Beckoning Lyght

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  • Published: 6 Oct 2014
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Book 2 of Speed of Lyght. Metro Tower's Monitor, Tabitha Lyght faces her new responsibilities without Martian Manhunter by her side. *A Justice League/Marvel fanfic. DC and OC-centric. I do not own any DC/Marvel characters and/or settings. Mild violence, mild language, minor character deaths.


12. The End of Days? Part 1

He didn't recall how long it had been since he escaped; it didn't matter to him. The most important thing on his mind was attempting to bring Brainiac back. No one but his personal physician knew that he was dying. After handling Kryptonite for so long, the rock that was deadly to Superman had given Lex Luthor terminal cancer.

He had no idea when his agenda to get rid of Superman cascaded into the rest of the Justice League. For the longest, his beef was only with the Man of Steel. Instead of questioning his recent actions, he let them fuel him. He had no idea that he was being manipulated and controlled by Brainiac until that fateful evening.

It made sense, he realized. His last checkup proved that he was cancer free, as if the infected cells were never there. He always kept himself in shape but noticed that he was stronger than before. Even his mind was sharper. Not once did Luthor want to question any of it. If anything, he felt rejuvenated. Brainiac had given him another chance at life… and he wanted him back.

He was running out of ideas as far as how to summon Brainiac back. Luthor nearly exhausted every possible way he knew of. Something came across his mind one night: he hadn’t used telepathy. After his escape, Luthor gathered a few villains into a group in order to exact revenge on the Justice League all the while rebuilding his trust back with the human population. Gorilla Grodd was a part of the Legion of Doom, as well as the one who helped him escape prison. He was also the only one who was telepathic. Luthor only had to figure out how to manipulate him without him knowing.

Even he couldn’t pull off a feat like that. However, he thought that if he could find something that resonated with his powers, Luthor could use that instead of the gorilla himself. Besides, he had a feeling that Grodd knew how to resurrect Brainiac; he did have a fragment of his android body. While Luthor knew that he couldn’t manipulate Grodd, he could very well have him imprisoned! That move, along with his previous actions caused a sense of distrust with the other members. However, all Luthor had to offer was his word of a get rich quick plan; he knew that it would pacify most of the Legionnaires. The others he would have to deal with once Brainiac was reunited with him.

Luthor intended to use Grodd’s mind-control helmet against him, forcing any information the gorilla had about Brainiac. He’d used mind-control devices before and thought nothing of it; the worst that could happen would be that Grodd’s mind was strong enough to resist: he would get nothing. Luthor didn’t expect to feel the tinge of pain that he did as soon as he fitted the helmet on his head. He groaned as a white light enveloped him if only for a second before the room came back into focus. Instead of looking at a smug Grodd, Luthor was looking at a man in a blue suit with golden gloves, cape and a helmet.

“Did it work…?”

“… What…?” Luthor tried to make sense of everything. Was Grodd’s helmet so strong, it knocked him into a sort of third dimension?

“Did it work? Are you okay? Flash…”

“Flash? What?!” he looked down at himself. Sure enough, he was wearing the all too familiar red suit.

“Oh. This isn’t good. You’re… not Flash… are you…?”

“You don’t say…” Luthor smiled at the man. It didn’t take him long to figure out what happened: Grodd’s helmet had somehow switched his mind with the Flash’s. He had no time to question how it happened; now that someone realized that he wasn’t the Flash, he needed a way to escape. Maybe he should’ve tried to play along…

Escaping the room was easy; maybe being stuck in the Flash’s body wouldn’t be so bad after all! Luthor dashed out of the room and down the hallway, before he realized another problem; he had no idea where he was! Using the Flash’s speed, Luthor zipped through the corridors until he realized where he was: he stopped in front of a panoramic window and gazed into the depths of space, the Earth’s atmosphere in slight view. He was on Watchtower.

Another idea processed; he could cause a bit of mayhem while on board! The Flash was a bit childish; everyone knew that. But if Luthor made the Flash into a menace, there was a high chance that the group could disown him. One less superhero to worry about. Or… one more “do-gooder” on his side. That thought made him realize one more thing: if he was in the Flash’s body… where was the Flash?

“Oh, no…”


“Aaahhh… this is just wrong!![1]


Luthor sighed heavily; it was a good thing that he had speed on his side! The priority of leaving was of the utmost importance however he felt that he could cause some chaos before leaving! After dashing about the space station, grabbing the attention of nearby League members, Luthor realized that he was famished. Of course, he thought to himself; using his ability burned calories at a higher rate than normal: he needed energy.

He found the cafeteria easily and figured that while he was running away from the pursuing members, he had time to grab something to eat. After grabbing several things to eat, he made his way back into the hallway and into a bathroom before the others realized where he went.

“Okay. This is getting tedious. I need to get out of here. But first…” he noticed the mirror and smirked, “I can at least learn the Flash’s identity!” Luthor unmasked and stared back at the reflection. He frowned, “I have no idea who this is.”[2]

Putting the mask back on, Luthor shrugged and listened for any movement in the hallway. He figured that he’d caused enough damage and it was high time to plan his escape. He needed to find where the bridge was. As he zoomed through the hallways, he bumped into a ladder. He would’ve ignored it but then the excessive swearing grabbed his attention. Luthor turned only to see Tabitha falling from the ladder. He caught her just in time as she scowled at him.

“Damnit, Wally!”

“… Sorry. Guess I was in a hurry?”

“Very funny, smart ass! Why are you speeding through here? And, put me down!” he forgot that she was still in his arms. Luthor put her back on her feet and studied her. She’d changed her costume and it was clear whom she was paying tribute to, “Um… what’s with the looks?”

“You’ve… put on some weight…” Luthor realized. Tabitha’s eyes widened.

“If ya tryna call me fat in a nice way, I swear to God…”

“Don’t take it the wrong way; you fill out very nicely, my dear.”

“…Wait… what…?” the blush spread rapidly across her cheeks. Did she hear him right, she wondered. She knew that Wally was a natural flirt but she was never on the receiving end; the closest he came to doing so was admitting that she was pretty!

Commotion from the other end of the hallway made Luthor perk up; he spent too much time admiring the lightning woman that the League members caught up to him. He smirked and began to run once more.

“Tabitha, stop him!” she turned to the approaching members: Kent Nelson, John and Michael.

“What’s… going on? What’s up with Wally?”

“That’s not Wally! I don’t know who it is but he’s content in causing as much chaos as he can!” Kent explained; the imposter fled before he could stop him.

That made more sense than Wally flirting with her, Tabitha realized. She joined the group as they ran after “Wally”, replaying his behavior towards her. The anger began to boil inside of her before she could control it and she stopped dead in her tracks, “Shit. Holy shit!”

“What?” Michael looked at her.

“I know who it is! It’s Luthor. How did he…”

“Mentally, it’s him. I was… trying to track down Grodd by tracing his resonance he left on Wally.” Kent tried to explain.

“Luthor must have been around something that had Grodd’s psychic resonance around the same time you started your process.” Michael realized.

“Can it be reversed? The process. Or is Wally stuck in his body?” Tabitha asked.

“I believe I can reverse it. But we have to catch him and sedate him.” Kent nodded.

“How do you know it’s Luthor?” John looked at Tabitha.

“He flirted with me. Wally would never do that. The… the son-of-a-bitch called me ‘my dear’!” she seethed as they went back on their chase, “I’ll hit the control room and put the station on lock down. We could probably outnumber him if I give out a warning as well.”

“Good idea. We’ll try to keep him distracted until he’s cornered…” John nodded.

“Guys… be careful. This ain’t Wally we’re dealing with.” Tabitha reminded them before she did a Lightning Cloud through the hallway.

Luthor couldn’t believe his luck; he found what looked like a control room. Studying the buttons on the console, he was surprised at how easy it was to locate the one for communication as well as transmit a signal. He didn’t hesitate to send a message to the Legion of Doom, informing them that their Luthor was an imposter. He found the teleportation pads but as he was figuring out how to use them, Tabitha entered the room.

“Stop… Luthor!”

“I see you’ve figured me out. What gave it away?”

“Never mind the fact that Wa… Flash wouldn’t…”

“Please; I already know who the Flash is! At the very least that his name is Wally! Seems to me that you have two choices: let me leave or stop me. Now that I have… Wally’s powers, you have no chance of beating me!”

“And here I thought you knew me…” she scoffed before performing a Lightning Cloud. Luthor took in a breath before he felt the full force of her charged fist; the blow was enough to knock him away from the teleportation pads, “Man, if only the face matched the mind; that would’ve been so satisfying!” she stalked over to him, “Wally trained with me… and I hit harder than him! You’re shit outta luck!” she gave him a smirk. Luthor rubbed at his cheek.

“That you do. But what you fail to realize is that you’re not dealing with Wally…”

“Fuck…” she realized that he was right. She forgotten about the warning she gave the others. She quickly clicked on her communicator, “Control room!” was all she could give out as a warning before Luthor rushed at her. She barely twisted out of the way and sent a streak of lightning towards him. Tabitha cursed yet again as she missed. Before she could do anything, she felt a hand around her throat. Luthor slammed her onto the floor with force, making her grunt out in pain.

“I don’t want to hurt you, my dear. But you’re content in hurting me. A man has to defend himself, you know…”

“Fuck you…” she strained out; he still had a firm grip around her neck. Tabitha released all of her lightning, engulfing both in a quick flash of light. She was satisfied as the pressure around her neck was gone, “Oops… too much power…” she gave him a wicked smile; the power behind her attack knocked him away a few feet. Tabitha slowly approached him, hoping that the move was enough to knock him out. She sucked in a breath as she stared at the bruised body; if Wally returned to his own body, he wouldn’t be happy!

She was caught off guard when he suddenly grabbed her and put her in a rear chokehold. Luthor looked to see Michael, Kent and John run into the room. He posed his fingers like a gun at Tabitha’s temple.

“Teleport me out of here or I’ll scramble her brains!”[3] he warned. They made their way towards the teleportation pads.

“Thought you ‘loved’ me…” Tabitha grunted; the thought actually sickened her.

Something wasn’t right, Luthor felt. He knew that he hadn’t been through the entire space station. Yet there were two superheroes he knew for sure he would run into: Superman… and Martian Manhunter. He knew that Superman’s favorite turf was Metropolis so chances were a bit slim he would be aboard. Where was the Martian? He regretted making the threat; he thought for sure that the Martian would appear and make good on the threat he issued long ago!

“Sorry; this is strictly business.”

“Okay. Don’t do anything rash…” Michael made his way to the main control panel. It puzzled Tabitha; the control panel for teleportation was by the pads; she was close to telling Luthor what an idiot he was for not realizing that. She had to think about what was on the main control system that would stop Luthor from escaping. When she finally realized it, a slow smile crept across her face.

“And, she’s coming with me. Just in case you send someone to follo-oof!” his words were cut short as his breath left him. Tabitha jabbed Luthor in his stomach as hard as she could, making him release her. She held onto the small control panel as Michael turned off the artificial gravity in the room. He smirked as Luthor became weightless.

“What will you do now? Speed is useless without gravity!” Michael taunted. Luthor rolled his eyes and scoffed as he started to use the Flash’s speed ability to lower himself down. It was something he knew the imposter Flash would do; Michael immediately switched the gravity back on which made Luthor slam into the ground. Tabitha got her grounding and checked on the unconscious Luthor. She smiled up at the others.

“Hey, Dr. Fate; I think your patient just euthanized himself!”[4]

“… That’s anesthetized…” Michael corrected. A faint distress signal scanned across the console while John and Tabitha lifted Luthor off the floor. Michael quickly traced the coordinates.

“What’s that?”

“A distress signal. I hope it’s Wally. I’ll send a team just in case.”

“Oh! I can…”

“No. Help Kent out. Luthor seems fond of you so it may be for the best.”

“Don’t remind me! You want him to hold off on the mind-switchy-thingy?”

“I’m not sure this is Wally so go ahead.” he nodded as he summoned a few Justice League members. Kent and Tabitha put Luthor in one of the containment rooms as Tabitha tied him tightly to a chair.

“I’ll begin the process. It’ll be better since he’s restrained.”

“Especially his hands. Could Wally actually do that? Turn someone’s brains into mush just by vibrating his fingers…?”

“It’s highly possible. But someone like Wally would never even think of doing something like that.”

“Yeah… he’s not an asshole…” she shook her head at the man in front of her. Kent chuckled as he began the reversal process.

The last thing Wally remembered was being manhandled by the group of super villains. Earlier, Gorilla Grodd in captivity mocked at his attempt to pass as Lex Luthor; he was determined to prove him wrong! He learned about some elaborate scheme that had to do with stealing euros, a train car full. Wally was doing fairly well until Dr. Polaris asked if he knew his real name. He panicked and tried to send a distress signal to Watchtower but was apprehended.

His hopes were high when he saw a few Justice League members appear: Steel, Ice and Doctor Light. However, the villainous group proved a better match; while they didn't take the money, they escaped with Wally in tow. He could already imagine the sneer that the gorilla would have when a flash of light startled him, followed by darkness. 

The one thing he noticed was how sore he was; he absolutely ached! The second? He couldn't move. He moaned as he slowly opened his eyes and sighed for relief when he saw Green Lantern, Tabitha and Dr. Fate staring at him.

"... Wally...?"

"Tabby..." he sighed out, "Why the hell does my face hurt so much?!" he worked his jaw. She blushed slightly.

"It's either from me hitting you or from when you slammed into the ground... or a combination of both..."

 "It sounds like Wally. Is there any way to be sure?"[5] John asked. Tabitha thought for a moment before narrowing her eyes.

"... Do you think I'm pretty?"


"We won't find out that way!"

"You want proof? Great white..." Wally gave Tabitha a wide smile. Flustered, she quickly covered his mouth.

"I-It's him! Only two people know about that conversation!" she untied him.

"Wally. You were in Grodd's secret headquarters. Anything you can tell us about it?"[6] Michael asked as he entered the room. Wally let out a defeated sigh.

"Only thing I noticed was that it's in a swamp somewhere.”

“That could be Florida or Louisiana…”

“Or Maryland, Indiana, Georgia…”


“… Several parts of South America… you can find swamps all over the world.” Michael continued.

“Okay. Sooo… we could dispatch members to several locations.”

“I honestly wouldn’t waste the manpower. You do know that the Amazon and Congo are considered swamps, right?” John eyed Tabitha. She whistled.

“That’s a lot of land to cover.”

“Exactly! We’ll just have to be on the lookout; it’s our safest bet. It’s likely their base is in one of the larger swamp areas, somewhere that’s less travelled.” Michael nodded.

“Makes sense. I’ll notify Supes.” Tabitha said. John, Kent and Michael left the room as she looked at Wally, “You okay?”

“Yeah. Especially now that I’m back in my own body. Weirdest experience ever! So… you and Luthor really did have sex.” his comment threw her off guard. She immediately blushed and looked away.

“N-Not like I got any memory of it… thank God! Wait; how’d you know about it?”

“Tala. She’s obsessed with Lex and beyond jealous! Asked me was she better than you! I totally winged it!”

“You… you had sex with her?!”

“Not like I had a choice! I had to be Luthor, remember?”

“That… should’ve tipped her off that it wasn’t him; he doesn’t like her!”

“Aw, man; you mean I didn’t have to sleep with her?!”

“On the bright side, you can use that to your advantage…”

“I don’t wanna think about it…” Wally mumbled as Tabitha laughed.

[1] Taken from Justice League Unlimited episode, “The Great Brain Robbery”. Wally realizes that he is in Luthor’s body.

[2] Taken from Justice League Unlimited episode, “The Great Brain Robbery”.

[3] Paraphrased from Justice League Unlimited episode, “The Great Brain Robbery”.

[4] Paraphrased from Justice League Unlimited episode, “The Great Brain Robbery”. It’s actually Mr. Terrific that states “Dr. Fate, I think your patient just anesthetized himself.”

[5] Taken from Justice League Unlimited episode, “The Great Brain Robbery”.

[6] Paraphrased from Justice League Unlimited episode, “The Great Brain Robbery”.

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