There was a moment of silence before he said

"I never said I was a good prince, or a good person, did I?"


2. Smile

I wake up to someone shaking my bed, more of jumping on it.

"Alex! Wake up!" I push myself up on the bed.

"What?" I say rubbing my eyes.

"You're getting married today!" I really open my eyes and see an excited Lauren. Shit that's today whoops. I just swore. Sorry not sorry.

"Right!" I say.


I look in the mirror and I glance at my mom who was fixing my hair. My parents arrived last night when I was sleeping.

"You look amazing." She says as she places my tiara on my head.

"Thanks." I say with a smile turning to her.

"We're sorry that you have to marry at such a young age and that it's not right to pre-arrange marriages anymore." My mom says.

"It's fine." I say flat.

"Just. Be the princess you were meant to be for me. Today, tomorrow and forever." She says looking at me.

"I promise." I say and I lock my pinky with hers.

"You ready princess?" Someone asks. I look at the dress. It was like a white prom dress. Like a princess, a gown.

"As I'll ever be." I say and grab the white and black dyed flowers. I see my dad, the king, and he smiles at me and says

"You look so beautiful princess." It was his nickname for me. Granted I am an actual princess but I'm daddy's little girl I guess, I'm his princess. Or was. "You're not my little princess anymore. You are Ashton's not mine." My dad tears up a bit and I take one of my manicured finger nails and wipe it away. I walk down the isle and smile we reach the end and Ashton actually looks good. Luke was his best man and my friend Haliey is my maid of honor.

"Take care of my princess." My dad says to Ashton.

"I will try." He says as my dad lets go. He tries to take me back realizing his mistake, but he was to late, Ashton already took me away from him.


"Do you Alexandria Antoinette McGill take Ashton Irwin to be your husband?"
Do I? I have to.

"I do." I guess. I have to convince them I love him.

"And do you Ashton Fletcher Irwin take Alexandria McGill to be your wife?"

"I do."

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."
Ashton smirks and leans in to kiss me.

"First time for everything." He mumbles and kisses me. Creating a fake deep kiss he leans over me and pulls back. We kinda dance down the isle and half way down he picks me up and spins me around. I'm not sure if this is an act or not. But I like it. Rumor has it that he can be ruff to be around. And that he killed or watched one of his friends get killed. All I know is that I must do whatever he says. He puts me down and I start to wander over to my friends.

"What are you doing?" He asks walking over to me.

"Um visiting guests?" I say.

"Yeah. No. You see you and I? Is a we now. Either we are seeing guests or we are going to be alone together. Got it?" He states. Yep you can tell he's been through a lot.

"Um. Okay." I say and he takes my hand and says

"Smile. You look even prettier when you do."

The actual fuck just happened?

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