One door closes another one unlocks and opens.....

You never know what's waiting for you on the other side.....


4. Bafoon.

Okay so people have been wondering who she's living with..... Everyone's saying it's Michael.....

Well I'm not saying it is or isn't. You just gotta read and find out.

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I love you guys!

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Ariella's POV

I turn around with a scowl on my face. His arms are crossed as he leans against the wall as he smirks.

You have to be kidding me.....

"Ariella." He says and I mimic him.

"Calum." I say narrowing my eyes at the kiwi moron.

"Calum. It's been a while." I hear my mom say from behind me.

I turn to look at her and glare. She shoots me a look that says sorry but I ignore it and turn back to Calum.

"Please tell me that your just leaving." I say and his smirk grows as he walks closer to me.

"We'll be out by the car." I hear mom say before I hear the door shut.

"Awe baby you know you want me to stay." He says trailing his finger down my cheek making me grimace and smack his hand away.

"Stop touching me asswipe." I snap and he rolls his eyes as I walk away more into the house.

"Get use to it love." He says and I fake gag.

"Never gonna happen." I say as I walk into the kitchen. "Wow." I breath out.

"I know. It's amazing." He says walking up behind me.

"So how did you end up with this house?" I ask as I walk down the hall and up a flight of stairs.

He follows behind me. "Close family friend. You?"

"Uncle." I say as I open a door and gap at the huge room before me.

It's the bedroom and the king sized bed is all white like fresh snow, about 7 pillows. A flat screen on the wall and I walk over to another door and find the walk in closet.

"Holy fuck." I blurt out as I walk in it and sigh. It's bigger then my room I've got now at my moms.

"That's not all babe." Calum grabs my arm and pulls me out of the closet, I yank my arm away from him and I see him roll his eyes.

I follow him and he opens another door and I gasp.

The washroom is huge. It's got a giant shower and huge bathtub. It's amazing.

I turn to Calum. "So where you going to sleep? Outside I hope." I say crossing my arms as he chuckles.

"Always had a sense of humour," he says and I roll my eyes groaning as I walk away. "That's one of the things I love about you."

"Whatever Calum." I mutter as I walk into the living room and I nod my head. Gotta admit, he's got good taste. Okay had.

"It's amazing." I say as I flop down on the black couch.

Calum sits beside me, throwing his arm on the back of the couch. "Know what else is amazing?"

"Dare I ask?" I say looking over to him.

He grins. "Oh you'll like the answer."


He leans in close to my face with a big grin on his face. "You."

I put my hand on his face and push him away. "Don't even." I say chuckling.

He pouts. "Don't what? I'm just saying the truth."

I give him a look of disbelief. "Your not gonna fool me Calum."

"What, I'm not doing anything." He say putting his hands up and I roll my eyes getting up again and walking back outside.

"Please tell me I'm not living with that bafoon." I say to my mom as I walk outside crossing my arms.

She walks up to me. "I'm sorry hun, I can't really ask Felix to change it now." She says putting her hands on my arms.

"Right. Of cores. This is great. I get to live with a manwhore." I say sarcastically with a sigh.

"Ouch. And to think that was suppose to hurt." The most annoying voice says from behind me.

I turn and glare at him. "Your a pain in the ass. Hope you get hit by a bus." I say getting back into the car so I can go home and get the crap I'll need to survive living with this idiot.

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