How Did We End Up Here?

Rocky Mayes has gotten taken out of a concert to the backstage area and met 5 Seconds of Summer! They say that they were going to have her stay with them for 4 whole months on tour!!! But something starts brewing between Rocky and Michael. Will it work out? Or will Big Time Rush crash the party?


1. 1

Hi, my name is Rockelle Mayes. But you can call me Rocky. I live in Miami, Florida with my mom and my little brother. I am 16 years old and I play guitar everyday of my life. My dad died when I was only 3 years old, so I didn't have too many memories with him. But I sure do miss him. Anyways, I was in my room, checking out concert tickets for my favorite band, 5 Seconds of Summer. I found some middle seat tickets which thankfully I had enough money for from my job at the guitar store (if you can't tell, guitars are my life). I clicked buy now, and then I screamed in happiness. "Ya got tickets from 5 Days of Winter?" My idiot brother, Adam asked. "For your information, it's 5 Seconds of Summer!" I shouted. He rolled his eyes and went back to his room doing the dumb things that he always does.

The concert is in a week, and so is my basketball game. (It's kinda just a hobby). Thankfully, they are on different days. The concert is Friday and the game is Saturday. "Dinner!" My mom called. So Adam and I clambered over each other down the stairs and started to eat at the table. Then, I brushed my teeth and went to bed. "Good night guys!" I shouted over the thick walls as I heard everyone else shout good night back to me. After that I started drifting into sleep and dreamed about Michael Clifford seeing me and shouted into the microphone "This is to my darling Rockelle. Rocky, I love you!" And they started playing "She Looks So Perfect", and then I woke up, going back to reality. Who am I kidding? I thought to myself. Why on earth would he choose a simpleton like me? And I went down to grab my Kellogg cereal. Then I saw steamy hot pancakes which must've been Adams so I grabbed it and had two bites until he came down, seeing me eat his pancakes. "Dude! Those are my cakes! Hands off!" He screamed and started to punch me in the arm which obviously didn't hurt at all as i laughed. After a week, on the day of the concert, an hour before the time I'm supposed to be there, I start getting dressed into a 5SOS t-shirt and did my makeup and went for a smokey look on the eyes. Then, I grabbed the keys to my car, and head on to the stadium. Thankfully, there was barely any traffic, so I got to my seat 5 minutes early.

Then, everyone started screaming as I saw Luke, Calum, Michael, and Ashton come out. Then I started screaming too. When they started playing "Long Way Home", a security guard came and grabbed my arm and lead my somewhere. Oh god, what did I do?! Why is this security guard grabbing me by the arm?! Is he gonna kick me out?! I though as he took me to the- to the BACKSTAGE AREA???!!! What is happening??? The questions were racing through my head a mile a minute. Then, my eyes widened as I saw 5 Seconds of Summer, standing right there. "Hi, I'm Ashton, this is Calum, Luke, and Michael! You are going to get to accompany us on tour!" He said. Oh my GOD!!! I thought. Was this a dream?! Am I going mental? Why me? I was speechless. "Th-tha-thank you! So much! You guys are my idols! I am so grateful!" I said. Am I kidding? I just said something you'd say to your mother if they got you a puppy. "Aww thanks! We can't wait to get to know you on the tour bus!" Michael said, blushing a bit. "We are going to meet at this stadium tomorrow at 1:30 PM to leave. "So make sure you have your bags packed to come with us for 4 months!" Luke said, smiling. I couldn't believe this was happening. 4 months?! I am so glad I went to this concert. " Thank you guys so much! I thought this would only happen in a dream but, here I am!" I said nervously. I sounded like an idiot! "So we will see you here tomorrow, and now you can sit in the front to watch us!" Calum said. "Thank you, again. This is amazing!" I said as the security guard lead me to the seat and I waved bye to them as they waved back. I could not believe this was happening. I am going to spend 4 MONTHS with these guys! And "these guys" include Michael Clifford!!! Then, the concert ended, and I got to my car, and drove home. But I didn't go to sleep of course. I didn't go to sleep because I knew that I have A LOT of packing to do. When I got home, I told my mom what happened, and of course, like every mother, she said no at first. But come on, it was 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER for crying out loud! I had to persuade her and luckily, I did. The I screamed, hugged her tighter than I've ever hugged anyone ever before, and ran upstairs to pack. When I checked the clock, it said 2:30 AM. Crap, I thought. I just finished and I went straight to bed and fell asleep.

Hey guys! Nicole here! How do you like the story so far? Interesting, right? Be sure to like, favorite, and comment! Okay the story will go back in motion in 3, 2, 1!

I wake up and realize something. I have a basketball game today! I guess I'll have to quickly call, cancel, and get ready. I check the time. 11:00 PM! I better hurry! I can't be late!!! I get up, dial Cindy's number (my BFF) and told her that I can't make it to the game and to tell the coach. "But why?" She asked. " I have to go visit my great grandmother's place in London for 4 months." I lied. "4 months?? Woah! Okay bye I love you sooo much have a great time in London ol' chap!" She said that last sentence in a British accent. I laughed. "You too! Bye lovely!" I said in a British accent and hung up. I ran to the bathroom, took a shower, got dressed, put my makeup on and hugged my mom goodbye. "I can't believe my little baby is all grown up!" She cried. "It's ok mom. I'll text you every single day I'm there I promise." I said as I gave her a bug tight hug. "Bye I love you soooooo much!!!" I shouted to her from the car. She waved "bye!!! Same here!!!" She cried, and I drove to the venue.

When I got there, I saw the tour bus. I took a deep breath, and come up to them when they just come outside. "Sup! We are glad you can make it! I'll put your bags over here, and we will start the tour!" Michael said, giving me a hug!!! I had butterflies in my stomach. This was going to be the best 4 months of my life.....

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