My Immortal

Rain meets a Vampire prince who want to make her his bride, but Rain has other things on her mind, her father is deadly ill and she'll do anything in her power to cure him, even if she have to become the vampire's bride.


2. Chapter 2

My lord, I heard that you found yourself a bride." Chaea said. Her voice was very soft and gentle. Her white eyes looked deep into Vincent's, he nodded lightly.

"Yes, how'd you know?" He asked curiously. Vincent walked over to a chair near his coffin and sat down, he was pretty tired. The sun was coming up and yet he refused to sleep, he wanted to stay up a bit longer and think about a few things.

"I can see that you have things on your mind, you are a bit restless." Chaea said and sighed lightly. "Is she that great that you refuse to sleep?" Vincent looked up at Chaea and smiled lightly. "You don't have to worry about me sis, you need to sleep as well."

"How can I rest when my big brother has things on his mind that troubles him?" Chaea said and sat down on his coffin. "What is troubling you?" She asked. "Vadim... She wants to cure Vadim, and if that happen our race is in danger once again." Vincent sighed.

Chaea's eyes widened. "What! You can't be serious. I thought he died." Chaea exclaimed and averted her eyes to the floor.
"I thought so as well, but it seems he's just ill, and my bride is planning to cure him once I've completed the ritual, it bothers me badly." He said and sighed.

Chaea nodded, she understood why it bothered Vincent. Vincent feared Vadim, like any other vampire. Vadim killed their father, the king of vampires and many more of their people. Even though Vincent was a prince, one of the pure bloods, Vadim was very powerful for a damphir. Maybe he had royal blood as well.

There were several Royal Vampires, several pure bloods that were not blood related to each other, it could be possible that Vadim's father was one of the other royal vampires.

Vincent yawned and got up. "Go to bed sis, I'm going too." Vincent said. He was getting very tired. Chaea nodded and walked to the door.

"Good night, and don't worry about too many things." She said and left. Vincent sighed, "I'll try." He muttered and got into his coffin, closing the coffin door and going to sleep.

Back at the farm.

Rain was fast asleep and Vadim was outside feeding the horses. It was Rain who did that normally but because she was so tired from the night before, Vadim decided to do it for her.

"What is our vampire prince planning to do with you...?" Vadim muttered, he was thinking about Vincent and Rain.

Rain was only 20 years old. "She is too young for marriage..." he muttered.

"Talking to yourself again?" A feminine voice said and giggled softly.

Vadim turned around to face the woman. It was Guan-Yin, a 40 year old woman who lived close by Vadim, and also a good friend of his. Guan-Yin looks very young as if she's still in her 20's.
"Spying on me weren't you, Guan-Yin." Vadim said teasingly and laughed softly.

"You know me to well, so how are you doing?" Guan asked softly and smiled towards her friend, who she had known for years.
"I've known better days." Vadim replied and looked at his Chinese friend and walked over to her and gave her a hug. The two had known each other for 21 years. Just like Vadim, Guan too was from a human/vampire breed. It had been quite some time since the two last saw each other. Guan thought of how the two met each other.

Flash Back

Guan was chased out of her village when the villagers found out her secret and wanted her dead. When they were chasing her Vadim helped her to a safe spot, and stayed there until the villagers gave up the hunting. After that Vadim took Guan into his home and took care for her. Amadis, Vadim's wife didn't agree to have Guan in their home, she didn't trust Vadim with the young woman.

But Vadim ignored her, he felt like he had no choice but to help the 19 year old Guan, who had lost her home. Guan fell in love with him after she stayed with his family for about a year, until their daughter Rain was born, she then decided to leave their home, and find a place for herself. Six months later Vadim fled with Rain to Guan. It happened on a rainy autumn night. Vadim ran to the small house Guan stayed in and knocked loud on the door.

"Guan! It's me, Vadim. Please open the door!" He yelled and knocked on the door again. Guan opened the door shortly after and saw Vadim in tears holding the crying Rain in his arms.

Guan was shocked to see her crush like this. She had never seen Vadim cry, he was mostly always cheerful and happy. She let him in and gave him a clean towel to dry himself and the small Rain.
"How did you know where I lived?" She asked softly, she didn't want to ask about what happened, it seemed like it was still a fresh wound, it was better if she started a different conversation with him.

"I followed you, on the day you left; I needed to know for certain that you were safe." Vadim said as he dried Rain's face and hair with the towel. Guan smiled lightly and hugged Vadim
"I don't know what happened but you can stay here if you like." She said softly and kissed his forehead and dried his hair for him with the towel she just gave him.

"Thank you." Vadim said and wiped off his tears. He looked at Guan and wondered why she kissed his forehead. Did she know that Amadis cheated on him? One thing was certain, Guan and Amadis never got along with each other. Amadis was always looking for fights with Guan. She was to jealous and scared that Vadim would fall in love with Guan while in the end it was Amadis who fell in love with another man and dumped Vadim for this man. Amadis never really cared for Rain either, so Vadim took Rain with him to see Guan.

Guan sighed softly. "Do you want something to eat?" She asked softly as she took Rain in her arms and tried to make her stop crying.

Vadim looked at Guan and Rain and smiled softly at them, it felt good that Guan was a bit of a mother figure. Even though she was only 20 years old, she was very mature. Vadim stayed with Guan for one and a half years. He was working on building a house himself. It was pretty close to Guan's house. Vadim had friends who helped him building his new home, his single house turned out to be a small farm. Vadim loved farms, he always dreamed to have one.

One of his friends gave his small farm 3 horses and a lot of chickens. The small farm also had its own garden for vegetables and fruits. For 15 years things went pretty well, his vegetables, fruits and eggs were selling, Vadim also had sold 9 of his 20 horses, for these years they were pretty rich until Vadim got ill, and Rain couldn't do the gardening all by herself, all she could sell were eggs and a few of their horses to gain some more money until they only had 2 horses left.

The medicine for Vadim was very expensive. Soon they were almost out of money. So Rain had no choice but to sell and trade their goods and start stealing from people to survive for the past 5 years. Guan knew these things, she even offered to lend them some money, but Vadim refused to take it and it was the last time Vadim and Guan had seen each other.

End Flash back

"Where is your daughter?" Guan asked. She looked at her dear friend as he was still hugging her. "She is inside." Vadim said softly. He let go of her and walked over to the house while he was telling Guan everything that has happened the night before.

Rain was like a daughter to Guan. She cared for Rain, a lot. Guan-Yin walked over to Rain's bed, as she was still fast asleep. Rain was totally exhausted from all the motion of the night before.
Guan sat down next to Rain and touched her face softly. "You poor child." She muttered.

Vadim smiled lightly and rested his hand on Guan's shoulder. Guan rested her hand on his and smiled at him, she still loved him the same way she did 20 years ago.

Vadim never knew about her feelings for him, he only saw her as a friend until he stayed with her for a year and a half, he fell in love with her, but, because of what Amadis had done to him he was afraid to be with someone ever again. No matter how much he loved that woman, that wound Amadis gave him ended up as a painful scar that would remind him forever how much a woman can hurt a man. Guan smiled at Vadim and got up.

"You seem stronger than normal, is that prince bothering you that badly?" Guan asked as she looked into his grey eyes. Vadim only nodded. "You have no idea how much it bothers me, he's going to claim my daughter and he's waiting for me to die first." He mumbled softly and sighed lightly.

Guan nodded softly. "I understand. I'll stay with you, if he comes here again, I'll protect her, I'm strong too, and I won't let her be claimed by that man, now that she has you to take care of." Guan said and hugged Vadim. "Do you think she'll fall in love with that vampire?" Guan asked.

"If she does, then I think. I'll let her go, and let her get claimed. If she doesn't, I'll protect her'' Vadim said and held Guan tightly in his arms.

I opened my eyes and see father hugging Guan; they looked like they really had missed each other so much. I smiled. "It's nice to see you again, Guan-Yin." I said and got up from the bed. Guan turned to face me. "Are you alright?" She asked and hugged me tightly.

I looked at father and grinned at him. "You're feeling better." I said happily. Father just nodded and smiled at me.

The day went by slowly as the 3 of us talked about several things.

At the Depardiu castle, Vincent got out of his coffin and stretched his arms and legs. "Man I get so stiff lying in this thing." He muttered and walked over to his clothing closet and took out some clean clothes, and went to take a bath. While he was getting his bath ready, Vincent thought about his beautiful Rain. After he was done taking a bath, he got dressed and went to find himself a good pray, he was thirsty, and he didn't want to see Rain while having this great thirst.

He found himself a young beautiful woman, whose blood tasted so great, that he drunk almost all of it till she died a slow death. He cleaned his mouth with a wet cloth he found on the table of the woman's house.

He soon left to see Rain.

I was outside getting the horses inside their stables, it was going to storm badly by the looks of it and I wanted to make sure that the Horses were safe. I felt I was being watched and then suddenly 2 strong arms were braced around me and held me against a strong hard body.

"Good evening, my love." Vincent said his voice barely a whisper and kissed my neck softly. "Let go of me!" I yelled and tried to get out from his strong grip.

Vincent grinned "No, I'll never let you go, you are my bride, and I'll make you mine sooner or later." he said and kissed my cheek again and lifted both of us into the air and flew up to his castle.

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