Beckoning Lyght

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  • Published: 6 Oct 2014
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Book 2 of Speed of Lyght. Metro Tower's Monitor, Tabitha Lyght faces her new responsibilities without Martian Manhunter by her side. *A Justice League/Marvel fanfic. DC and OC-centric. I do not own any DC/Marvel characters and/or settings. Mild violence, mild language, minor character deaths.


6. Nine Lives, Part 2


For weeks, Tabitha had to deal with not having her lightning ability at its full potential. It pained her to not work on any of the upgrades of either station however the other League members understood completely. Whenever she fought crime, she had to remind herself that her lightning was useless; it forced her to depend fully on her super strength and speed. She debated on simply remaining Monitor.

Bruce saw that she was a bit depressed and wanted to cheer her up; he knew that if she found out what he did, he would be in the doghouse for a long time! He smiled when she heavily sighed at his gift however he knew that it would eventually put a smile on her face.

“Hey! Wait… what’s wrong?” the professor asked. Tabitha slightly sighed over the phone as she made her way to Wayne Enterprises.

“… He bought me a gift…”

“Oh… okay…”

“I don’t want it…”

“Well, then… don’t accept it; what is it? Wait… how much did it cost is what I should ask!”

“A little over a mil…” she knew that she would receive dead silence from the other end. Tabitha rolled her eyes and huffed.

“……… Can I have it, then?!”


“Seriously; what the hell would cost that much and you not want it?!”

“A car. A fucking car; why would a car cost so damn much?!”

“What did he buy you, a Bugatti?!?!”

“A… what? No. It’s called a Hennessey Venom…”

“…… HE BOUGHT YOU A VENOM?! Jesus… do you wanna switch places?! Cuz, I think I can be the super heroine and you be the damn professor!”

“Materialistic bitch…”

“Yes!” her response made both women laugh, “You gotta come get me in it! You seriously don’t like it…?”

“… Okay… I don’t like how much he paid for it. But… it handles curves like a pro! And, it’s my favorite color…”

“… You’re in it now, aren’t you…? You’re sitting there, bitching and moaning, doing a hundred miles through the streets!!”

“… Sixty-eight…”

“Don’t call me no more…” the professor hung up, making Tabitha laugh fully. She slightly blushed as the valet simply gawked at her new car when she finally made her way to the building.

“Miss… Miss Lyght…” he stammered as she handed him the keys.

“Mr. Wayne will have your ass if there’s a scratch on it…”

“Y-Yes, ma’am…”

When she thought about it, she actually liked the way people in Gotham treated her for the most part. They knew that she was about to be Mrs. Tabitha Wayne and no one wanted to cross her in fear of getting on Bruce’s bad side. She wasn’t going to act the part of the privileged wife of a multibillionaire… but the thought that she could made her smile. She kept her smile as she lightly knocked on Bruce’s office door and let herself in. He gave her a playful look as he stood from his desk, coming across the room to greet her.

“What if I was in a meeting…?”

“I’m Bruce Wayne’s fiancée… I got rights!” she laughed and gave him a kiss, “Besides, you’re the one who called me and told me to come by!”

“Hmm… you’re in a better mood… you drove the Venom, didn’t you…” he looked at her. Tabitha blushed.

“… Yeah…”

“I told you you’d love it!”

“… We may have to buy doc one…”

“I’ll write a Christmas gift list…” he rolled his eyes, making her laugh.

“Alright, Wayne; what was so important to drag me away?” Tabitha asked with a smirk. Bruce returned the smirk and went back to his desk. From a drawer, he pulled out a crystal amulet… the same one from the museum, she realized.

“I’ve already talked to Zatanna and she wants to see us as soon as possible…”

“W-Wait… how did you get the crystal?!”

“… Someone owed me a favor. It’s not important right now…”

“Yeah… yeah, it is! Who do you know that steals…” as the words came out of her mouth, she gasped at the realization, “… You know Catwoman…?!”


“That car… that car was a peace offering! You… you actually thought that a fucking car would make this better?!”

“No; I got the car because I thought you would like it… and that it would put you in a better mood. There was no way I was going to let you or Barbara or even Dick go out and steal something…”

“When you’re already friends with a thief… why are you friends with a thief?”

“We’re not friends; nowhere even near it! She owed me a favor… that’s all.”

“This ain’t right… I don’t want it. The crystal or the damn car!”

“Would you be reasonable for once? How else are we going to get your powers back?!”

“Maybe I don’t want ‘em back!”

“Tabitha…” Bruce heavily sighed, “How are you going to do repairs and upgrades without the potency of your lightning…?” he asked sincerely. She simply huffed as he wrapped his arms around her, “I’ll take the car back, if that’s what you really want. But… the power of your lightning is what you are, now. And… what good is a superhero without their super powers…?” he smiled when she wasn’t tense in his arms anymore. Tabitha fought a smirk; she was actually surprised that he had remembered what she said when she was going through her memory loss. She knew that he was right; her lightning powers were a part of her, now: without the potency of them, she was only half the super heroine she once was.

She let out a sigh and looked at him.

“I still say it ain’t right… but I guess what’s done is done…”

“Thank you…” he breathed and gave her a passionate kiss. Tabitha wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a slight smile.

“… Who is she…?”



“You’re not going to ruin this moment…”

“Ruin… what moment?”

“The one that involves me… and you… and that desk…”



She thought that it would be as simple as Zatanna saying a chant and the powers that were locked in the crystal would be transferred back to her. Tabitha bit her lip as the leggy magician studied the amulet, said a quick chant and then frowned at the crystal.

“What? What’s that look?”

“I’ve never seen this before. The magic in this crystal is really ancient. It’s as if… it’s holding on to your power…”

“Which means… we brought it to you for nothing…” Tabitha sighed and rolled her eyes.

“No. I can reverse the spell but… you will have to be connected to the amulet in order to use the potency of your powers, again…”

“… Connected… like how…?”

“You’ll have to wear it.” Bruce slightly shook his head. Tabitha studied the crystal; the gem was just as big as Zatanna’s hand.

“… Could you make it smaller? That thing’s gaudy; it’ll attract attention…”

“But, wouldn’t that make it lose the power?” Bruce looked at the crystal. Zatanna shook her head.

“No. Cutting a crystal doesn’t make it lose its power. As long as it doesn’t shatter altogether, it will be fine.” Zatanna explained. Tabitha sighed.

“Guess it’s better than nothing…”



She slightly sighed as she teleported the group to their destination; she would’ve joined them however she had upgrades to tend to. She knew that it was for the best; before she knew it, she would be back in the field. Tabitha was about to get to work, going to retrieve her toolbox.


“… You really gotta call me that?!” Tabitha rolled her eyes at Robin’s voice.

“It feels weird to call you ‘Tabitha’… the Bat Signal was seen.”

“Alright; I’ll go meet the commissioner…”

“I’ll meet you there.” Robin announced. Tabitha looked at the time and shook her head.

“You still have school…”


“Yeah, really! You and Barb better stay there… or you’re grounded…”

“You’re worse than Bruce! What if you need help?!”

“Highly doubt it but you’ll be the first to know! I mean it, Robin; I don’t wanna see you there! I’ll beat you!”

“… You’re serious; you’d hit me?!”

“Like a redheaded stepchild!” Tabitha smirked. Robin groaned out in frustration before disconnecting, making Tabitha laugh. She knew that she couldn’t bear to strike him; the thought made her giggle. She was glad that Clark was around as she turned to leave, “I gotta go to Gotham; Bat Signal.”

“Okay. Need any assistance?”

“Nah; should be a piece of cake!” she waved as she teleported herself to Gotham. She quickly smoothed her mask over her face before making her way to the rooftop of GCPD. Commissioner Gordon looked in slight surprise at her.

“… Where’s Batman…”

“He’s on a mission. I think I can handle his affairs while he’s gone…” she gave him a smile. He smiled back and shook his head.

“Not to doubt you but… you’re going to need all the help you can get! There’s a riot going on at Arkham.” he explained. She wanted to drop her head in defeat; Tabitha knew that Gotham’s most insane criminals were considered residents in the two-story building. She slightly sighed.

“The police?”

“We’ve barricaded the entrance but Dr. Arkham won’t let anyone in…” the commissioner explained. Tabitha silently cursed in her head; she knew of only two people who were able to break in and/or out of the asylum with no problem: Batman and Robin.

“… I’ll handle it. Just keep everyone at the entrance.” she announced and immediately left the rooftop before he could reject. Tabitha quickly tapped at her communicator.

“So, you do need some help!”

“Wipe that stupid grin off your face or I’ll hit you for real; I know you’re smiling! I need you and Barb at Arkham like… twelve minutes ago!”

“And… what if I say no? Remember; you threatened me…” she could tell that Robin was fighting laughter. She smirked.

“I’ll tell your father where you really were last Friday…” Tabitha bit her lip to keep from laughing as Robin scoffed.

“You’re like the meanest mom ever!”

The only thing GCPD saw after briefly speaking to her was a streak of lightning heading towards the Arkham Asylum. She didn’t know why she was so worried about trying to get in; with a quick touch, the electronic keypad that kept the doors locked was shorted and Tabitha made her way inside. She didn’t like going into a situation blind but didn’t have a choice in the matter. Tabitha had actually hoped that the rioting inmates had made their way down to the first level; she didn’t know how Robin and Barbara would be against a horde by themselves. Making her way inside the reception hall, she smirked as she saw a small handful of inmates holding the staff hostage. She didn’t recognize any of the men and figured that they were a few of the “common” residents. Only one carried a handgun and he waved it wildly in front of the terrified hostages.

She was glad that she didn’t simply react first and ask questions later; the armed patient was already unstable as it was. Tabitha concentrated and aimed her lightning towards the gun, knocking it out of his hand with precision. As everyone looked on in puzzlement, Tabitha quickly counted the residents and smiled; only six: she could handle them. As quickly as the gun was knocked out of the man’s hand, Tabitha did a Lightning Cloud towards him, a right fist connecting to his face before he could blink. Tabitha made quick work of the others in the same manner, attacking the men before they had time to even figure out what had hit them. She looked at the hostages.

“Is anyone hurt?” she was glad that the small group was simply shaken up, all shaking their heads, “Good. Follow me.” Tabitha led the group to the door. She walked out first, signaling for the police to hold their fire as she let the former hostages out to safety. While one group grabbed the employees, another rushed inside to secure the main lobby. Just in time, as the inmates from the top floor began to crowd the area. Tabitha cursed in her head, wishing that she had at least taken Clark up on his offer. She lit up however when she saw Robin and Barbara in the mix of the chaos, doing their best to contain the disorder. Tabitha had to remind herself not to use her ability to its full potential as she touched one of the residents, shocking him unconscious. She finally made her way towards Robin.

“We don’t need you here; stop the rest from coming down…” he grunted as he fought off an inmate. Tabitha gave him a slight nod, doing a Lightning Cloud to the top floor. She was glad that she didn’t have to fight as much on the second floor and made quick work of the small group that attempted to make their way down the stairs. Tabitha knew that she had to figure out the source of the breakout however she had no idea of where to look first.

“… Tabby?” a familiar voice barely reached her ears as she was making her way through the corridor. She stopped and turned to the voice, widening her eyes as she saw who was looking right back at her through the glass cell.

“… Ethan?! Wha… what are you doing here?!” she quickly approached the cell. The former detective could do nothing but give her a warm smile.

“Didn’t Bruce tell you that I turned myself in?”

“Y-Yeah but… they put you in here?!”

“… Quite fitting for the criminally insane…” he almost mumbled. She could say nothing as she solemnly stared back at him; there wasn’t anything that she could say. Tabitha felt bad that it was decided Ethan Bennett belonged in Arkham however she had no case to argue that he belonged elsewhere. Commotion from the other end of the dank hallway drew her attention away from her ex-boyfriend; Tabitha gave him an apologetic look.

“I… I gotta go…”

“Wait! Please… let me help you…”

“… What…?”

“I can help you.”

“I… no. I’m not gonna let you out…” she made the painful decision.

“I know my way around here; you don’t!” he announced. She stared into his brown eyes, seconds from backing away, “Please!” he pleaded. She knew that he was right; she had no idea about the layout of the institution. With Robin and Barbara taking care of things on the lower level, there was no telling how long it would be before one of them would make their way back up to assist her; Tabitha needed a guide of some sort.

She let out an exasperated huff as she easily yanked the glass door away from its reinforced hinges. Ethan gave her a thankful smile as he made his way out however not before being slammed hard into the wall. Tabitha glared at him.

“I swear to Christ; you fuck me over on this and I’ll…”

“I-I-I won’t; I promise! I just want to help; I miss you!” her glare softened slightly at his words. She reluctantly released her grip on him and gave him a quick nod as he led the way, “Where do you need to go?”

“… I don’t know. Where’s Dr. Arkham?”

“… Your guess is as good as mine’s!” Ethan looked over his shoulder at her, “I’ve heard that he’s just as insane as the basic resident… if not more…”

“Great…” Tabitha rolled her eyes, “So, he could’ve started this whole mess…”

“Possible.” Ethan nodded. Before he could say another word, Tabitha did a Lightning Cloud past him to the small group of unruly inmates. He watched in awe as she handled each one with ease, one by one, giving each one a small jolt to knock them unconscious, “… Wow…”

“What? That’s right; you never seen me in action before! Eh; that was nothing…” she gave him a wink and a smile.

“How’s everything up there?” Barbara’s voice entered Tabitha’s ear.

“Easy; I got it…”

“We got Dr. Arkham. Reinforcements are coming your way to handle everything else…”

“Really?! Damnit… I didn’t get to do nothing!” she sighed out. She looked towards Ethan, who was simply looking at her, waiting on their next move. She couldn’t explain what came over her at that moment; all she knew was that it didn’t feel right that he was put in the asylum, “Alright; well, there’s a bit more cleaning up to do up here; I’ll meet you when I get done…” Tabitha immediately ended transmission and yanked the communicator out of her ear, “If someone makes it outside… what are their chances of escaping?”

“It… depends on the security… and the person. A normal person would have a problem; a mutant wouldn’t…” Ethan told her. She held her head down slightly and nodded; she could get into a tremendous amount of trouble for what she was about to do.

He was about to ask a question when Tabitha suddenly grabbed him. She glanced up towards the ceiling, being thankful that she saw a vent; she catapulted the two through it with a quick Lightning Cloud. Before Ethan could blink, the two were on the roof of Arkham. He gave her a bewildered look.

“Tabitha… what…”

“… You don’t belong here. Go; go in hiding, leave Gotham: I don’t care. Just… leave…”


“But, I swear to Christ: if anyone says something about me helping you… I will haunt you down… and you won’t like it…” she glared at him.

“I would never betray you. Thank you…” he grabbed her hand gently, making the woman slightly blush. Something caught Ethan’s eye and studied the ring on her finger, “… You’re getting married…?”

“Wow; they don’t let you guys hear nothing about the outside world…?”

“Not maximum security…” he shook his head. Ethan let out a slight gasp and let go of her hand, “You’re engaged to Bruce?! But… why…?”

“This ain’t got nothing to do with you. I love him… and he loves me; why shouldn’t we get married?”

“It just makes me wonder… if you had feelings for him all this time…”

“Wait; you’re really asking me this? Right now?”

“You’re right; I’m sorry. Well… I hope you have a happy life, Tabitha.”

“… No…”


“I didn’t have feelings for him when I was with you… and fuck you for even thinking that!” she slightly glared at him.

“I’m… I’m sorry, Tabby…” he was about to explain to her until he saw something out the corner of his eye. Before he could react, Selina’s whip wrapped around Tabitha’s ankles, pulling her hard to the ground. She gave the lightning woman a cruel smile.

“Of course, you’re here and Batman isn’t…”

“Bitch…” Tabitha glared at her. She grabbed hold of the whip and yanked her towards her, charging up.

“Hmph; you must have short term memory: that’s not going to wor…” Selina was abruptly stopped short as she felt the painful sting of lightning that traveled through her whip. She immediately released her weapon and gave Tabitha a surprised look. Tabitha slowly smiled as she got back on her feet.

“My, my, my… things certainly have changed… haven’t they…?” before Selina could blink, Tabitha was in her face. She attempted to push her but Tabitha grabbed her wrist and gave her a small shock, “You will not get the best of me… ever again…” she delivered a hard blow to Selina’s stomach, sending her tumbling across the roof. Tabitha went for another attack until Selina quickly got back on her feet. Tabitha easily blocked a kick and retaliated with an open handed jab to her chest.

“H-How…?” she coughed out. The lightning woman took another swing and was surprised that Selina dodged it.

“You really thought I’d go without my powers for long?” Tabitha actually wanted to cringe; she knew that it was because of the cat burglar that she was able to regain the potency of her abilities: she had no desire to admit it to her.

She saw that Tabitha was charging up and went in to distract her. She was surprised that the woman blocked nearly every blow; the ones that did land had little effect on her.

“You… you fight like him…” Selina quickly noticed; the last time the two met, she had quickly subdued her. Tabitha shrugged away the potential comment, refraining from making a sarcastic comeback. She responded instead with a sudden roundhouse kick, applying her lightning into the blow. Selina flipped from the impact but landed lightly on the ground, actually balancing herself on her fingertips. She looked up at the woman who was slowly stalking her, “You’re wearing his mask…” she flipped out of the way before Tabitha could step on her.

“I’m a part of his team so… duh!”

“No, you’re…” she knew that it was risky but she studied the lightning woman slightly. Selina flipped towards her whip and quickly grabbed it, immediately cracking it towards Tabitha. Her eyes widened as Tabitha grabbed the end of the whip, wincing faintly. She was actually glad that the woman yanked her closer; she was able to get a closer look at her hand. Her jaw slightly dropped before she could control it, taking in the size of the ring on Tabitha’s finger. She knew of only one person who could afford a ring that large and it wasn’t the woman who was charging up in front of her!

Selina held on to her end of the whip tightly and kicked Tabitha in the face, making the woman let go of the weapon. Ethan had finally left his trance and decided to put himself in the battle, turning into his clay form. Before Selina could retaliate, he wrapped his clay appendages around her, locking her in place. Tabitha eyed him strangely.


“Don’t worry about it; just… go! We’ll call it even…” he told her. Tabitha gave him a reassuring look before turning around to leave the building.

“No; stop! Get back here! You do know that you’re just one of the many women on his list… Tabitha…” Selina’s lips curled slightly as she saw the woman stop dead in her tracks. A second later, she disappeared from the roof.

Tabitha was just in time to join Barbara and Robin as they handed Dr. Arkham over to the police. Barbara gave Tabitha a look over.

“… Everything okay…?”

“…… Yeah…”

“Everything’s taken care of here.”

“G-Good… meet you at headquarters, then…” she mumbled. The two youngsters nodded, leaving as Tabitha watched as the police started to pack up and leave, themselves. She glanced back at the roof, wondering if the two were still there, a slight shudder going through her body. She wondered exactly who Catwoman was… and how she had figured out her identity. She looked down slightly, the glint from her engagement ring capturing her eye. Tabitha let out an exasperating sigh and finally made her way back to the Batcave.

“… Fuck!”

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