One door closes another one unlocks and opens.....

You never know what's waiting for you on the other side.....


2. The Book

Okay so thanks to everyone who's reading this and all that snazzy stuff.

I know I took forever to update this and all that crap but I've been working on Voices and Colours.

Hell I'm even working on a new chapter for Irwin at the moment.

Anywho. Again I'm sorry it took forever to update this.

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I'm a very lame person aha anyway, here's the chapter and sorry it's short.

~ Abbigail :)

I lay awake thinking of the days events. Nothing much but it's just something that happens.

Even if you don't want to think about it, it's what comes to your mind.

It's like a broken record on repeat. Won't stop.

I groan as I relies I'm not getting any sleep tonight.

I sit up and rub my eyes before puffing my cheeks, blowing air out.

I glance at my door, making sure that no ones awake and I crawl out of my bed and over to my bookshelf.

I run my fingers over the spines I my old books and stop when I get to TFIOS and pull it out a little.

I turn around when I hear a click and I walk over to my picture of my best friend, Gwen.

I smile at the picture, that's the last picture I've got of her.

I shake my head and blink back tears that want to fall.

I pull the picture away and I smile at the book behind it.

I take it out and brush the dust off of it. I slowly walk back over to my bed and plop down on it.

This book. No one knows that I've got it. Or what it is for that matter.

And if they know what it is, they would try to get it.

Like I said before, I'm not normal.

I grab my candle from my bedside table, blowing on it so it lights up. I place it beside me.

That's only one of the small things I can do. And one of the only things I know how to do.

I don't get much time to practice anything knew with my mom on my back most of the time about my life and school.

I can do things that no one else can.... Things people would fear, test me on.

My mother doesn't even know anything.

I'm basically immortal, but not at the same time.

I age, but I won't die for a thousand years or more. Unless someone kills me.

I shake that thought off and open the book.

To a normal person it's all random letters in a random order, all the words are mixed up and such.

Only my kind can understand it. It only makes sense to me, my kind, my people.

I watch as it starts to make sense to me, the letters move so I can read it.

This book has all the Light magic spells, the ones that bring good to the world. Peace, love and happiness.

But it's also holds all the Darkest spells, the ones that everything and everyone fears.

In the wrong hands, the world could be destroyed or worse.

I know what your thinking. What could be worse then that?

Well how about torture? Slavery? Rape?

The world as we know it could be turned upside down and people you know and love could die in the snap of a finger.

Yeah it's bad.

Really bad.

But the Lights there to.

You just can't let the Darkness win.

It's a constant battle between good and evil, night and day.

Light and Darkness.

And one day someone's gonna lose while the other wins.

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