Beckoning Lyght

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  • Published: 6 Oct 2014
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Book 2 of Speed of Lyght. Metro Tower's Monitor, Tabitha Lyght faces her new responsibilities without Martian Manhunter by her side. *A Justice League/Marvel fanfic. DC and OC-centric. I do not own any DC/Marvel characters and/or settings. Mild violence, mild language, minor character deaths.


15. Martian and Wife

“Remember: women are fickle. Especially pregnant ones…”

“Pregnant ones with lightning powers…”

Particularly pregnant ones with lightning powers!”

“… It feels as though you are trying to talk me out of this…” J’onn looked at his groomsmen.

“What?! No! We just want to warn you of things to come!”

“Any more advice you are willing to give…?” he smirked at Wally, Bruce and Clark.

“Remember the magic words…”

“‘Yes, dear’!” Wally finished for Bruce. Clark shook his head and laid a reassuring hand on the Martian’s shoulder.

“Don’t listen to them! You’ll be fine. Be yourself; that’s who she fell in love with. Although… she is pregnant and pregnant women do have random emotional fits…”

“I will be careful not to irritate her!” J’onn shook his head with a smile.

“It’s too late for that! She’s gonna find something to get irritated about!” Wally nodded thoughtfully.

“And when she does…”

“The magic words.” J’onn finished for Bruce, “I recall that neither of you are married. How do you know so much?”

“Between me and Bruce, we’ve had enough women to have five sororities!”

“Screw you, West!”

“Wally… you’ve only had three girlfriends in your life…” Clark eyed Wally.

“Quality over quantity…” he said, matter-of-factly.



“Oh… my… God; this dress is too tight…”

“There’s nothing wrong with the dress; you look gorgeous!”

“Yeah, I know ain’t nothing wrong with the damn dress! It’s the fat ass who’s in it!”

“Tabs, you’re not fat! You don’t even have a baby bump! We just tried on the dress yesterday!”

“Alright; shut up so I can do your makeup!” Ashley smirked as she approached Tabitha.


“For the love of Hera; now, what?” Diana shook her head.

“W-Wha… what if he thinks… I’m too fat to marry…?”

“… Is she serious right now…?” Shayera glanced over at Jamila.

“I’m barely fitting in this damn thing! What if he sees me wobbling down the aisle and changes his mind?! What if I make a bad wife? A mother?! How am I supposed to feed two Martians?! I can barely remember to feed myself!”

“Um, Tabitha…? I really think that J’onn can feed himself…” Diana smirked.

“S-S-So, what does he need me for?! I… I can’t… do this… he deserves so much better!” she cried. Jamila kneeled in front of her, giving her tissue for her tears.

“Stop that! Tabitha… J’onn loves you. It don’t matter how much imaginary weight you’ve gained or whatever! He came back to you. Don’t you think that if he felt that someone else was better than you… he would’ve stayed away…? He didn’t. And not only did he come back but he confessed his love for you in front of everyone!”

“Plus, he proposed to you! He didn’t even know you were pregnant!” Ashley pitched in. Tabitha sniffed away her tears and slowly nodded.

“The two of us have known J’onn much longer than you have. Physical attributes mean nothing to him. He looks at your heart. I could tell that you meant much more than just a pretty face to him.” Shayera smiled at Tabitha.

“And, don’t worry about trying to be a good mother! You have all the help you’ll need in that department!” Jamila hugged her best friend.

“So, what? You… bragging about being a good mom…?” Tabitha sniffed.

“Pfft! I’m mother of the fucking year; what are you talking about?!” the professor smirked and finally laughed along with the other women, “Seriously, Tabs: you love my triplets like they’re your own. You have motherly instincts, already. It probably won’t be easy to raise a half-Martian! But just know that you’ll have plenty of people to give you advice. At the very least: me, your mother and J’onn! Pretty sure he knows how to raise a Martian child!”

“Tabitha. It’s okay that you’re nervous. You’re sitting here, wondering what in the hell does this man… um, Martian; what does he see in you. You’re picking at all of your flaws, whether they’re imaginary or not. You start thinking about your future together and if everything will be okay. And to make matters worse, we’re all in the Justice League: you start to wonder about his safety even more! I get it. Marriage is terrifying! But then… when you walk down that aisle and see the look on his face… you’ll start to realize that it’s worth it. It may not be perfect but maybe, just maybe… for every one argument, they’ll be six wonderful, amazing times. You get to wake up next to this guy who’ll just want to watch you in the mornings. And then, you’d never want that feeling to end…” Ashley explained.

“Oh, my God; I wanna get married…”

“You’re already married, ya goof!”

“I wanna marry someone that makes me feel like that!”

“And then, you hope you don’t become like Jamila…” Ashley sighed and the room filled with laughter.



He had never been so nervous in all his life! It didn’t matter that everything was planned out and agreed on; they made sure not to rush anything. He let her pick out the date just to make sure that he wasn’t rushing (J’onn was absolutely fine with the two getting married mere days after he proposed)! He knew that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He didn’t understand why standing at the makeshift altar made his heart thump so.

He, along with the guests, watched as the bridesmaids were escorted down the aisle with their designated groomsmen. The women all donned dresses in a light shade of yellow, matching the tuxedos the men wore. J’onn was more interested in the choice of flowers; the bouquets were a mix of yellow and white roses. It seemed as though everything was a favorite of his bride and he had no problem with it whatsoever!

As soon as the music changed, J’onn nervously cleared his throat. He could do nothing but stare however as the bride made her way down the aisle, escorted by her father. He couldn’t help but to smile as their eyes met. How anyone could be ashamed of her was beyond him! But, then he realized that he was biased; he loved her and would never be ashamed of being with her.

He was glad that she went with a simplistic dress; a short sleeved satin cream one whose hems and collar were the same yellow displayed on the others. They both agreed to no train and her veil was a simple one that cascaded to her shoulders from a hair clip placed around her bun. It was then that he noticed the flower placed on the side of her hair as well as her bouquet: daisies. His smile widened as the two closed in the distance.

The tension in her stomach eased as he smiled at her. Her father squeezed her hand, making her relax even more. Tabitha warmed up as J’onn switched places with her father. As they glanced at one another, she knew that she had no reason to be nervous. That there was no need to worry about what the two were getting into.

J’onn’s worried look made her stop breathing for a moment. He looked at the wedding officiant as he opened his mouth.

“I’m sorry. One moment…” he looked back at his bride, “Tabitha. Last call for backing out of this…” quite a few snickers were heard as her eyes widened at him.


“If you have any feelings at all that we’re rushing this, please… say so right now. I don’t want you to feel that you have to marry me…”


“… because whatever you decide, I will support. We don’t have to get married to prove anything to anyone. No matter what, I will always consider you my mate. We never used titles on Mars. But I know it's tradition here... and I find myself not minding people referring to you as Mrs. J'onzz. Even though, that's not the real priority here. If you decide not to be wed, it will not change the fact that I will love you and our child and any other children you give me until my last breath. And even then, you will always have my love. I just... I don't want you to feel that I'm pressuring you into doing something you don't want to do." he stopped when he saw her tears fall.

"Oh, for the love of God; do you know how long it took for me to do her makeup and you sit there and make her cry?!" Ashley sniffed, wiping at her own eyes.

"She's crying...? Yes!" Black Canary held her hand out in front of Green Arrow. He groaned and went into his pockets.

"Damnit!" their outburst made Tabitha turn her head towards them.

"You... you two made a bet if I was gonna cry?!"

"No... half of the League did..." Diana mumbled, "What? The odds were in favor of during the vows. You just made a few people very happy..."

"You...?" Tabitha narrowed her eyes at the Amazon. She immediately blushed.

"… Yes..."

"That... we've gotten off topic..." J'onn shook his head, "I take it that we're continuing with the ceremony...?" J’onn asked. Tabitha blushed but smiled as she looked at him.





“Finally!” Bruce smirked at Tabitha as he held his hand out. She laughed as he led her back out onto the floor and they began a steady sway to the music.

“Kinda didn’t take into consideration how many folks are in the League!”

“Who knew that everyone would want to dance with the bride? Good thing J’onn got to go first!” he laughed lightly.

“If he had his way, no one would dance with me!” she shook her head, “Bruce… you not mad that it’s me and J’onn… instead of you and me?”

“No. We’ve been through this; we make better friends than anything. I will always love you and I will always look out for you. But, J’onn is the one who deserves to be with you. You’re… not already having second thoughts, are you?”

“What?! No! Today’s the best day of my life! The only thing that’ll top it will be when I finally get to see this little guy!” she looked down at her stomach, “It’s just… I don’t want you holding no grudges…”

“No. No grudges. So long as he makes you happy and he does right by you. Which, I know he will.”

“Um, Tabs? We have a situation…” her best friend’s voice came through the communicator. Tabitha’s brow wrinkled but she looked around the room to find Jamila.


“I… don’t know. Gotta find doc…” she frowned but went to look for Jamila. She found her by the dessert table along with J’onn and quite a few disgruntled guests, “Uh… what…”

“It seems that everyone is upset about my cake…” J’onn tried to explain.

“Oh, my God; Tabs, he won’t share the cake!” she pointed to the cake decorated in Oreos.

“You said it yourself, Jamila: this is a groom’s cake. I am the groom and therefore it is my cake. I don’t have to share this cake with anyone. Besides, there are other cakes and treats for the guests to enjoy.”

“Um, J’onn, that’s not what she meant by…”

“It is bad enough that we had to share our wedding cake. They want my cake as well…?”

“What happened to your selfless side, Martian? You know, your utilitarian ways?!”

“This is the best outcome for the overall, human! It is my cake, you clearly made it for me. I am curious still as to why it was placed on this table for everyone to…”

“For God’s sake; you’re really gonna go that route?! J’onn, you’re not being reasonable at all!” Jamila argued.

“On the contrary. It is you who will not listen to reason…[1]”

“Aah…” Tabitha doubled over in pain, causing everyone to put their attention on her. J’onn immediately went to her side.

“My love! The child…” he gently placed his hand on her stomach. She shook as she exhaled.

“It’s… it’s fine. Just a… little sharp pain…” she managed. J’onn started to guide her back to their table but looked back at Jamila.

“All of your nonsense has made the child irritable. I hope you are happy…”

My nonsense?! Why you…” Jamila started however she saw the quick wink Tabitha gave her before J’onn took her across the room. She smiled widely but sighed for relief.

“What made you think that you could make him an Oreo cake and he’d share it?” Wally asked. Jamila shook her head.

“Who would’ve known that Martians were so gaddamn hard-headed?! Let’s get a few slices for everyone and wrap the rest for him!”



All of the single women gathered in order to catch the bride’s bouquet.

“Remember: no super powers!” Jamila warned them.

“Well, what’s the fun in that?” Shayera asked and the women laughed. Tabitha shook her head and laughed as she turned around. She flung the bouquet over her head and turned quickly to watch the ensuing chaos. However, with a slight flick of her finger, she made the bouquet fly into Diana’s hands. The other women looked at her with widened eyes.

“I thought she said no super powers?!” Zatanna asked. Tabitha gave her a shocked look.

“Whaddaya mean; I didn’t use no super powers!” she shrugged. Diana examined the bouquet, unraveling the satin ribbon at the base. When she saw a hint of silver, she quickly narrowed her eyes at Tabitha, who looked away, “A-Alright… I guess get the guys lined up for the garter toss…”

She wanted to cover her face in sheer embarrassment. However, she held his gaze as his hands went underneath her dress. She gave him a confused look at first before she tried to close her legs.

“Wha-what are you doing?!” her eyes widened at her new husband. J’onn gave her a curious look.

“Isn’t this the tradition…”

“You’re supposed to be grabbing my garter not my panties!” she tried to hiss silently but laughter spread throughout the room.

“… Oh…” he gave her a wry smile. She blushed heavily when she noticed it.

“Alright, J’onn boy; that’s how she got pregnant in the first place!”  

“Actually, I impregnated her by…”

“They know how it happened!” she quickly snapped. Tabitha was relieved when he finally took the garter off and threw it towards the men. Wally and Oliver roughly shoved Bruce to the front, making sure that he caught the garter. He turned and glared at the men, who shrugged.

“Damn; you always get what you want!”

“Guess there’s the reason why he’s a founding member…” Oliver nodded. Wally looked at him.

“But… so am I…”

“Eh; think they just felt sorry for you…”


“Do you think they know?”

“I don’t care; it was fun setting this up!” Tabitha smiled at J’onn.


The bride and groom were on the dancefloor with the others.

“So… favorite part of today?”

“… All of it.”


“Of course. Well, I would love to know what happened to my cake…”

“Here we go…”

“Aside from that, everything was more than I expected. I was very fond of the hand fasting. Did you know that was a tradition on Mars?”

“Yeah? I honestly didn’t. Just thought it would’ve been… symbolic. We’re bound together now.”

“Hmm. That is true.” he smiled and gave her a small peck on the lips, “You changed your outfit to mimic mine…”

“Yeah. I mean, if anything… you were my mentor. And now my husband! So, guess it was meant for us to match!”

“I meant to ask but… did you change your alias as well?”

“Oh; yeah! The Bronze Wraith! Wally didn’t think it was good but Clark said it fit… what…?” she noticed that they stopped dancing.

“That… that was my first alias. No one knew; how did you come up with that…?”

“The baby told me to name myself that. Really?! You… I could change it if…”

“No! It does fit you, now more so than ever! I’m beyond humbled…”

“Hey…” Diana and Bruce bumped into the two, “Don’t think for once that we were fooled by your little setup!”

“You’re seriously mad? Look: the two of ya need to stop bullshitting around with each other! You two need to at least try this thing out… Bruce!” Tabitha eyed Bruce. He rolled his eyes.

“You married her, now; do something about your woman…” he sighed out. J’onn chuckled.

“She’s right. I’ve waited far too long for this relationship to develop. It’s long overdue. I don’t need any of my abilities to see that the feelings are there. I never understood the problem aside from your silly decree of not dating League members. Which if I’m correct, you broke…”

“So, it’s settled that it’s all Bruce’s fault… and that he’s stubborn! Di can work her Amazonian princess powers on that…”

“They’re not going to leave us alone…”

“I see this.” Bruce sighed and shook his head. The dancing was interrupted by Metro Tower’s alert system as it blared.

“Seriously?! Of all days…” Tabitha rushed over to the console, “Oh… a Navy sub is sending a distress signal. It’s been attacked. We’re gonna need a search and rescue. Ah…” she looked around the room, “Anyone who’s not Justice League, go into the next room. Doc, escort them…”

“Aw, Tabby; we wanna watch you in action…”

“You just want to find out who’s Batman!” she eyed her brother, Terry.

“Can’t blame a guy for trying!” he protested as they left the room. She shook her head and waited for the civilians to leave.

“Tee, you’re not Justice League…”

“I already know who Batman is.” Tony approached Bruce and shook his hand, “Batsy…”

“Stark…” he sighed out.

“Fine, whatever. J’onn, Clark, Diana, Arthur and John: rescue the crew on board that sub. Bruce and Wally: go make sure that things are okay between Atlantis and the surface at UN headquarters. You know what? Tee, you’re with me: we’ll get James and head to the Pentagon and…”

“I’m afraid not, Tabitha…” J’onn interrupted.

“What…? Okay… I know you’ve been gone for a while and you’re a founding member. But I’m still Monitor here and…”

“And you are still carrying my child.”

“For Christ sakes, I’m just going to the Pentagon!”

“And if you meet resistance…?”

“Then, I’ll kick their ass!”

“The answer is definitely no, now!”

“But…” she looked at the other members, particularly at Clark. He shrugged.

“He outranks you…” he simply replied. Tabitha grumbled and narrowed her eyes at J’onn.

“John, you go with Tee and James to the Pentagon. Shayera, take John’s place. Everyone else is on standby…” she ordered. Everyone left to change and head for their destinations as J’onn cupped her face.

“I am only looking out for my family…”

“I want a divorce!” she pouted. J’onn laughed.

“You would still be pregnant! And I would still outrank you. This should not take long. If we are not back by nightfall, let Mr. Terrific relieve you and go home, our home.”

“Our home…? We already have a home?!”

“Yes. In Denver.”

“Denver?! Why do we have a home in Denver?”

“It’s where I work as a detective.”

“But… why… Denver?!”

“Now is not the time for more discussions! I love you.”

“… I love you, too.” she warmed as he gave her a passionate kiss.

“The coordinates are on file.” J’onn mentioned as he left. Tabitha left the control room to meet up with the remaining guests. Jamila looked at her.

“He told you to stay behind…” she hid her smile.

“… I live in Denver, now…”

“Denver…? Colorado?”

“… Yeah…”

“… But… what the hell is in Denver?!”

“My thoughts exactly!”




The End


[1] Paraphrased from Injustice video game. Actual phrase is “Will you not listen to reason?”

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