How Did We End Up Here?

Rocky Mayes has gotten taken out of a concert to the backstage area and met 5 Seconds of Summer! They say that they were going to have her stay with them for 4 whole months on tour!!! But something starts brewing between Rocky and Michael. Will it work out? Or will Big Time Rush crash the party?


2. 2

When my bags were in my bunk bed and I got settled in, Michael noticed something in my bag. "You play acoustic guitar?" Michael excitedly asked. "Yup! I like to do covers of my inspirations. Your band, Green Day, All-American-Rejects, they are all my favorite!" I said. "Woah those are all the bands I love! Including myself." He said in a sophisticated voice. I laughed "Do you like to play video games? I brought my portable Xbox 360!" I exclaimed. "Yeah I love video games! Let's call the guys and we will play video games all day!" Michael said. I couldn't believe how much I have in common with Michael. He was my idol, and now I'm guessing my friend. Michael called the boys and we all headed to the back room in the tour bus. "What do you guys wanna play?" I asked. "What's your favorite game?" Ashton asked. "Tomb Raider, duh!" I said. "I love that game too!" Luke said."Okay, so then let's play that!!!" Calum said. I inserted the disc into the xbox and the game started. We played for a solid 4 hours until we literally felt like our eyes were going to burn off. "Maybe we should stop, because I don't think it's normal to see Japanese legends like Yamatai standing right in front of you." I suggested. Everyone laughed. "Okay. I'm going to Starbucks. Anyone want to come?" Calum asked. "I'll go." Luke said. "Me too!" Ashton said with joy as they jumped up and walked out of the tour bus. "Well I guess it's just you and me now, Rocky!" Michael said. I started hearing my heart beat. Bu-bump, bu-bump, bu-bump. "What do you wanna do?" I asked him. "Um, play guitar?" Michael suggested. "Good. I haven't practiced in like, a day." I said relieved. I picked up my guitar and Michael picked up his. "What song?" Michael asked. "Hmm, 'Gives you Hell' by All American Rejects?" I suggested. "Okay!" Michael said as he and I started strumming. We start to sing, Michael with his incredibly beautiful voice and me with my ordinary voice. When we finished, I ended up staring at Michael without even realizing until he said, "What did you think?" "What did I think? I thought it was great! Especially you!" I said seeing his face get red. "Yeah. Hey Rocky, I was wondering if you wanted to accompany me to dinner tonight." Michael said nervously. BA BUMP BA BUMP BA BUMP BA BUMP BA BUMP BA BUMP. My heart started racing a mile a minute, letting only one small "Okay" coming out of my mouth as we shared a nervous, yet relieved smile.


It was 30 minutes until my date with Michael and I wore a light blue silk dress that went down to the knees and a flower crown. When I got finished getting dressed, I heard kissy noises coming from outside the room. I'm guessing Michael told them about the date. I walked to the back room to see Luke sitting there eating a banana. "BONANA!" I shouted and Luke laughed. Luke stood up making a silly face and said "The power has been bestowed on me to save the land of the BONANAS!!!"he said lifting the banana. We both started cracking up until Michael walked into the room, wearing a flannel shirt, skinny ripped jeans, and combat boots. "Me and my bonana will leave you two alone." He said exiting the room with his banana, chuckling. "You look beautiful." Michael said making me blush. "You too. I mean um-" Michael laughed. "It's okay. Let's go!" Michael said. "Where are we going?" I asked curiously. "Le Perrè, a French place." He said. "Oooh fancy." I said. Michael chuckled and asked, "Do you want to turn the radio on?" "Sure!" I said and turned on the radio hearing of course, She Looks So Perfect on the radio. We both laughed.' "I remember in the music video you were shredding on the guitar like a boss. I always wanted to do that." I said. "Thanks! I'll teach you how to shred, and then you will be an even better guitar player!" He said enthusiastically as he parked in the parking lot to Le Perrè. We entered the place and the waiter guided us to our seats and handed us the menu. "What would you too like to drink?" The waiter asked politely. "I'll have a coke I guess." I said. "Same here." Said Michael. "Two cokes." The waiter said while writing in his notepad as he left. "So, tell me about yourself." Michael said. "Oh um, I live in Miami, Florida with my mom and little brother Adam, and that's it. My life is pretty boring." I said, shrugging. "I highly doubt that. There seems to be something more to you, but you haven't discovered it yet." He said. "Woah, that was deep." I said, making him laugh. The food came, and I noticed that Michael was staring into my eyes. "Rocky, I really like you. Not just because of your beauty or your personality, but when you come in, I feel like I'm in a world where anything is possible. From real life Pikachus to talking animals. When you are around, I feel like in stuck in a dream full of wonderments. I guess what I'm trying to say is, Rocky, I'm in love with you." Michael said nervously. My heart stopped. I felt like I couldn't breathe. "Please excuse me for one moment." I said as I walked to the ladies bathroom. Idiot! I thought. I washed my hands and tried to breathe again and when I finally did, I walked back to the table seeing Michael with his empty plate and a red face. "Michael, to be honest, I really like you too. Or I guess, I'm in love with you too. And don't even dare to ask if it's about you being famous. It's you." I said as we both shared a relieved and happy smile. I finished my food and Michael payed, like a gentleman should. We then exited the restaurant and Michael suggested "Do you want to sit at the park?" And I nodded in agreement. We sat on a bench at the park, watching the stars together. "Rocky, I have a question." Michael said. "Yes?" I asked. His face got red as he asked "Do you want to be my girlfriend?" And my hear raced again, but this time, I controlled it, and nodded with a tiny tear of joy racing down my cheek. Michael wipes it, leaned in, and put his soft lips on mine. It felt amazing. I thought I was in a world full of dreams. We kissed passionately for about 1 to 2 minutes, and then pulled apart, sharing a smile. "I love you," Michael whispered into my ear. "And I never want to let you go." He said and kissed my cheek. I smile and we spent the rest of the night, watching the stars together.

Hi lovelys! Thanks for reading and I hope you've enjoyed this chapter! I need parts in the story. So comment who you want to be!!!

Luke's Girlfriend

Calum's Girlfriend

Ashton's Sister

Ashton's Girlfriend-

Luke's Sister

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