There was a moment of silence before he said

"I never said I was a good prince, or a good person, did I?"


5. Honeymoon part 2 and friend

"Ashton." I groan.

"Hm." He mumbles on to my bare back and I say

"What time is it?"

"12:30 now shut up." He says.

"Bye." I say and get up to take a shower.

"Where are you going babe?" He asks pulling back on to the bed.

"A shower." I say.

"Don't bring in clothes." He mumbles.

"Um. Pervert much?" I say.

"Well I could shower with you." He says.

"Pervert much?" I say again.

"Babe. We just fucked. Now is not the time to be insecure." He says.

"Fine." I groan as I push off the bed again and walk to the shower. I heard the bed springs shift assuming Ashton was going back to sleep so I kept walking. Suddenly I felt two arms wrapped around me.

"You know you look so sexy right now." Ashton says in my ear.

"Good to know." I say and I start to pry is arms off of me.

"You know most girls would kill to be in your position right now." Ashton says walking away from me.

"Yeah forcefully marrying Ashton Irwin then forgetting to put a robe on after sex and all they want to do is shower." I say. "Yeah it's the life." I roll my eyes am go into the bathroom and lock the door.


I sight as I tighten the towel around me. I already blow dried my hair and I curled it. I walk out of the bathroom and Ashton is already dressed in ripped skinny jeans and a black tank top.

"Alright ass hole what you want?" I say.

"Clothes are on the chair." He says pointing to the large chair, almost like a therapy bench. I grab the clothes and walk back into the bathroom. I put on light high waisted jean shorts and the black crop top. I fix my hair and put on my make up. Foundation, light brown eyeshadow, black winging eyeliner and black eyeshadow. I straighten out after leaning over the counter doing my makeup for what feels like half an hour. I walk out and go to my suitcase. I find a pair of black combat boots and start putting them on.

"Damn." I hear someone groan. I roll my eyes and walk down the stairs. Where did Ashton put that remote down. I find it and press the button. Immediately the place started to get brighter. I smile and look out the window.

"You know I like it better like this." I say with a smile.

"Why? Because people can see us so we have to be 'in love'." Ashton rolled his eyes at the love part.

"Sure whatever. What we doing here today?" I say.

"Want to walk on the beach?" He asks. I nod and walk to the elevator. Ashton follows me with a newly placed green beanie on and swipes the card. I look out the side again and sigh.

"Isn't it beautiful out here?" I say.

"Sure babe." He says and the door opens. He grabs my hand and walks to the front desk.

"Can we have room service to our room? We need a fresh set of sheets." He says with a wink. Causing the woman behind the desk to cringe in disgust. Then she nodded and grabbed the phone. Ashton nodded his head and we walked out of the hotel. Then my for the first time in a month my cell phone rang. Ashton looked at me and I shrugged it off to walk under a palm tree. I answer my phone.

"Hello?" I say.

"Hello Alex." I hear the person on the other side of the phone.

"Oh my God Jess?" I say getting excited.

"That's right babe." She says.

"Oh my dear its been so long. Since you left the castle and got that boyfriend." I say.

"Yeah." She says.

"So why are you calling?" I ask.

"Because according to this magazine you're in Hawaii." She says.

"Yeah with Ashton." I say.

"Yes with your new husband. Say how about we meet up." She says.

"Yeah where?" I ask.

"How about your hotel?" She says.

"Um okay. Do you have your boyfriend with you?" I ask.

"My darling I'm single." She says with a laugh.

"Oh. Okay. So what time?" I ask.

"Look straight ahead." She says and I do and I see a girl wave. I hang up and run up to her.

"Oh my God, Jess!" I shout as I hug her.

"Alex!" She shouts back at me.

"Wait." I say.

"Yes." She says.

"It's Alexandria now." I say. She rolls her eyes saying.

"Whatever Alex."

"Hey babe who's this?" Ashton says putting on that 'prince charming' act.

"This is one of my old serv- friends. My old friend." I say.

"Pleasure to meet you I'm Ashton." He said putting his hand out for Jessica to shake. She stared at it and I whispered to her.

"He's gonna ask if your royal or rich next." She smirks and shakes his hand.

"Jessica." She says.

"Lovely name." He says leaning away from the shake. "Are you one of us?" He adds

"And the penny drops." I say.

"Oh. No I'm not." She smirks and I laugh.

"Well Ashton." I say.

"Oh. Okay." He says looking at me.

"Sorry babe. I know that Luke and Calum are your friends so." I say sassing him.

"Darling we will discuss this later." He mumbles under his breath.

"Jess you look nice today." I say. She had on white high waisted shorts, black tee shirt tucked in and a black fedora.

"Thanks." She says. Looking at her black converse high tops.

"And I love your hair this color and length." I say looking at it. She smiles. "It's hard to believe your the same girl who left the castle." I mumble.

"Thanks babe. Lets get ice cream shall we?" She asks.

"We shall." I say and the two of us link arms.

"Skip!" She yells and we start skipping.

"Ashton join." I say.

"It's not very prince-ss" he pauses between the last at the 'ss' creating the fact he means prince and princess.

"Ashton do I need to repeat what you said in the car." I say and he links arms with me and glares at me.

"Skip away!" Jessica yells

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