One door closes another one unlocks and opens.....

You never know what's waiting for you on the other side.....


1. The Funeral

Ariella's POV

I smooth out my dark blue dress- almost black if your far enough away. I put on my black flats and put a piece of my bright coloured hair behind my ear.

It's wet outside from the rain we had not to long ago.

"Ariella! We have to go!" I hear my mom yell from downstairs.

We- as in my mom, me and my aunt Clair- hop into the car and make our way to the grave yard.

Your probably wondering what's going on right? Well my great uncle Felix passed away from cancer, he was 87.

The car ride was awkward all the way to the grave sight. I hope this will end soon. The car ride I mean.

We pull up and I look down at my hands that are placed in my lap. I take a shaky breath and step out of the car along with my aunt and mom.

We make our way to where the funeral is being held.

Today just can't get any worse.

I choke on a sob as I see his casket. I didn't even know him that well but, I still feel a pain. He was blood, family.

I wipe away a stray tear and sigh.

I glance up to see a guy with reverse skunk hair - and I thought mine was odd- as if he can feel my stare, he looks up and meets my gaze.

Green eyes meet bright exotic purple eyes.

I may look human but I'm not, okay well I kind of am but whatever. It's hard to explain. Just go with it. Okay back to the green eyed dude.

He shoots me a sympathetic look and I return it and I gaze back to the box that my great uncle lies in.

My mother puts her hand on my shoulder and I sigh.


After the burial people start chatting and saying there sorry for the loss and blah blah.

I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn around only to bump into whoever it is.

I look up and see the revers skunk haired guy with green eyes.

"I'm sorry for bumping into you." I say putting a piece of my purple hair behind my ear. It's goes from purple to torques and I love it.

"It's okay. I wanted to meet you. I'm Michael." He says and I glance around.

"Well. Um I'm Ariella." I say meeting his eyes again and he smiles.

"So Ariella, what relations do you have with Felix?" He asks shoving his hands in his black dress pants.

"He's my great uncle." I tell him and he furrows his eyebrows.

"How old are you?" He asks and I raise an eyebrow.

"You do know we're related right?" I say and his eyes go wide and I laugh.

"Well- yeah. I was- it's just- never mind. I just wanted to know how old you are. I know we're related." He says scratching the back of his neck.

"Idiot," I say under my breath. "I'm 18. Just turned actually. You?" I say and he runs a hand through his hair.

"Well. I'm 18 also. I'll be 19 in November." He says and I smile.

"Well. Let's keep in touch cause I didn't even know who you were till now." He says and I nod my head with a smile.

I take out my phone from my pocket and hand it to him, unlocking it first and he types some stuff in and then hands it back to me.

I take it and he reaches in his pocket and shows me a text from an unknown number (has to be mine) on his screen.

"Ariella, we must go now." My mom says as she puts her hand on my arm.

"Mom this is-" He cuts me off.

"Michael Clifford." He says reaching out and shaking her hand.

"I've heard of you Michael." Mom says giving a small smile.

"All good things I hope." I laugh. "No seriously, I really hope there good things that people are saying about me."

"They are don't worry Michael." Mom says laughing afterwords.

"Okay good. Almost had a heart attack there." Michael says rubbing his hands together.

My mom sighs. "Right. Well we really have to go now."

I nod my head and give Michael one last glance and follow my mom to our car with my aunt.

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