Beckoning Lyght

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  • Published: 6 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 19 Jan 2016
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Book 2 of Speed of Lyght. Metro Tower's Monitor, Tabitha Lyght faces her new responsibilities without Martian Manhunter by her side. *A Justice League/Marvel fanfic. DC and OC-centric. I do not own any DC/Marvel characters and/or settings. Mild violence, mild language, minor character deaths.


13. The End of Days? Part 2

The brain swap was a minor setback in Luthor's plans to resurrect Brainiac. Grodd was still in prison on their base but it didn't stop him from continuing his research. The gorilla was useless or at the very least uncooperative. Luthor couldn't afford to let that sidetrack him, again.

Tala wanted badly for Luthor to warm up to her. She guiltily enjoyed whoever it was that swapped brains with him; he was what she longed for! It didn't stop her from trying to be helpful and sweet to him. Regardless of the fact that he always showed a great interest in that white-haired jezebel!

She saw that he also obsessed with bringing Brainiac back. Part of her didn't blame him, due to what Brainiac had done to him. The other part wondered what else he expected; immortality? She knew that she would just be grateful for having another chance at life. Nevertheless, she wanted to show her support.

Tala watched as Lex fussed over the fragment of Brainiac.

"Lex... you need a break. It looks like nothing is working."

"As always, you know nothing. Your claim to fame is magic and voodoo. This is science." he rolled his eyes. Tala fumed as she approached him, taking the sample away from him.

“My ‘claim to fame’ is transmutation… something that would help this situation! Alchemy is a form of science!” she didn’t wait for Luthor to give her permission. Tala immediately started to warp her magic around the fragment. She admitted that she wasn’t fully concentrating on the task; she wondered how a man who claimed to be such a genius wouldn’t know that. Tala realized that it was a lost cause: Luthor had no interest in her whatsoever. Even Grodd knew what she specialized in!

Lex waited with anticipation, expecting to see Brainiac appear before their eyes. He was never a man to ask for help. However, he had the urge to kick himself for not asking Tala. He never realized that she would be of any real help; she was the one who decided to summon a demon to possess Tabitha! Luthor figured that if what she was doing worked, he would have to be civil to her.

The area around him started to fade as he watched Tala. His heart thumped as he waited; he expected to see Brainiac! After his surroundings dissipated, Luthor couldn’t help but to be disappointed. In its place was a belt of asteroids. It didn’t make sense to him at first; why was he in space? He took a closer look and realized that it was no ordinary asteroid belt. In the middle was clearly more debris, as if something was destroyed. One floated by him and he was certain that it had some sort of symbol on it. Luthor’s eyes widened right before he was sucked away.

He blinked a few times and saw that he was back in his lab, Tala retracting her magic away from the fragment.

“I’m sorry. It didn’t work.” she tried. Luthor shook his head with a smirk on his face.

“Actually… it did. Come on; we have work to do.”



“The Bronze Wraith…?”

“Don’t look at me like that! It… came to me in a dream! It sounded cool and so I stuck with it!”

“You seriously couldn’t think of anything better than that?”

“Not without it sounding like I married him!” Tabitha blushed. Wally let out a small laugh.

“Huh; true. But still; do you even know what a wraith is?”

“Something awesome…?”

“A ghost, Tabby. A phantom.”

“… Really…? Damnit!”

“Hey, Clark; come here!” Wally summoned Kal-El into the room with the two, “What do you think about Tabby’s new alias?”

“Oh? I didn’t know you changed it.”

“The Bronze Wraith.” Tabitha sighed out. Kal-El gave her a simple smile.

“Hmm. That actually fits you.”

“Ha! See? It fits!” she stuck her tongue out at Wally.

“But, there’s nothing ghostly about her…”

“Her hair could be considered ghostly. And wraith has another meaning: a faint trace.”

“Well… I still say she could’ve thought of something better!”

“Yeah? Like what?” Tabitha asked. Wally thought for a moment.

“Human Manshocker…”

“… That… what?!”

“And that makes me glad you didn’t come up with your alias, ‘Go Faster Man’!” Kal-El laughed. One of the civilian staff members interrupted their laughter.

“Sir! There’s someone outside to see you!”

“… Okay…” Kal-El looked at the man curiously.

“It’s… Lex Luthor, sir!” his words put everyone else on alert.

“No way…”

“It’s… it’s a trap…” Tabitha narrowed her eyes.

“I don’t think so, ma’am. He’s not alone.”

“I’ll tell the others; there’s no way you’re gonna face ‘em by yourself!” Tabitha immediately left the room. She ran into Bruce before getting to the control room.

“Where’s the fire?” he smirked at her. He lost his playful mood when she gave him a serious look.

“Luthor’s outside and he got company with him. Asked to see Clark.”

“That’s not good. I’ll go with him.”

“I dunno how many with him.”

“Bring as many as you can, then.”

“Right…” Tabitha made her way to the control room and alerted the members in Metro Tower. When they gathered, she gave one-half instructions to stay on guard inside while the others would come with her. There weren’t many in Metro Tower however, she knew she could contact Michael to teleport others if needed. She left with Diana, S.T.R.I.P.E., John, Atom Smasher, Red Tornado, Captain Atom, Metamorpho and Kent to join Bruce and Kal-El outside.

They were indeed greeted by a handful of villains with Lex Luthor in the forefront. Tabitha looked over the others; only two she encountered before: Killer Frost and Heatwave. The others she had never seen before. Luthor gave her a quick smile before resting his eyes on Kal-El.

“We have a little problem…”[1]

“You’re gonna have a bigger one in a second! What’re you doing here?!” Tabitha narrowed her eyes at him.

“To warn you that Darkseid is going to invade Earth… soon.” his words made everyone’s eyes widen. Tabitha looked at everyone.

“Okay. An invasion is very bad. But who the hell is Darkseid?”

“There’s no time to explain, if what he says is true. Which is impossible; Darkseid is dead.” Kal-El glared at Luthor.

“He looked very much alive when he tried to kill us.” Luthor rolled his eyes. He explained quickly what happened. How his obsession with Brainiac led to his team remodeling their headquarters into a space station in order to reach the asteroid belt where the android once resided. He used Tala as bait to conjure Brainiac but by that time, she realized that was all she was to him. Instead of resurrecting Brainiac, she resurrected a Brainiac-infused Darkseid before succumbing to her end.

The new god and ruler of Apokolips wasted no time in destroying the base and returned to Apokolips to reclaim the planet. He also made plans on conquering their sister, more peaceful planet New Genesis as well as settling his score with Superman. The surviving members of the Legion of Doom gathered that much as Sinestro and Star Sapphire shielded them from the deadly blast. They made their way back to Earth by stealing a small computer called the Mother Box to open a boom tube to their destination.

“This was all their fault! They need to be arrested!”

“I second that notion.” Kal-El agreed with Tabitha. The Legion of Doom members scoffed and scowled.

“If you think you’re locking us up while the whole world will be under attack, you got two fights on your hands!"[2] Giganta barked.

“You wanna have a go? Let’s do this! We got more members and I guarantee that ass will get whooped!” Tabitha started to charge up. Everyone prepared to attack one another until a blaring alarm sounded from the building.

“We’re receiving word that boom tube portals have opened all over the world; I’m releasing an omega-level alert.” Michael’s voice blared through everyone’s communicator.

“What’s coming out of ‘em?” Tabitha asked before Kal-El could.

“Parademons and Darkseid’s ground troops. It’s a full scaled invasion!”

“Shit…” she sighed out and looked at Kal-El, “It’s already started…”

“Instead of containing us, we can fight with you.” Luthor offered.

“No, fuck you! Ain’t no way we’re gonna let you…”

“Hey, we may be criminals but this is our home, too!” Atomic Skull tried to reason.

“They have a point. Besides, we’ll need all the bodies we can throw at this.”[3] Bruce held Tabitha back. She eyed him.

“Ten extra folks ain’t gonna make a difference! I’d rather get doc and the trips to help than him!”

“I know that you don’t trust me anymore, Tabitha…”

“‘Anymore’?! I’ve never trusted you! Why should any of us start now?!”

“If you haven’t noticed, we’re under attack! But, let’s be clear about this: you’re only here to help me get revenge on Darkseid, all of you. When this is over… back to business as usual.”[4] he retorted. Kal-El glared at him.

“Fine. But, you don’t call the shots around here…”

“This is so much bullshit…” Tabitha mumbled.

“… Tabitha does…” Kal-El finished.

“W-What…?” she looked at him.

“You and Mr. Terrific are the Monitors. Put us in groups; tell us where to go.” he nodded towards her. Tabitha thought for a moment.

“Mike, when you said ‘all over the world’, you meant that literally?” she pressed on her communicator.


“Okay.” she took a deep breath and finally looked at the two groups. While she didn’t know most of the super villains, she had an idea of who wouldn’t worked well with her fellow League members, “S.T.R.I.P.E., hit London.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“Fire head…”

“Atomic Skull…” he sighed.

“Whatever. Go to D.C. Um… you…” she pointed to Giganta, “You’ll go with Green Lantern and the Flash to Paris. Wonder Woman, take the female Lantern to China. Uh… zombie Superman…”

“Me Bizarro. Me am hero!”

“… Right. Go to Rome. Yellow Lantern, head to Tokyo. Captain Atom, you got Sydney. Atom Smasher, take the fire woman to Argentina. Red Tornado and Dr. Fate: go to Cairo and take the… doll person. Metamorpho, you go with Frost to Venice. That leaves the rest of us here.” Tabitha ordered.

“Maybe you should stay here in Metro Tower.” Bruce gave her a slight look of concern. Tabitha was about to agree until Kal-El shook his head.

“You said it yourself; the more bodies, the better. You and Luthor team up.”

“Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding me!”

“He seems to… ‘behave’ more around you.” he explained to Tabitha. Before she could protest, faint whirring noises came from the skies. The small group looked up as two boom tube portals opened, one unleashing a horde of Parademons while a massive black ship appeared from the other.


“Darkseid. Looks like that’s at the Daily Planet. We got him; you and Luthor head for the other boom tube.”

“Fine…” Tabitha sighed and glared at Luthor.

The two encountered less Parademons than expected; they both figured that the green and gold armor cladded beings were more than likely with Darkseid. The two made quick work of the numerous things and made their way back towards the Daily Planet.

“You were a bit sluggish back there…”

“Mind your business…” Tabitha mumbled.

“I couldn’t help but to notice that Batman wanted you to stay behind. Oh…” Luthor stopped dead in his tracks and studied her.

“Oh, my God, what?! We’re dealing with an alien invasion and you wanna make googly eyes at me?! I should’ve locked your ass up when I had the chance!”

“… You’re injured.”

“Ain’t nothing wrong with me; I’m fine!”

“Then, why else would he want you to stay behind while the rest of us fight? Oh; you’re not injured. You’re… pregnant. That explains the weight gain… and the glow. Is Batman the only one that knows?”

“This don’t concern you.” Tabitha took deep breaths; she was quickly losing her patience with the man.

“I really don’t condone you being out here in your condition. Does the Martian know… wait… he isn’t here.”

“Shut up…”

“Because he would’ve been the first one down here… to protect you. I wouldn’t be able to get this close to you, either.”

“I said, shut up!” the hit that landed on his jaw sent Luthor to the ground. Her hands radiated with heat that traveled throughout the rest of her body. Tabitha glared at him as Luthor rubbed at his jaw.

“You can beat me to an inch of my life; it won’t change the fact that he left you and your child!” he spat out. Tabitha’s eyes widened at his words before they narrowed in anger. He didn’t have any right to say those things, she fumed. She clenched her fists so tight, her nails dug into her palms. Electricity wavered throughout her entire body as she approached him. For the second time since laying his eyes on her, Lex Luthor feared her. He knew what she was capable of and there was no one to hold her back this time around.

In her mind, the invasion didn’t matter. She wanted to end Luthor for everything he had done to her. Intruding into her dreams. Kidnapping her. And now bringing up old wounds. Wasn’t it bad enough that she couldn’t get a hold of J’onn? That even one of the strongest telepaths with his high tech gear couldn’t get a hold of him.

That last thought was enough to make her calm down. As much as it pained her, he was right in a way. The Martian didn’t have to leave. And what stopped him from returning or even responding to her? Charles Xavier had a point as well: if one of the world’s best telepaths didn’t want to be found, there wasn’t anything anyone could do. She eased out of her tensed state and turned around.

“You don’t know shit…”


“You say another fucking word to me and I’ll shoot lightning down your gaddamn throat! This was the worst idea ever!” she started to say more but Diana’s distress call rang into her ear.

“We need more help here!”

“I’m on the way.” Tabitha quickly made the decision.

“Tabitha? Where are you?”

“Metropolis. Don’t worry; Superman and Batman can handle this. Oh, and Luthor. Where exactly are you?”

“The Great Wall. Can’t miss it!” Tabitha could feel the smirk through the communicator. She lost her own as she looked at Luthor. Before he could say anything, she grabbed him, doing a Lightning Cloud towards the spacecraft. Tabitha glared at him before glancing at Bruce.

“Wonder Woman needs help. You three got this?”


“I’m fine!” she grunted before teleporting away. Bruce looked at the bruise on Luthor’s jaw, stifling a laugh.

“What happened there…?”

“… Love tap…” Luthor smirked before joining the two in battle.


[1] Taken from Justice League Unlimited episode, “Alive!”.

[2]-4 Taken from Justice League Unlimited episode, “Destroyer”.

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