'm stronger than you right now, please stay here and rest'' Guan said and pushed him lightly that made Vadim fall on his bed. ''Guan...'' Vadim murmured. ''Sleep... I'll be okay. I won't let anyone taking our daughter away from us...'' She said and kissed his forehead and left quickly. Vadim smiled at what she had just said ''Our daughter... It has a good ring to it'' Vadim murmured.

Guan was a good horse rider and a great sword fighter; she brought her sword with her. She was willing to bring Rain back to the farm. Guan had actually no idea where Vincent and Rain could be. She didn't knew where Vincent's castle was. So Guan decided to speak to people who she met on her way. Some said the castle was close, other didn't dare to speak the vampire's name.

5 Days have passed and Guan still haven't found the castle. She decided to head back to Vadim, who she had left alone for 5 days. Meanwhile at the castle, Rain had grown closer to Vincent. He's been keeping her company most of the time. Even when he was resting during the day time, he spoke to her in her mind.

''Rain... Are you alright?'' Vincent asked. I looked up at the tall male next to me and shook my head lightly. ''I miss my father, I haven't seen him for 5 days, and I'm worried'' I said softly. Vincent put his arms around me and held me close to him. ''He's doing fine, don't worry about him'' Vincent said and kissed my lips gentle.

I answered his kiss but was still unsure about my feelings, it all happened so fast. We made love a few times but we never had a blood exchange ''Do you want to visit your father? I mean the two of us'' Vincent asked while he played with my hair and kissed my forehead. ''Yes, I want to see him'' I said softly and smiled at Vincent. ''And maybe the two of you could talk together'' I said and touched Vincent's hair. It was very soft and long. He had his hair lose. I smiled lightly at him. I thought his hair lose looked better on him.

''Let's take a walk, you haven't been outside for quite a time'' Vincent said and held my hand and got up his feet's. I looked surprised up at Vincent. ''Sure'' I said and got up my feet's as well.

We walked to the door. Vincent leaded me through the big castle to the huge door. Vincent opened the door and walked with me outside through the forest. I looked up at the sky; it was bright and filled with stars. ''The sky looks so clear'' I said softly. Vincent looked up. ''It is'' He said and placed his hand on my shoulder and kissed my lips. ''Let's get going'' He said and started walking.


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