How Did We End Up Here?

Rocky Mayes has gotten taken out of a concert to the backstage area and met 5 Seconds of Summer! They say that they were going to have her stay with them for 4 whole months on tour!!! But something starts brewing between Rocky and Michael. Will it work out? Or will Big Time Rush crash the party?


3. 3

Michael's POV

It's been a week since I kissed Rocky's sweet lips. Ever since that day I have been so in love with her and I think she feels the same way. I was sitting in the back room in the bus playing FIFA with Calum, Luke, and Ashton. We are trying to convince Ashton that FIFA is an awesome game but he won't budge. "Dammit!" Calum said with rage because he has Ashton on his team so we are obviously winning right now. "I told you that I shouldn't play. But noooooo!" Ashton says and we all laugh. "Hey where is Rocky?" I asked. The guys made kissy faces and Luke said "Does this love bird want to see his mate?" And I punched his shoulder. "That, and I want to tell her about the... You know?" I said and they all nodded. "She was really good when we asked her to sing." Ashton said. "I know right? Damn that girl was better than Ariana Grande!" Calum said. "So, where is she?" I asked. "Here." I heard Rocky say. I turned around to see her beautiful face in a beautiful outfit. "Hey! Do you wanna go to Starbucks and chat?" I asked, planning on telling her about the thing. " Sure!" Rocky said. We both walked to Starbucks and when we got there, we bought our cappuccinos and sat down. "So, what's up?" She asked. "Well, um, remember when you sang for us with that sexy voice of yours?" I asked. She laughed "Shut up my voice isn't sexy." And I raised my eyebrow. "Anyways, we told Roque Records about you and they want to have you sign a contract with them! Isn't that great?!" I asked. "Oh, Jesus! I-I-I don't know! What if I embarrass myself?" She said nervously. "It's okay! My friends from Big Time Rush will help you. They are my bros!" I said, and she laughed.

Rocky's POV

I laughed and we both got up and hugged. I couldn't believe that I could be the next rock star! I love Michael so much. He takes care of me, and cheers me up. "Hey! I have an idea of what we should do." I said. "And it is?" He asked as we exited Starbucks. "We go home, turn the computer on, and play 5 Nights at Freddy's!!!" I said excitedly. He picked me up bridal style, kissed me and said "I think this relationship will be perfect." I laughed as he picked me up with that award winning smile. We got home and started playing. When we were playing, in the game, we ran out of power. Music started playing, and I grabbed MichAel's muscular arm with fear and squeezed it. He laughed and hugged me. Then, Freddy popped up shrieking. I screamed and covered my eyes with a blanket. "Shhh. It's okay. If anything came to get you, I'd kick their ass." He said, and kissed my head. I smiled focusing on what he said. "I love you Rocky, and I never want to leave you." He said. I looked at his and I was once again speechless. But before I lost my chance, I said "Michael, I love you too. And I would never live without you." I said. We started kissing, and it felt magical. That morning, i woke up in a bed next to Michael. Oh crap. I thought. I got out of bed and Michael woke up. "Where are you going?" He asked. "I'm going to CVS to get some skin stuff." I lied. So I left to CVS, and bought the pregnancy testor. I got to the bus, locked the door and took the test. I sighed of relief, having the testor confirm that I wasn't pregnant. I went back to Michael's bunk to find him playing GTA 5. "Dude! Don't play. Without me!" I said, pretending to be offended.


We played GTA5 (grand theft auto 5) for about an hour and we decided to stop. "Want to watch a movie?" Michael asked. "Sure. I'll get the snacks and you wait for me at the couch." I said, peck on his lips to go to the kitchen. I grabbed popcorn, twizlers, snickers, and chips. I headed back to the back room to see that Michael changed into a sweat shirt and sweat pants. After 2 hours of playing GTA5, Michael had to go to rehearse for his new song. When I was going to my bunk bed to listen to some tunes, my phone rang from an unknown number. "Hello?" I answered. "Hi! I'm Kendal from Big Time Rush! We heard from our friend Michael that you were signing with Gustavo, the owner of Roque Records?" Kendal asked. "Oh yeah! Hey guys! Oh, I'm Mikayla by the way. How are you guys?" I asked. I heard Kendal screamed for someone to give him the phone back, and I heard laughing. "Oh hey! I'm Carlos! I'm also in BTR! And this is James-" "Hey!" I heard from I'm guessing James. "And Logan." Carlos said. "Hi there!" Logan greeted me. "Nice to meet you guys!" I said. "Hey, let's meet at Starbucks in 20 minutes and get to know each other!" I heard Kendal say. "What do you think?" Carlos asked me. "I'll see you in 20!" I said, and we hung up. I went to the bathroom to just do my hair in a pony tail because I was thinking of hitting the gym after Starbucks by myself. After a few minutes, I got going. I came in the building and saw four guys laughing extremely loud. One guy with really good hair noticed me and walked up to to me. "Are you Rocky?" The guy asked me. "Yes, are you James?" I asked. "Yup! Come sit down!" James pulled out a chair for me.

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