There was a moment of silence before he said

"I never said I was a good prince, or a good person, did I?"


6. "Princess"

"Bye Jess!" I shout as Jessica had to leave.

"You're such an idiot." Ashton says to me as we walk into the hotel. It was mid-day and I was honestly tired as fuck due to the lack of sleep that I had last night. You know why. Anyways, we walk into the elevator and Ashton swipes the key.

"Why do you say that I am an idiot?" I ask looking at him.

"Because you are." He say leaning on the wall.

"Wow, not even a 'you're my idiot?' or something." I say with a small laugh.

"Nah. You're just a pure idiot. You know today was supposed to be the day that we are all lovey and shit but that has to be tomorrow now because of your friend." Ashton sighs as we get off of the elevator.

"Well to be honest I think she bought it." I say with a shrug.

"Yeah whatever. We are going to the beach tomorrow, wear the black bikini." Ashton says sitting on the couch. I walk up the stairs and on to the balcony and I sit in a lounge chair and watch the palm trees sway. It's so beautiful here, breath taking really. I sit and I watch the people though the glass of the balcony and fall asleep, on accident.

"Get up bitch." I hear someone mumble in my ear. I roll over and see Ashton smiling and I look and see that it is getting dark out.

"The fuck, I was sleeping." I say.

"And now you're not. Put the bikini on, you can wear the red one tomorrow." He says standing up from his squatting position. "And I did kiss you before you woke up by the way, so there." He walks into the bedroom and I push myself up from the chair. It was one of those padded comfortable chairs, easy to sleep in.

"Why am I putting on a swimsuit at 8pm?" I ask.

"Because, we are going for a late night swim, I have a friend down here too. He said we can use his pool." Ashton says throwing me the swimsuit.

"Thanks." I mumble. "Use his pool for what?" I ask.

"You know everyone in the world knows that we are married and are on our honeymoon, so why not spice things up a bit in the media." Ashton says with a smirk.

"If you are suggesting that we fuck in a pool you got another thing coming." I say walking into the bathroom. I was about to close the door when Ashton sticks his foot in and opens it so I can see him.

"It's not a suggestion sweetie, it's an order." He says and moves out of the door way and closes the door. I shiver slightly and put on the bikini. Honestly glad that the day before the wedding I was forced, you heard me, forced to get a Brazilian wax. That shit was painful. I sigh and put on my bikini. Ashton knows that this isn't good for both of us. Everyone already knows that he was a womanizer, well, everyone that is royalty. I push the door open and go into my suitcase and Ashton says,

"Wear something easy to take off."

"In your dreams bitch." I say and he comes up behind me and says

"Listen here bitch, your family promised mine that you would do whatever the fuck I say. So if that means that we fuck on the beach as everyone watches, we fuck on a beach. Got that, bitch?" He says. I nod. All of you girls who think he is a hot ass sweet heart who cares for anyone, he isn't. He is a hot ass douchebag. Ashton pushes me out of the way and hands me a pair of the shortest jean shorts I have ever seen and a see-through-ish white crop top that says "Tune out the static sound of the city that never sleeps."

"What am I a slut?" I ask putting on the clothes.

"Tonight, you are a drunk hot slut." Ashton says as we walk downstairs.

"Let me guess, it's a party at your friends house." I say.

"Oh babe you know it." He says. "The perfect place to have drunken pool sex with the two people buzzing in social media." I can tell he is smirking though the slight reflection of the glass. My hair was at it's naturally curly state and my make up was bold. You could tell we were going to a party, the thing that young couples do. Drinking, fucking and underage drinking.

"You know that we aren't legal in the states to drink." I say.

"My dear, we say we forgot." He says. Poor guy has never left Australia. I, a smaller princess have not either. The only reason people know of me is because so many younger males think that I am a "hot as fuck girl, and I should be there sex princess." Yes, I have seen their tweets to me. We reach the lobby and walk out of the elevator and out into the car waiting for us.

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