There was a moment of silence before he said

"I never said I was a good prince, or a good person, did I?"


1. Waiting till you're 18

I look outside of the jet.

Does it really have to come to this?

I get that the McGill's are in dept. with the Irwin's but this bad?

It's insane.

Let me explain.

My name is Alexandria McGill

Princess, Alexandria McGill.


Apparently Prince Ashton Irwin decided to marry me, and apparently this was made several years ago. Like this is the 21st century people can't I marry who I want?

Everybody says that this is a huge honor. He is apparently really hot, but over powering. According to my mother I must do whatever he wishes. When ever he wishes.

Like for example. The dress I am wearing. Navy blue, ends a little above the knee and looks hella hot, may I add. The black stilettos and my makeup, all requested by him. We are landing in Australia shortly and I don't know what to think.


I walk off the plane and touch the ground. My tiara was placed on my head and I am greeted

"Ahh Princess Alexandria welcome to the Irwin castle." A rather young servant says.

"Thank you. What is your name?" I ask.

"Luke Hemmings. I am the Prince's 'right hand man' as you would say. He apologizes for not being here to greet you but says he will make up for it." Luke says. He looks away from me and says slightly loud. "Calum!" Shortly after another young male comes up to me and says to Luke

"Yes Luke."

"Do take the Princess to her temporary room." Luke says emphasizing 'temporary.' Calum nods and starts to escort me.

"So are there any other people around my age working here?" I ask.

"I wouldn't call it working. We're not in tuxes like those guys." Calum says pointing what I am assuming are the other servants.

"Then what are you?" I ask. Noticing that Calum and Luke were in regular clothes.

"Friends. Well, lower class friends." Calum says and a boy about the age of ten comes up to me.

"Are you the princess? You're a lot pretty then you are in the pictures- Hey sis! Come look at her she's really pretty- oh I'm Harry by the way." The boy says and I laugh a bit. Soon a girl about 13/14 comes in and looks at me.

"Wow you are pretty. I hope I can be like you some day. I've heard a lot about you. You see like a really cool girl. I hope we can hang out some time. Oh I'm Lauren." She says sticking her hand out for me to shake.

"Hello Princess Lauren, Prince Harry. I'm Princess Alexandria."  I say with a smile.

"You can just call me Lauren and just call him Harry." Lauren says. I smile.

"You guys want to call me something cool?" I ask thinking of my childhood nickname I was given by my servant friends.

"Yes!" They both say together.

"Okay. Just call me Alex." I say and they both smile. "Now that's our little secret okay. Only you two can call me that. Nobody else, you guys are my special friends." I say and Harry beams a huge smile. Surprising my for Lauren's age she seems slightly excited.

"The princess needs to go now." Calum says and the two kids wave.

"Who are they?" I ask.

"The prince's younger siblings." Calum states.

"How old his he?" I ask.

"Twenty. And you are almost eighteen." He says.

"Okay then." I say.

"This is your room. Don't get comfy. Ash- I mean the prince said he might move you." Calum says.

"Alright." I say as I walk in to the room. It's amazing. They way I've always wanted it. After moving something's around to make my room the way I really want it to look there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" I say and someone opens the door.

"The prince would like to see you in the rose garden." The voice says. I fix my hair and make up and open the door.

"Tiara or no tiara?" I ask Luke.

"No tiara." He says.
"Thank God." I say placing it on the dresser. "I hate that thing with a passion."

"Royalty problems." Luke says with a laugh.

"Whatever. So when do I have to marry the prince?" I ask.

"Well your birthday is in a week so, two weeks? The invitations were sent out the day the Irwin's told your family. Well the day that the Irwin's told your family to tell you." Luke says.

"Damn why so quickly?" I ask.

"You are one foul mouthed princess aren't you?" Luke says with a chuckle.

"Oops. Sorry. Haven't had to be really lady like in a while. You didn't answer my question." I say.

"His father is dead." Luke says. "Prince Ashton is waiting over there. Good bye." Luke walks me out then turns around and leaves. I walk on the stone the direction that Luke pointed. I see a person standing in a suit.

"Alexandria." He says.

"Prince." I say as I walk over to the body. He had his arms open in greeting.

"This is late notice. I apologize for not telling you in advance so I thought I should give you your engagement ring now." He says with a slight smile as he bends down on one knee.

"I can't really ask you the question but this is the proper way of presenting the ring so here it is." He opens up the black velvet box and there is a beautiful silver band with one main diamond in the shape of a heart then various diamonds through out the ring.

"You can pick a ring." I say as Ashton slides the ring on my finger.

"So we think the wedding will take place here. And we shall be married there." He points to a gazebo with roses all around it.

"It's not really a thought is it?" I ask turning my head to him.

"Excuse me?" He says turning on his heal to face me.

"Well it's not a thought if you say we shall be married there." I say.

"Right." He says then turns around. Soon we come under a huge tree that is just begging for a kid to climb on. Ashton sits on a bench underneath it and signals for me to sit by him.

"You look lovely in that dress." He says looking up and down my body.

"Glad it looks good because its not that comfortable." I say.

"Rule number one. Don't snap at me." He says.

"Right prince." I say.

"Call me Ashton. Prince is to formal. Don't you think Alexandria?" He says.

"Right." I say. Cause Alexandria isn't?

"When I was younger. I used to climb around and up this tree. It was quite a thrill. Luke, Calum and Mich-" he cuts off at a name.

"I'm sorry who?" I ask.

"Nobody." He says. Oh it's somebody. The way he looks. Looks like he was a close friend.

"Mother would have to yell at me to come down for supper." Damn so proper here.


I hate it.


"Seems like a great memory." I say.

"Have you met Lauren and Harry? They seem quite fascinated with you." Ashton says.

"Yes I did actually." I say.

"Good. Because they have been bugging me for weeks about you." He says and he smiles a bit showing me his dimples. I lightly smile too. He's a cutie.

"So Ashton how old are you?" I ask.

"Twenty." He says.

"And you're marrying a seventeen year old?" I say.

"No. I'm just waiting till you're eighteen." He says. (Heh se what I did there)

"Which is next week." I mumble.

"Indeed. Now Alexandria I am going to go now. See you at supper." Ashton gets up and walks away. Who is that boy that Ashton cut off? What happened? I get up and chase Ashton down best I could.

"Sorry but can I change?" I ask.

"I will have someone bring you a new outfit. Now good bye for now." Ashton says and I sigh heavily. I can't figure him out. I feel like the proper gentleman thing is all an act.

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