Call Me Crazy

Serafina Manning was always different with her appearance and interests, but she would soon realize that she was unique in a few other more rare ways. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Serafina is sent to live with her grandparents in Montana who lived about a stones throw away from a lake that was as blue as sapphire. She wanted to be happy about living with her grandparents, but she couldn't when the shadow of her parents mysterious death loomed over her. As if that all wasn't enough to frustrate this 17 year old girl, on her walks to the lake, she starts seeing things, or does she?


1. Arrival

            (This is a test chapter to see if anyone likes this and would like for me to continue c: So your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Any tips would help too)


                       I awoke with a silent scream as sweat stuck my hair to my cheeks and forehead. As I took a few deep breaths in, I glanced over at my phone and checked the time. It was 10:14! Crap! I'm late! My blankets flew off my body and I rushed over to my already packed suitcase and grabbed out my clothes I had picked for my traveling today. It was a simple white t-shirt, black jeans, and combat boots. 

                       After changing, I grab my bags and go downstairs to find my uncle in my living room. He turns towards me holding a book from my parents shelf with a grin and then frowned noting my expression. 

                             "What's wrong?" He asked concerned and then after a sigh escaped my mouth, he knew it was what had been wrong with me for the past two weeks, "Look, I'm sorry you have to live across the country. I just don't have the money to support two people right now. You will love it with Grams." All he got in response was me grabbing my plane ticket off the fridge and a sigh. 

                 He sighed and then grinned moving to the door and grabbing his keys, "She lives by a lake and basically in the forest. I used to get lost in it daily." He was trying to cheer me up and bribe me with the two things I loved most; swimming and exploring. 

      It worked. By the time we arrived at the airport, I was smiling at least. I'm normally a cheerful person, so my uncle knew I was feeling pretty bad to have to be coaxed into smiling. As he leaned over and hugged me, I felt my eyes tear up. "I should probably be going, my plane boards in a bit." All he did was nod and focus on the road knowing I wanted to just get this over with. At least I had a couple hour flight to just read and listen to my music. 


                              After a long flight of sitting in front of a 6 year old boy crying and flailing about being in the air, I had arrived in Montana. My Grams would be picking me up at the airport and bringing me to her small town of Nix. She didn't really live IN the town, but that was where she got her groceries and supplies for her house. She actually lived about a half an hour outside of town right on Lake Ortho. I hadn't been to my grandmother's home in quite a few years so I barely remember it, but I remember the two things that stood out most; the sapphire blue lake and the vast forest that circled her home and the lake in for miles. 

              As I exited the airport and looked for my Grandmother's car, I saw it. A red pickup truck. She hadn't changed much I could tell even from here. She hurriedly got out of her truck and ran over to hug me tightly. My Grams is a very slender and fit old woman. Well I can't fully say old, she was only about 53. I couldn't hold back the happy smile that spread across my face. 

       "Hey Grams. It's great to see you." She pulled back still holding my shoulders as she looked me up and down, "I haven't seen you in forever, you've grown so much. Last time I saw you, you were only up to my hip." I giggled as she said the typical things that every grandparent says after not seeing you for a while. 

       She laughed and motioned for me to get in the truck. It was silent as we drove. I started to sense that seeing me was bringing up old memories about my mother and just reminding us both about how she was gone so to prevent myself from breaking, which I refused to do, I made conversation.

       "So uh, how's the lake this time of year?" Grams smiled her toothy smile and kept her eyes on the road as she drove, "It is wonderful, in fact I was swimming just yesterday. Did you bring a bathing suit?" I nodded, "Mhm." I had a simple red bikini top with matching short bottoms that my mom bought me. The rest of the ride was silent and as we arrived at the house, it was stilled the same log cabin style home I remembered vaguely from my childhood. Maybe once I could handle my emotions, living here wouldn't be so bad. 

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