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5. "For the 16th time-"

Hello people!!

Okay so sorry that this update took forever.

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So it's the weekend thank god.

And my little cousin jumped on me to wake me up this morning. She's 3.

And adorable. I'm her abby. My mom always teases her saying that I'm hers but then Piper (cousin) says "no stop. She's mine."

I had to go to the washroom this morning and not even a second later Piper was knocking on the door trying to get in. Thankfully I was done and washing my hands.

She went out before me and yelled at her brother "That's Abby's spot, get out!"

She's very mouthing for a three year old.

Right now we're watching Team Umizoomie or something like that and she's singing along to the song on it.


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Ariella's POV

"Do I have to move in with him, I mean, can't he move out or live on the streets or he can live in the sewer for all I care." I say as I try to zip up my bag as my friend Alex leans against my door frame.

"Come on Air, I know you hate him but he's also my cousin." He says and I roll my eyes.

"Hey he's your second so you can still talk smack about him." I say pointing a finger at him and he chuckles.

"Right. Whatever you say. Just, give him a chance?" He says and narrow my eyes.

I open my mouth but he beats me to it, holding his hands up stepping towards me and I cross my arms. "I know he cheated but that also was a year ago."

I scoff. "Alex, honey," I place my hand on his arm with a sarcastic smile. "It's been over a year. Keep up."

He sighs. "Fine, fine," he falls back on my bed. "Sorry. I'll try harder next time to keep up with your ex. My apologies."

I grab my pillow and smack him in the face with it as he chuckles.

"Shut up dofus." I say grabbing my bag and leaving my room as Alex follows me, his blonde hair in a SnapBack and a striped shirt with black skinny jeans and converse.

I've known Alex my whole life, we grew up together. He stood up for me when people were making fun of my glasses in grade 3, we've been best friends ever sense.

He's also Calum's second cousin if you haven't figured that out yet.

"Here give me your bag you idiot." He takes me bag from me.

"Hey! That's mine!" I say, he sees me and picks up my bag and starts running away with it. "Dumbass give that to me, I need it!" I laugh as I run after him.

"Never!" He shouts running into the back yard, me sighing and chasing him.

I get to the back yard, noticing Alex is hiding and push my purple hair out of my face. "Where oh where could Alex Mason be?" I say putting my hand on my chin and stroke my imaginary beard.

I hear someone snort and I glance at the giant oak tree that I use to play in when I was little.

That was till I fell and broke my arm when I was 8....

I see Alex peek his head out and he quickly hides again when he sees me looking.

I slowly walk over and I put my hands over his eyes and say, "Guess who."

He grabs my hands and pulls me forward wrapping his arms around me.

"Um the creepy girl from the Grudge?" He says smirking at me. I roll my eyes.

"Close enough." I say and he chuckles.

"Well hello there." I hear a voice say and I groan as I see who it is.

"Hey Cal." Alex says smiling at Calum over my shoulder.

"Ugh what do you want? Don't I have to see your face enough Dumbo." I say and he chuckles.

"Wow good one Smartypants." He says rolling his eyes. He looks to Alex. "Didn't know you guys were still friends."

"Yeah well he's nice unlike you." I snap and Alex chuckles in my ear.

"Are you guys dating now or just sleeping together? You know, the whole 'no strings attached' thing, because that can't happen while I'm living with you Ariella." Calum says and I glare.

"Oh yes Calum," Alex says, squeezing me again. "We have hot, steamy sex all the time. Everywhere. You name it we've done it. The kitchen table, the tub, the couch, the chair, the trampoline, the basement, the attic, hell I think we even did it in her moms room." He says and I hid my mouth behind Alex's arm to muffle my laughter.

Calum rolls his eyes with a deep frown. "Ha ha. So funny." He says and throws us a bitter smile before it turns into a scowl. "C'mon Ariella, we've got go talk to random people about the house or some shit your mom was going on about." Calum says before walking away, hopefully to get hit by a bus.

Or a train. A train would be nice.

"I really, really hate him." I look up to Alex and he looks down at me sighing.

"Yeah I know you do." He tells me. I sigh and walk towards the front with Alex in tow.

I get to the front and I see Calum leaning against the car on his phone.

Typical guy.

He looks up and motions me to the car and I scoff walking back into my house. I go back up the stairs to my room and grab my extra bag full of stuff and I look around my room and sigh.

I really don't want to live with Calum. Anyone but that manwhore.

I go down the stairs and into the kitchen. Wonder what kind of food is at the house....

I go into the fridge grabbing out a bottle of Sprit and I grab out a bag of Gold Fish crackers. I leave the kitchen and head out closing the door behind me.

I throw my bag in the trunk of the black car and glance at my mom who's talking with Alex.

I walk over to them ignoring Calum's eyes.

I wrap my arm around my mom and she smiles at me. "Have fun, sweetheart. Just call me whenever."

I nod my head. "It's not gonna be fun when he's around." I motion to Calum who just rolls his eyes indicating that he heard me.

Well good.

I look at Alex and he grins.

"Don't give me that look. I'm coming to." He says before grabbing my arm and dragging me towards the black car.

Calum looks up confused as Alex pulls me into the back of the car, giggling like a squirrel on crack.

"Your so weird." I tell him laughing along with him.

Calum gets in the drivers side and turns to look at us. "Alex, I love you cousin. But what the hell are you doing?"

Alex grins shrugging. "Hanging with Ariella. Duh."

"Right. Hanging." He says as he drives out if our drive way.

"Calum's on his man period." I hear Alex giggle to me and he slaps his hand over my mouth to stop me from laughing.

Calum narrows his eyes at us but sighs turning up the music which just happens to be playing Small Things by Blink-182.

Nice song.

"Will you to stop giggling like 5 year olds. Thanks." Calum says pulling up to the house and parks.

Alex and me are out of the car in a flash, grabbing my bags and my stuff.

We rush into the house and I motion him to follow me up the stairs to my- er mine and Calum's room. Fuck it, he's gonna sleep on the couch.

"Don't have sex on the bed please and if you are, keep it down. Thanks bitch!" I hear Calum about from some place down stairs and roll my eyes while Alex turns on the tv.

We get comfy on the bed and he puts Netflix on.

"Ooh let's watch that!" I say before grabbing the remote and pressing play.

"Really? Haven't you seen this already, and if I remember correctly, which I do. You've seen this movie 15 times. This'll be the 16th time. Let's watch something else, yeah?" Alex says and I elbow him in the gut. "Fine, we'll watch it for the 16th time. Anything for you not to elbow me again."

I glare.

"What, you've got boney elbows. Hey I'm just saying the truth." I hit him making him chuckle.

"Shut the fuck up and press play." I tell him.

"Fine, fine. And please don't say every word like the last 14 times." He says his hands in a begging stance. I roll my eyes.

"You can't blame me. It's a great movie." I tell him. "And if they ever take it off Netflix I've got it on DVD so, either way we can watch it." I laugh as he throws his his head back groaning.

"Why must you put me through this torture?" He says throwing his hands up.

"Shut up moron, let's watch this movie in piece." I say hitting him again.

"For the 16th time-"

"God damn it yes, for the 16th time now get over it." I say laughing while he just throws his are around me. "Now shut up, its starting."

"Late in the winter of my seventeenth year, my mother decided I was depressed."

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