Beckoning Lyght

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  • Published: 6 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 19 Jan 2016
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Book 2 of Speed of Lyght. Metro Tower's Monitor, Tabitha Lyght faces her new responsibilities without Martian Manhunter by her side. *A Justice League/Marvel fanfic. DC and OC-centric. I do not own any DC/Marvel characters and/or settings. Mild violence, mild language, minor character deaths.


14. The End of Days? Part 3

She grumbled even as she teleported to her destination. Tabitha stopped as she saw the chaos and mayhem over the Great Wall of China; where she and Luthor only encountered maybe a dozen Parademons, there were ten times more. She found Wonder Woman, Star Sapphire and Shining Knight battling in mid-air while Vigilante took care of the ground troops. Instead of joining them, a frightening thought occurred as she pressed her communicator.


“Tabs?!” her friend’s shaky voice put a lump in the middle of her throat.

“Tell me you’re home! Tell me everyone’s home…”

“Y-yeah. What’s…”

“I ain’t got time; get in your basement and stay put! No matter what! I’ll send Ramil and Ash if they ain’t fighting. Just… please… don’t try to fight ‘em unless you have to!”

“They’re… already here. I don’t want them to…”

“They can take care of themselves; they’re Justice League! Let ‘em do their jobs and you stay put; I mean it, doc! I’ll be there as soon as I can…” she made her way towards Vigilante and immediately joined him, wasting no time by shocking a few of the troops.

“The cavalry has arrived!”

“Har-de-fucking-har…” Tabitha rolled her eyes.

“No, seriously; you’re a godsend! Let’s light ‘em up!”

“Huh. I wanna say that’s the first time someone’s ever said that to me!” Tabitha charged up and attacked the incoming horde. As the group of super humans battled, Tabitha realized that the wave seemed endless, “Okay, why are there so many?!”

“It’s like this everywhere!” Diana yelled from above.

“Not in Metropolis! Although… Darkseid is there so…”

“Then these are distractions. But we can’t afford to leave civilians in danger! Damn; I’m out…” Vigilante’s guns clicked.

“Help the civilians; those things are only coming after us!”


“I’ll send for more backup if anyone’s available!”

“I can help you!” a distant voice distracted the group. Tabitha turned to see a middle-aged Asian man a few feet away. She refrained from rolling her eyes but glared at the man.

“You speak English which means you understand it: sir, we got this! Please go and find shel…”

“But, I can help!” he insisted. A few Parademons approached the man.

“Oh, for the love of Hera…”

“I got it; damnit, I told you to leave!” she was about to throw her lightning towards the group until she saw the man punch one of the Parademons. She watched in awe as he took care of the small group that came after him, “… Oh… um, Diana… I think he can help us!”

“I see this. Who is that?”

“I don’t…” Tabitha continued to watch the man fight off some of the ground troops. She had seen his fighting style before and wondered where. Whoever he was, he was a part of the Justice League, she deducted. Or at least used to be; she hadn’t seen that type of fighting in quite some time. The more she watched however, the more she remembered and let out a gasp, “Oh, my God… it’s… J’onn…”

“Did you say J’onn…?” it was Diana’s turn to stop fighting and look at the man. Before the two women could blink, he took the sky, transforming into a dragon and took care of the remainder Parademons in the air. When everything was clear, he shifted back into what the others knew was his “regular” form, landing a few feet away from Tabitha.

All she could do was stare at him. Everything hit her at once and the only thing she wanted to do was cry. Tabitha didn’t know whether they would be tears of joy or anger; maybe a mix of both. But the one thing that she knew she couldn’t deny: it was great to see him again.

Before a tear could fall, Diana embraced J’onn, snapping him out of his trance. He drew his attention towards Diana.

“J’onn! It’s so good to see you!”

“Likewise. I have much to tell you, all of you.” he looked back at Tabitha who could only blush. She didn’t understand it. He was gone for over a year and yet he was still capable of making her cheeks ache!

“M-Maybe later…? There’s an invasion going on…” Tabitha mumbled as she looked away.

“You’re right. More places need our help. Oh… Tabitha…” J’onn gave her a look. She blushed more as she looked at the other members. Even after a year, he wanted to fall back in place as far as giving out orders.

“Y-Yeah. This area’s cleared. Superman, Batman and Luthor are still in Metropolis fighting Darkseid. Go there and help as much as possible!” she ordered. They all gave her a nod and teleported away, leaving Tabitha alone with J’onn. She took in a breath as he closed the distance between the two, gently cupping her face. He took the time to take in her new outfit, a small smirk appeared on his face: there was his answer. She missed him as much as he missed her.

“As you humans say: you are a sight for sore eyes. You have changed since the last we saw each other…” he continued to look her over. Tabitha blushed for a moment but then narrowed her eyes at him.

“You talking about my weight, aren’t you?”

“That is… noticeable. But not in a bad way!” he rushed.

“J’onn, there’s a rea…” a screeching noise interrupted her train of thought. Tabitha turned and saw quite a few Parademons in her path, “Maybe we should’ve hauled ass with the rest of ‘em…”

“I agree. It wasn’t the right time to try to catch up.” J’onn turned and saw that more Parademons appeared, “Looks like we’ll have to fight our way through them.”

“Not too many of ‘em. Think we can manage…” she smirked at the group approaching her. She was about to charge up until he lightly grabbed her hand.

“I’ve missed you terribly, by the way.”

“Ah… y-yeah. Me, too. T-There’s something I gotta tell you, though…”

“Maybe when we’re done with them?”



“Locked, cocked and ready to rock!” he released her hand just in time as she charged up. While Tabitha released her energy towards her group of Parademons, J’onn took to the air and charged towards his group. With half of the horde disabled, Tabitha took the opportunity to help J’onn out. The Parademons that were not entangled in J’onn’s wrath, Tabitha shocked. She knew that he was busy but she still wanted to show that she was indeed stronger as her arm went through the chest plate of a Parademon.

“… Ow… huh; metal. Duh…” she rolled her eyes.

“Tabitha!” J’onn warned. While she was pulling her arm away from the Parademon, it was enough to distract her from two quickly approaching her. Before he could help, his eyes widened as she threw her other arm out and stopped the two in mid-attack. With her other hand freed, she clasped both together, making the Parademons collide with one another. Tabitha thrusted her arms out and sent them flying over the wall. She turned to survey the damage and smiled, even as J’onn continued to stare at her in awe.

“Damn; there ain’t no more…?”

“… You’ve learned electromagnetism…”

“I have. Guess we need to go help the others…”

“Lead the way.”



As Tabitha and J’onn made their way to Metropolis, she received word that the Apokoliptian forces had set up drilling machines to drill into the Earth’s core. She looked at J’onn.

“They’re tryna drill into the Earth’s core.”

“Darkseid wants to turn Earth into another Apokolips; it’s plagued with fire pits.”

“… None of us can survive something like that…”

“I know. I’ll help stop the drilling.”

“J’onn…” she immediately grabbed him by the arm, “You can’t...”

“I will be fine.”

“No. Go… check on doc. And then, check on my folks…”


“We can’t have you dying out there!” she told herself that she would at least admit that, “Send Ashley and Ramil. Unless you’re immune to fire, now…” she gave him a serious look. J’onn gave her a small smile but shook his head.

“I’m not.”

“Ain’t no telling what’ll happen there. Just… do as I say… please?”

“… I will. You’re right. Ramil would be more capable of handling that situation.”

“Thank you.”

"Is this how you felt when you were hindered?" J'onn couldn't help but to chuckle.

"I dunno how you feeling but I'm gonna say yeah!"

"I will return, safely. I promise." he said and left. Tabitha smiled as she made her way towards the destruction. She noticed that Darkseid had the upper hand on Kal-El, which made her wonder exactly how strong the villain was. As she glanced at him, she was reminded that he was infused with Brainiac. Even still, she knew that herself and Bruce had to intervene at all costs.

Tabitha did a Lightning Cloud towards the being, taking him off guard. She had no idea if she would be able to inflict actual pain; her number one priority was to distract! She was glad that he looked her way, dropping the Man of Steel to the ground. He gave her an evil smirk as she charged up and threw lightning his way. He dodged it with ease but now his attention was fully on her.

"Lucky bastard..."

"You're trying to save your friend. How touching."

"I'm tryna save my planet! If you think it's gonna be easy to take over and kill us, you got another thing coming!" she charged up yet again, this time summoning Zeus' powers within her amulet. The sky crackled with lightning as her crystal glowed a bluish-white hue. The currents gathered above her before making their way down in streaks. Bruce made his way towards Kal-El, trying his best to get the two out of harm’s way.

“This is going to be massive…” he grunted. Part of him knew that Superman might be able to withstand the attack. However, he didn’t want to take any chances, especially seeing that the Man of Steel was weak.

Instead of the streaks of lightning engulfing her, they transferred to her amulet. The crystal pulsated with energy as she fed off it. Tabitha released the built up energy towards Darkseid, causing him to fly into the nearest building. The structure crumbled down on him as she joined Kal-El and Bruce.

“You okay?”

“Heh… been better! That was… your full power?”

“With some help from Zeus but yeah.”

“… Might need to take note.”

“For the next time we gotta fight someone like that?”

“No… for in a few moments…”

“Wait… what? But… you saying that…” Tabitha widened her eyes at him.

“It’s a Brainiac-infused Darkseid; the only thing you probably did was tick him off!” Bruce noted.

“But, you did buy me some time to get my second wind!” Kal-El said. Tabitha gave him a nod as she rolled her shoulders.

“Right. Time to kick some more ass!”

“No. I appreciate what you’ve done. But, this is my fight. And it’s about time I took off the kid gloves…”


“Take care of the rest of the Parademons.” Kal-El narrowed his eyes at the ruins as he took off.

“But… shouldn’t we help him, anyway…?”

“I’d agree with you. But, I know Clark. He always feels like he has something to prove… like someone else I know…” Bruce refrained from rolling his eyes, “Besides, he’s more capable of handling Darkseid than any of us.”

“Never thought I’d live to see the day you take a backseat to a fight…”

“I’m all for upholding justice… but I’m not stupid!” he smirked.

“I just noticed something. Where’s the asshole?”

“Luthor? Huh. Your guess is as good as mine!”


“Maybe… you should go check on your family and Jamila…”

“Oh, um… that’s being taken care of! J’onn’s back…”


“Yeah. Saw him in China. How… how did you know…?

“Know what?”

“That he’d be back?”

“The one thing that you can’t call the Martian is a liar. He said that he would return. And… he loves you, Tabitha. Even if you banished him to another dimension, he would come back to you.” he smirked as she blushed at his words. Bruce wondered if she had the time to tell the Martian that he would be a father yet again. Before he could ask, he saw that a large group of Parademons was heading their way, “We’ll finish the talk after this…”

“Yay, more metal-flying-thingies!” a lone metal plate caught her attention as she summoned for it. As she flicked her wrist, she sent it flying towards the group, knocking each Parademon out cold.

Bruce couldn’t help but to sneak glances at her. Part of the reason was to make sure that she was okay. He should’ve known better; there weren’t too many times that she needed help! Tabitha could take care of herself; as he pulled his last Batarang out the neck of a Parademon, he took the opportunity to watch her. She retrieved a fallen ground trooper’s spear and plunged it deep in the chest of an unsuspecting Parademon. With her electromagnetism, she turned another shield into a boomerang, taking care of the rest of the horde. Why was Bruce so worried about her? Pregnant, he reminded himself. He hoped that since J’onn was back, maybe he would talk some sense into the lightning woman!

Kal-El mentally sighed for relief. Violence really wasn’t his thing; whenever he resorted to it, it gave him an agonizing feeling in the pit of his stomach. He knew that he was stronger than most so he always had to hold back. Seeing Tabitha using her full power with no remorse made him realize that with Darkseid, he no longer had to hold anything in. The interplanetary tyrant was dazed from the massive attack but still stood on his feet. That told Kal-El all that he needed to know.

He immediately attacked Darkseid, purposely sending the two away from the others. Kal-El felt a slight connection to Tabitha; he, too always had to hold in his true power. It actually felt good to let it all out as he landed a fierce punch to Darkseid’s face. The hit sent him flying into the air, crashing into several buildings. With his super speed, Kal-El was there to greet him in mid-air and delivered a two-handed blow to his back. Darkseid plummeted back to the ground, creating a large crater in the middle of the street. The impact caused a small sonic wave that caught the attention of everyone.

"S-Shit..." Tabitha widened her eyes, "Well! If he ain't dead..." she rushed to the edge of the crater to see the damage. Tabitha took in a breath as she watched Darkseid slowly get up. He glared at the Man of Steel who was standing in front of him.

"I grow tired of this hand-to-hand combat." he threw his arms out. Crackling blue currents of energy formed around his hands and shot out towards Kal-El. He immediately dropped to his knees, screaming out in pain.

“Okay; now it’s time to help!” Tabitha was about to rush to his aide until she was stopped by Bruce, “Wha… what are you doing? He needs our help!”

“No. I’m not going to let you…”

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?! You’ve got to stop babying me! I can help!!”

“Would you… just look at him! Clark is the strongest person we know. Whatever that energy is… it’s got him. What do you think will happen if it hit one of us?” he tried to reason.

“Bruce… it’s fucking energy! I can… I can try to control it! It’s one of my powers now!” Tabitha pushed Bruce out of the way and did a Lightning Cloud down into the crater. She thrusted her own arms out and aimed for the light blue waves surrounding Kal-El. Her brow crinkled when nothing happened but she concentrated, pulling harder at the currents. Darkseid saw that something was disrupting the energy and put his attention to the white-haired woman. He smirked as he threw his hand out towards her. As the waves wrapped around her, Tabitha yelped and curled into a tight ball on the ground.


“I’m slightly impressed that you’re able to manipulate the Agony Matrix, human. Imagine the worst pain you’ve ever felt in your life… times a thousand! Now: imagine that pain continuing forever! Oh, that’s right: you don’t have to imagine!”[5] Darkseid laughed. Bruce had to do something; the pain that Tabitha was going through would kill her and her child. Before he could make a move, he saw that Luthor appeared from thin air into the crater. His eyes widened as he saw both Kal-El and Tabitha wrapped in the Agony Matrix; he immediately approached Darkseid.

“Stop! Is this what you want?” he held out his hand and presented a glowing ball of light. Darkseid released his hold on the two League members and went towards Luthor.

“The Anti-Life Equation. How did you retrieve it?”

“Apparently, I’m beyond a twelfth level intellect; something I already knew! But, before I hand this to you…” Luthor went to check on Tabitha, kneeling down. She still convulsed in pain and looked up at him with watery eyes, “Are you okay?”

“F-F-Fucking… g-grand…” she grunted. He gently cupped her face.

“You may feel that I’m this cruel son-of-a-bitch who only thinks of himself. And, you were half right. When I first approached you, I only thought of how it would benefit me. You grew on me, my dear. I just wanted to let you know that before I leave.”

“L-Leave…” she tried to ask but shock outweighed the pain as she felt his lips on hers. He smirked at the look on her face, glad that she didn’t think to electrocute him!

“Take care of yourself… and your family.” Luthor went back to Darkseid, “Well…?”  

“It’s… beautiful…”[6] he put his attention back to the Anti-Life Equation. Luthor nodded as the ball of light started to expand.

“Yes… it sure is…”

Bruce looked away from the sudden blinding light that came from within the crater. He panicked as the light died out; he had hoped that whatever it was didn’t do any harm to the two League members. He sighed for relief as he rushed down; while Luthor and Darkseid were nowhere to be seen, Tabitha and Kal-El were still there. Both looked beyond weary however, he knew that Tabitha would need more attention. He helped her as she tried to get up on her own.

“C-Can we… skip the lecture…?”

“Only if you go straight to the infirmary.”

“Of course…” she managed a smirk and an eye roll.

"This is why I worry so much..."

"Thought we were skipping the lecture?”

“Some things can’t be helped. Be glad I don’t want to talk about that kiss…”

“I’m gonna throw up…”

When the three left the crater, they noticed that all of the Parademons and ground troops retreated via boom tubes. Tabitha squinted as she watched them leave.

“Fucking cowards…” she mumbled.

“Tabs!!” she looked in time as Jamila bombarded her.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow…”

“Oh!” Jamila released her quickly, “Sorry! Oh, my God; you’re hurt!”

“Stop; I’m fine! Don’t need to hear your mouth about it…”

“Well, fine, then!” she huffed as Bruce smirked.

“Wait; what are you doing here…?”

“J’onn! He’s back! He brought us all here!”

“… You didn’t… tell him…”

“What? No! That’s your job! Although I think your dad wanted to…”

“Shit! Let’s just get back to Metro Tower before he ruins everything!”

Nearly all of the League members plus the remaining legion of Doom members were gathered outside of Metro Tower. Tabitha and Kal-El were well enough to walk on their own and noticed that J’onn was the center of attention for the most part. She watched as everyone greeted him with warm hugs and smiles, even if they were weary ones. Tabitha smiled at the sight until a thought crossed her mind. She didn’t think she would see him again; she never gave it a thought as far as what she would say or do if given the opportunity. As she bullied her way through the crowd, she finally drew up the motivation to do something!

J’onn couldn’t help but to smile as Tabitha made her way towards him. A hard slap to the face immediately erased the grin as the others looked on in shock. He held his cheek as he eyed her strangely; the hit actually stung! His look softened as he noticed the tears in her eyes.


“Why? Why did you leave without saying goodbye?!”

“I… I didn’t want to hurt you any…”

“Telling everyone except me bye wasn’t supposed to hurt?! Did you think you meant nothing to me?!”

“This is starting to sound like a lover’s quarrel…” Kal-El muttered. Bruce kept his laughter in.

“I never thought that. You were so angry and I felt that… some time away would do some good. It made me think as well as come to conclusions.”

“Oh, yeah? What you come up with?” she looked away from him with her head down, trying to hide her tears.

“One: it was wrong of me to manipulate you. It was wrong of me to make you feel as though you couldn’t trust me. I understand all of that, now. And I am sorry. It’s rare that I react before thinking; I should have known better. But, to be fair: I only did it to protect you.” he tried to explain. His words made her mood lighten. After she calmed down, she knew those were his intentions all along. The professor was right; for him to erase an image from her mind, the Martian really and truly cared for her.

“Hey, is it me or does this sound all lovey-dovey?” Wally asked Diana.

“Think it’s just you! Then again…”

“Is that… all you’ve learned?” Tabitha folded her arms and finally looked at him. J’onn smirked.

“You wanted to know if you could ever trust me, again. After what I’ve done, it would be foolish to think that you would go by my words, alone. Unless… they were the right words. I realized that I was afraid.”

“Afraid? Of… what?”

“Afraid of everyone’s opinion. The reason why I stayed aboard Watchtower, the reason why I agreed to be permanent Monitor… was because I felt I didn’t belong anywhere else. Superman, Wonder Woman; everyone else have no problems transitioning into a human being. It’s not hard for them. For me to do so would mean I have to hide everything that I am. I always felt that no one would look at me as if I was… normal. I’m constantly reminded that I am the outsider.”


“That certainly carried over to my personal life. I believed that I couldn’t act human around the others. That they would look down at me. Or ridicule me. True, they are my friends. At least I like to think that. However, to be told that I could never love a human because I’m not one? I was afraid to hear something like that.”

“I… never knew he felt that way. J’onn… I’m not human as well. For me to judge you because you love a human would make me… and anyone else hypo…… did you just...” Kal-El’s eyes widened.

“My time away made me come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. What matters is how I feel… and that there is nothing wrong with expressing it in front of everyone. I love you, Tabitha Lyght. I have loved you for quite some time. I just didn’t want the others to judge us. Nor did I feel that they were ready to know about us. That is the reason why I never told anyone about us. It was never because I was ashamed of you.”

“Us? They were an ‘us’?!” Wally stared at the two.

“Tabby, you liar!” Zatanna glared.

“Yes! I had a feeling that they were! Pay up, Ollie!”

“… Why would I have my wallet on me right now?” Green Arrow rolled his eyes at Black Canary. Tabitha’s cheeks ached as he grabbed her hands.

“J-J’onn… you just…”

“Yes. In front of everyone. It didn’t take me long to figure out that this was needed for you to trust me, again. I would like another chance, to prove that you can trust me fully once more. That is, if you’re not with someone…” he quickly glanced over at Bruce.

“O-O-Oh! N-No! That’s… we called everything off! So, no more using your powers on me?”

“That is a promise. I never wanted you to be upset with me. I was only trying to protect you. It never dawned on me that the way I went about it was… unorthodox in your world. I was confused at first when we argued because I didn’t understand that. Now, I do. My interaction with other humans have taught me that as well.”

“No; it wasn’t right that I was moody towards you. I should’ve tried to hear you out. I mean, yeah, I still say you should’ve asked me before messing with my head! But… I realized that you meant well. Just realized it too late… I really missed you, J’onn…”

“So did I.”

“So… do we… just, start over or…” she was interrupted as J’onn quickly pulled her closer to him and gave her a lingering kiss.

“This… is so weird to watch…”

“It was meant to be…” Bruce nodded.

“Wait; you knew?!” Wally widened his eyes at him but then sighed, “Of course, you knew; you know everything!”

“I don’t know everything!”

“Did you know about this?”

“… Yes…”

J’onn pulled away from the kiss and smiled at Tabitha.

“I know that this may not be the right time; we have villains to take care of…”

“Wait; really? We just helped you save the planet! Can we get some sort of consideration here?!”[7] Atomic Skull asked. Bruce looked at Kal-El who shrugged.

“We’re all suckers for a happy ending. Whatever J’onn wants to say and then a five minute head start…”[8] Bruce said.

“At least we get to see the sappiness ‘til the end…” Giganta rolled her eyes.

“This is what you wanted…” J’onn smirked at Tabitha who wouldn’t stop blushing, “I was doing a lot of thinking while I was away. I knew that I would come back and ask for forgiveness. I made you something… so that you would know how sorry I am.”

“You… made me something?!” Tabitha’s eyes widened as J’onn pulled at his pinky finger. She could do nothing but smile at the reddish copper ring, “J’onn! It’s beautiful!”

“And, yes; it was made from Martian rock.”

“From… the Martian rock that I gave you…?”

“Of course not! You made that sculpture from your heart and I will always cherish it. I will always cherish you.” he slipped the ring on her finger. Few of the onlookers gasped. Tabitha shot a look at them.

“W-What?! Ya’ll can’t still be shock?!”

“No, you fucking idiot; look at where he put the ring!!” Jamila pointed out. Tabitha gave her a look before raising her left hand. The ring, although dark in color, shimmered brightly against her skin. She continued to give it a confused look until she finally realized that the ring was placed on her ring finger. Her mouth flew open as she stared at J’onn, who only gave her a small smile.

“Maybe I should have done this the human way! I know that we were apart for over a year… and we did not part on good terms. But there is no denying that I love you. I never stopped thinking about you. And I told myself if given another chance, this is what I wanted to do: ask you to be my wife.”

“I… uh… oh, God… I don’t know… what to…”

“Great Hera; you better say yes!” Diana glared at the lightning woman. Tabitha blushed profusely as the others laughed.

“We don’t have to wed right away; I will understand if you need more time to…”

“J’onn, I’m pregnant!” she decided to blurt out.

“She’s… what?!?!”

“You’re gonna be a dad?! Tabby, we’re no longer friends!!” Wally switched glances from Bruce to Tabitha.

“It’s not mine…” Bruce sighed out. J’onn slightly gawked at the woman as she continued to blush.

“It’s… mine…? You have been with child this whole time?” he kneeled down and placed his hand gently on her stomach, “I… I am no longer the only Martian…? Oh, Tabitha… had I known… I would have never left!”

“I tried telling you but… you wouldn’t answer me…”

“I never received any telepathic message. Oh…” he absentmindedly traced his finger across her stomach. His eyes widened as he saw what he assumed to be a tiny finger follow his own, “You are indeed very far along! The child nullifies my telepathic powers at this stage, at least between you and me. That is why I never answered you.” he stood back up and looked at her.

“That don’t… change nothing, does it?”

“It does, actually. I have not been a father in centuries. And just within a few minutes, you have made me the happiest being in the universe! Even more so if you would become my wife.”

“... What…?”

“You have not given me an answer…” J’onn smirked. Tabitha smiled at him and held up her hand.

“I’m still wearing the ring, right?”

“After all this time, why did I expect for you not to have a sardonic tone with me?”

“It wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t a smart ass!”

“That is true…”

“So, does that mean a wedding? Are we invited?” Killer Frost lightly chuckled.

“Could’ve sworn Batman gave ya’ll a five-minute head start…” Tabitha glared at the small group.

“He was serious? Five minutes; are you kidding?!”[9] Atomic Skull started to protest.

“Four minutes, fifty seconds…”[10] Diana smiled at them. The small group of Legion members began to run away. Diana quickly turned to Tabitha.

That’s the real reason why you were so upset with me! If I would’ve known that the two of you were…”

“It’s fine; you made up for it, big time! But, yeah; that’s why I was pretty pissed!” she gave her a small smile. She looked up at J’onn, “Just so we’re clear: no more mind raping…”

“I’m really not fond of it being called that…”

“And definitely no more keeping shit from me! I’m a grown woman!”

“Yes, my love…”

“My God; these are the end of days!”[11] Wally shook his head.

“Hey; has it been five minutes, already? So ready to go kick some bad guys’ asses!”

“Doc… you ain’t a Justice League member for real! You have to stay here!”


“Tabitha… you’ve been fighting this entire time…?”

“… Yeah…” she eyed J’onn weirdly. He narrowed his eyes at her.

“Carrying our unborn child…”

“S-See, when you put it that way, it sounds awful! I’ve been careful…” she looked away as he continued to glare at her, “… ish! Don’t tell me you expect me to not do nothing all because…”


“You know, I’m already starting to regret this whole getting back together thing!”

“Even if you were telling the truth, it doesn’t change the fact that I am going to be a father; I have a say so in the child’s safety.” he smiled back at her. She rolled her eyes and laughed.

“I really do love you, J’onn…”

“So do I. But, you are staying here.”

“What?! But…”

“This is not up for debate.” J’onn gave her a lingering kiss before he headed away with the others.

“Fucking Martian; wasn’t even here for ten damn minutes and already…”

“My telepathic powers may not work with you but my hearing still does...” his voice made Jamila and the others snicker. Tabitha groaned loudly.

“Well… we can start on the plans for your wedding!”

“Shut up and go inside!”

“And the adventure continues…”[12] Diana laughed as she joined the other Justice League members.


[5] Taken from Justice League Unlimited episode, “Destroyer”.

[6]-[11] Paraphrased from the Justice League Unlimited episode, “Destroyer”.

[12] Taken from the Justice League Unlimited episode, “Destroyer”.



A/N: Thanks for your patience! Only one more chapter to go before the end! Hopefully, it won't be another five months! XD Music selection is for J'onn and Tabitha's fight scene, and J'onn's theme. Enjoy! :D

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