There was a moment of silence before he said

"I never said I was a good prince, or a good person, did I?"


3. Kiss Me Already

I walk into the black car that has Ashton in the drivers seat.

"You know the act would look better if you held the door open." I say. As I buckle my seat belt.

"Whatever. Ready princess?" He says as he fixes the review mirror.

"Yeah. Where are we going anyway?" I ask.

"It's our honeymoon sweetheart." He says the sweetheart part sarcastically.

"In my fucking wedding dress. I think not." I say accidentally swearing.

"Weren't you told princesses don't swear?" He says as we start down the driveway.

"Yes. But do you really think I care?" I say.

"We are stopping at a gas station to change." He says as he checks the road for cars before we exit the driveway.

"Wow. Such royalty. Wait! I don't have clothes!" I say.

"Don't worry. Your mom, my mom and I packed it for you." He says with a wink.

"Oh dear God." I say.

We arrive at the gas station and we walk out. Ashton hands me some clothes as we walk in.

"Prince and princess! What are you doing here just after your wedding?" The over excited clerk says and Ashton gives me the 'say nothing' look. Well more of glare but whatever. I walk into the bathroom and put on the black skinny jeans, white long sleeve crop top and leather jacket. I feel like my mom picked this out. I put on the vans with the outfit. Yeah she pick this out. I try to brush through my hair and I walk out holding the dress in my arm.

"Your mom picked that out." Ashton says as he was using a reflective sign as a mirror to try to fix his hair.

"Let me help. We might look in love." I say and he sighs and turns to me.

"Outside. Look." He says pointing at the paparazzi. "Help me outside with it." I nod and we walk out the cameras flash as we walk to the car. Ashton puts the clothes away and closes the trunk.

"Ashton sweetie your hair is messed up, let me fix it." I say and he looks me in the eyes and says

"Okay." The paparazzi aww's and I run my fingers through is hair moving my face dangerously close to his due to the fact that I am shorter than him. I ruffle my hands through his hair when I was done he mumbles.

"Kiss me already." And pulls me to his lips. This one I'm not sure if it is real or not. I pull away and look him in the eyes and peck his lips before getting into the car. I couldn't make it look like I didn't want to kiss him. Ashton comes in the car shifts around then puts on his seat belt. He had on a brown shirt and black ripped skinny jeans.

"Your outfit is so prince like." I say and smirk as he starts the car. There was a moment of silence before he said


"I never said I was a good prince. Or a good person did I?" We leave the parking lot as I gulp not sure of how to answer that.

"Oh." Was all I could say. Maybe it was true what he had been through.

Maybe I'll never know.

Maybe I'll find out all too soon.

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