There was a moment of silence before he said

"I never said I was a good prince, or a good person, did I?"


4. Honeymoon part 1

Warning there is sex in this chapter

At some point I fell asleep because we were now at an airport.

"Oi. Sugartits wake up." I hear Ashton say as he was fixing his hair.

"Oh the beautiful nicknames you give me prince rat face." I say. "We're just the cover couple aren't we."

"That's what the public needs to think. Get out." I do as told and walk back to the trunk and we get our things. Ashton hands me a bag that I'm going to assume is mine.

"Aw ain't that adorable. Matching his and her luggage." I say.

"I do what I can." He says and he pecks my lips. That means there is cameras somewhere. I look over to a rather large bush and see a camera lens. Ashton grabs my hand saying "Pretend we're madly in love. Now laugh." I burst out laughing and Ashton does too.

"That was the best! And when you fell down almost breaking your arm." I say. I don't know just I don't know.

"Yeah." He chuckled and leans to my ear Brushing his lips to my ear.

"You suck at this." He whispered and I shiver. Ashton opens the door and walks in after me. We were directed to the Irwin jet and our luggage was checked and we go on, not with out waving to Ashton's admirers. I'm not gonna lie he is a really hot prince. And there hasn't been a hot prince in a while, and I'm married to that douchebag. We sit down and I'm so tired I just pass out.


"Oi, wake up loser." I hear Ashton say. I was sprawled across a sort of couch thing on the jet.

"What do you want?" I ask immediately regretting saying that he answers

"You." I roll my eyes and try falling back asleep but Ashton was talking so I put in my earbuds and was out again.


"WELCOME TO A NEW KIND OF TENSION-" is what I woke up to. Causing me to fall off of the kind of couch. Ashton had my phone in is hand and was laughing.

"Dumbass." I say as I grab my phone from him.

"We're here princess." He says and rolls his eyes at the word princess.

"Thanks." I say and I get up and he says

"Smile. Or you will be punished even more tonight." He says through his teeth

"What did I do?" I ask.

"You just suck at acting and -" he just smirks and we walk out of the plane. I immediately smile and suddenly Ashton and I become that cover couple that every girl dreams about. Ashton becomes polite, and smiles so big you see his dimples and his laugh is adorable.

"Where even are we?" I ask as I look around the place.

"Hawaii." He says with a smile as he locks his hand in mine.

"That's so cool." I say and we walk. The two of us actually walk together and have a normal conversation.

"His is our hotel." He say as he turns me around and puts and arm on my waist pulling me closer. Maybe this will be an okay honeymoon-ish thing.

"It's beautiful." I say and he takes my hand again leading me inside. This hotel is very clearly 5 stars.

"Mr. And Mrs. Irwin welcome." A lady says as she places flower necklaces around us. I don't remember the actual term but they are beautiful.

"Thank you." I say smiling.

"Kian will direct you two love birds to your room." She says and a man comes up and hands Ashton the key cards and some other things. Tells him the directions and then leaves.

"Come with me darling." He says whispering into my ear. He pulls away and I feel the ghost of his lips on my ear. He grabs my hand and pulls me to six elevators. Five were on one wall one was on the other. Ashton goes and presses the button for the single elevator and the door opens. The inside is strange.

There are no buttons. Only a key card swipe. Ashton swipes the card as the doors close and I look out the side of the elevator to watch though the glass the beach shrink as we rise. Ashton put his arms on my waist and chin on my shoulders.

"It's so beautiful here." I say.

"I know." He kisses my jaw and the elevator dings. I look over and the doors open to a hotel room. Inside there was that Kian fellow.

"Welcome to the penthouse honeymoon suite." He says with his arms making a grand gesture to show the huge space. It had glass all over. You could see the blue water and the people. The room had two stories and was extremely open. I love it.

"Enjoy your honeymoon." Kian says the leaves Ashton and I alone. I run up the stairs and go into the bedroom. Which is basically the upstairs. I go on the balcony and there I take a deep breath and let it out. There was I light breeze as I heard the door open. I saw the palm trees sway.

"Come inside darling." I hear Ashton say. The word darling sounds so weird with his voice. I walk downstairs and I see Ashton holding a remote in his hands.

"This place is so beautiful." I say.

"Right. Did you really think I would let everyone see us all the time?" He asks me.

"Um no?" I say now curious of what he is doing.

"This is my favorite feature of this room." Ashton says and he shows me the remote that has one button on it and he presses it and immediately thick black curtains cover the living room.

"Oh." I say getting up from my place on the stairs. I quickly walk up the steps and back on to the balcony. I look down at the couples taking pictures. People wave at me and I wave back. Out of nowhere a pair of arms wrap around my waist.

"Oh darling, you can't get way from my plans that easy. After all, this is a honeymoon." Ashton says with his chin on my neck. The position isn't what it was about twenty minutes ago. And I was sure that he wouldn't be the ass I've come to know. Ashton starts kissing my neck and I just say


"Tell me, what is usually done on honeymoons." He says in between kisses. He is now starting to suck my skin to leave his mark on me.

"T-they um-" I start to moan a bit and I catch myself.

"And who am I to break tradition?" He says. And I am pulled inside the dark room. Ashton closes the door and claps his hands and a dim, slightly romantic lighting comes on. Ashton had me pressed against a hard actual wall with his body and I could feel his erection on my thigh.

"Please Ashton. Y-you don't have to do this." I say.

"Who am I to break tradition." He says again and this time instead of my neck he kisses my lips and it's a rough kiss. And it continues and the sound that fills the room is the sound of the kiss and the deep breaths we're both making. I'm not sure how else to describe it really. Ashton puts a hand over my clit though my jeans and causes me to gasp. He takes this opportunity to slide his tongue into my mouth. I'm not going to lie this might be some very hot sex.

"Fuck" Ashton mutters keep as he moves his fingers up to my shirt and he takes it off of me.

"Shit" I mumble back giving up. I will fuck this guy now. I take off his shirt as he moves us toward the big ass bed. He starts to take off my jeans and throws them across the room. I get his jeans off somehow and he moves from my lips to my neck and he unclasps my bra and immediately throws it somewhere. He moves his way down to my stomach leaving a trail of wet kisses. He takes off my underwear and he comes back up to me and he grabs something off the stand. I roughly take off his boxers and he shoves two fingers in me.

"Ha, you're so wet for me babe." He hands me a packet and I know what's next. I'm to in the moment to stop now. I rip open the packet and roll the condom onto Ashton's length.

"Damn you're fucking gorgeous." He says as he removed his fingers wiping them on the bed. He alines himself and he shoves himself into me and I moan

"Holy-" and Ashton kisses my neck again as he pumps.

"Alexandria" he groans and I shout

"Faster Ashton!" And he moans

"Say my name again." As he keeps pumping.

"As-Ashton!" I say.

"That's it babe." He moans.

"Oh fuck- Ashton I'm going to-"

"Not yet." He yells "say my name."

"Ashton." I say again.

"Say it!"

"Ashton!" With that we both release at the same time Ashton collapses with his length still inside me.

"Ash-Ashton" I say and me groans

"Yes." Into my neck.

"I- never mind." I say and he gets up and removes the condom and ties it dropping it into the trash. I want to look away but I can't. He is to perfect. He goes back into the bed and lays an arm on my bare stomach.

"Sleep well princess." He says and with that I mumble

"You too prince."

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