One door closes another one unlocks and opens.....

You never know what's waiting for you on the other side.....


3. Big White Doors.

Ariella's POV

"Honey time to get up, we have to talk." My mom shakes me and I groan.

"Five more minutes." I say snuggling back into my blankets and pillows.

She sighs. "Now Ariella." She says before leaving me alone.

"Ugh." I groan as I sit up and blink, letting my eyes adjust to the sudden light.

I look and see the books gone and my heart starts picking up its pace.

Oh shit where'd it go?!

I start flinging my pillows and blankets all over the place and I bite my lip as I jump out of bed and look around my bed.

I get on my hands and knees and search under the mattress and I sigh in relief as I see it's under my bed.

I grab it out and hold it to my chest closing my eyes.

That was to close for comfort.

I get up and put it back in the wall.

"Ariella you better be up!" I hear my mom yell and I roll my eyes.

I grab a random pair of grey sweat pants and a black tight long sleeve and I put two socks on and I throw my messy hair into a big messy colourful bun.

I yawn as I slowly make my way down the stairs and I see my mom on the couch talking to someone.

Mom turns and smiles when she hears me. "There you are. Come over here." She says motioning me over.

I rub my eyes and yawn again. "I'm tired why'd you wake me up?" I complain sitting down beside her.

The lady chuckles. "My son said the same thing." I nod my head acting like I care when really I couldn't give a rats ass about it.

"You met my son I think." She says getting my attention again.

"Huh?" I say like the bright person I am.

She smiles softly. "My son. You've met him before."

"Who are you again?" I ask confused and I cringe as my mom hits me without the random lady seeing.

I hit her back.

"I'm Karen." She says and I nod my head.

Yeah that tells me absolutely nothing.

"Your son?" My mom says going back to the previous topic.

"Oh right. My son, Michael." She says and it all clicks into place.

Ah the colourful dude.

"Okay yeah I know who your talking about. Yeah I met him. Once." I say and she chuckles.

"Well I'm here because of the will Felix left." She says and I tilt my head to the side.

What does this have to do with me? I met the guy like, five times my whole life and I was only little when they happened.

I barely remember anything.

"Well, Ariella. My dear, you get his house. I might as well go right to the point." She says and I raise my eyebrows.


His house?

What's it look like?

"You can move in whenever. You don't have to worry about the bills and crap like that it's all taken care of." She says and I break out into a giant grin.

"Yes!" I say jumping up and down. "Can we go see the house now?"

"Actually we were just gonna go check it out. That's another reason why I woke you up." Mom says crossing her arms and I scoff but can't help but smile.

I rush over to the door and slip my shoes on but run back up the stairs grabbing my phone and headphones then running back down stairs to see both of them in the car already.

I hop in and we drive to where ever the hell this house is.

I put my headphones in and close my eyes and lean my head against the window.

After an hour or so the car comes to a stop and I open my eyes and I gape at the sight before me.

This house is awesome! It's huge.

I step out and stare at the house with a wide grin.

"This it?" I ask my eyes never leaving the beautiful house in front of me.

"Yep." She says and I jump up and down.

Holy shit this is amazing.

I run up the stairs and open the big white door and bite my lip.

This is fucking huge and awesome.

"Ariella there's just one catch though....." I hear Karen say behind me.

I open my mouth to ask what but I get cut off.

"Wel, well, well. If it isn't my house mate." A voice says and I squeeze my eyes shut.

No please don't let it be who I think it is.

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