I just hate people. Nothing more, nothing less.

Especially that rainbow haired guy who changes his hair colour almost very week.

"Sooner or later it's all gonna fall out and I'm gonna laugh and laugh till my gut hurts." I snicker and he glares at me as he runs a hand through his weird coloured hair.

"Well you change yours just as much as I do, so I wouldn't be talking Wild." He says eyes narrowing as mine copy his green ones.


19. Snap Backs And Bows.

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Michael's POV

I groan as I fall back on to my bed. I rub my face.

What the hell. How- why does everyone get people they want?

Okay- I don't want her. That's just weird.

I don't want her. I think I don't.....

How does some girl come out of know where and stir crap up? Like I haven't talked- let alone seen Ashton in almost a year. And Luke? I thought I saw the last of him when I confronted him about being gay and blowing Ashton like a lollipop.

Yeah I was harsh for calling him a faggot but I can't take it back. What's said is done.

I wonder what her and Ashton are doing..... Are they dating?

Not that I care or anything.

I shake my head. "I need a life." I mumble before getting up and heading out the door, making sure I've got my wallet and phone with me.

I walk down the stairs and head out the door.

I step out and I just see Ashton wave bye to Wild- er Tyler?

She turns to look at me and looks like she's debating something but makes her way over to me, her pale white and blue hair graciously bouncing behind her as she makes her way over to me in black skinny jeans and a Green Day tank top with bright lime green VANs.

"Wanna go scare little kids?" She asks coming up to me and I blink a few times.

"What?" I ask like the smart person I am.

She chuckles rolling her eyes. "Scare little kids. At the mall. What part of this is confusing?" She asks with a smile.

I smile back, ignoring the feeling in my stomach. "Sure."

"Great." She beams grabbing my arm and pulls me to her car but gets stopped when her brother steps in the way.

She rolls her eyes, letting go of my arm to cross hers. "What the fuck do you want?" She snaps.

He snickers. "Just wondering where my little sister is off to." His gaze goes to me. "With a guy." And they narrow.

"What's your name again?" He asks me and mentally hit him with a frying pan. With spikes. Dipped in acid. I'm a very mature person I swear.

"Michael. His name is Michael dumbass." Tyler snaps grabbing my arm again and pulling me towards the car leaving me to smirk back at her brother who looks pissed.

She pushes me into the car and shuts the door. She gets in in the drivers side and starts the car, putting her seatbelt on.

She drives away leaving her brother in the dust and me doing a happy dance in my head.

Not that she or anyone needs to know that.

She comes to a stop at a red light and turns to me. "Okay, so where's the mall?"

I gap at her. "What, are you serious?"

She can't be for real. She looks down, looking very young and super shy all of a sudden.

"I'm serious." She mumbles while looking at her fingers again. She looks up just as the light changes to green and she continues driving.

I sigh but I can't help but smile at her. "Left." I say and looks confused but does it anyway.

"Right at the second set of lights." I tell her and she smiles while doing so.

God her smile is amazing.

She turn it and grins. "I see it up ahead."

I laugh at that as she pulls into the parking lot parking the car. She's like a whole new person.

We get out and she smiles at the huge building in front of us.

"Come on Michael!" She grabs my arm and drags me towards the doors and I can't help but let the smile take over my face.

Fuck she's awesome.

We go in and we walk around talking about random stuff that first comes to mind.

"Ooh let's go in here!" She says grabbing my hand, pulling me me into Urban Planet. (If you've got this place it's fucking amazing- totally my favourite place to shop)

Never actually been in here before.

We walk around the place and I see snap backs.

I walk over, still holding her hand tightly. I pick one up and notice it's got Blink-183 on it and turn to face Tyler who's looking at me confused.

I place the hat on her head backwards and she smiles fixing it.

"Looks good on you." Like everything else. She nods her head going over to a mirror looking at it from different angles.

"I like it." She says. "It does look good."

I nod my head and she rushes over to a new stand, she grabs a pair of lime green sunglasses that say '2KOOL4U' I chuckle at the cheesy saying.

"Don't laugh at me." She pouts hitting my arm making me laugh harder.

She takes them off and grabs a new pair that don't say anything on them but are bright neon purple.

They stand out really good with her pale skin and blue hair.

She looks really, really good. Okay, not the time to think that Michael.

"What about this." She says walking over to another stand before grabbing something and putting it on my head.

She steps back a little and starts giggling and then bursts out laughing.

I try to see what on my head, but I kinda can't. I feel it, it's kinda silky.


I walk over to a mirror and my eyes widen at whats on my head.

A bow.

I giant. Pink. Sparkly. Bow.

"You look good in it. It suits you." She says walking over and resting her head on my shoulder.

We look really good together.

Wonder if she thinks the same thing.

"I'm gonna take a picture." I say and she nods her head going over to the clothes now.

I take a picture and smile at it while shaking my head.

"Mikey. What do you think about this shirt?" She asks walking over to me with a white tank top that says 'The Cab' on it and on the bottom right it says in cursive, 'Angel With A Shotgun.'

Good song. (It's really amazing if you don't know this awesome song go listen to it. Like now.)

Nice shirt. Wait, isn't white see threw when it's wet.....?

Never mind....

"I like it." I tell her and she nods smiling down at it.

She goes back over and she skims through stuff quickly and I'm not gonna lie, I'm impressed. I could never go through clothes that fast even if my life depended on it. So in other words, I would be dead.

She grabs a few more and then goes over to another rack and grabs things off that one, but this time it's sweaters.

Then she moves on to the skinny jeans, them the long sleeves but not sweater ones. Not sure what you would call them, some people think there sweaters. Anyway.....

Then she goes over to the shoes and buys at least two pairs.

Shit girls really like shopping. But, at first Tyler doesn't look like the kind to like shopping for shit.

I'll have to remember that she does. Yeah know, uh just in case.

She then grabs a beanie and she gets a bracelet. Or few. And some necklaces. But not that girly shit.

She then goes up to the counter and pays it all without a moment of hesitation.

Wow. She's good.

She then turns to me and glances at the top of my head with a smile. "I kinda need the bow."

I grow confused and she reaches up and takes something- oh that bow. Right.

She hands it to the lady and she scans it and Tyler takes the tag off before putting it back on my head.

I pout and she laughs brushing me off.

"Thank you." She says taking her bags and we walk out of the store.

"That's a lot if stuff." I say motioning to the bags in her hands.

She smiles at me and I admire how she looks, with the snap back on and the purple sunglasses on her shirt and a necklace that gives the middle finger.

I really like that necklace. It's amusing.

She's got a bunch of bracelets on both her wrists.

I take out my phone and snap a picture of her when she looks away at the sign of the map of the mall.

"Wanna get something to eat?" She asks.

"Sure. I'm actually hungry." I say while following behind her.

I grab a few bags from her and she grins her thanks at me and I smile back.

We come up to the food court and we find a table away from everyone else.

We sit down and sigh. I can feel my fingers again.

Such a great feeling.

"So there's a few choices." She says looking around biting her lip and I hold on to my chair to stop my self from taking her lip between my own teeth.

Fuck what's going on.

I shake the thought from my head but it comes back just as quick.

Well shit.

"How about New York Fries?" She says and follow her gaze to the place that doesn't look that busy thankfuly.

"Sure. I'm up for fries. I'll go order. What do you want?" I say and she sighs before thinking.

"Um poutine please. Sprit for a drink?" She says and I nod my head before going over to the place and waiting in line.

After a few minutes of waiting and making faces at Tyler I order our food and make my way back to our place to see her on her phone.

She hears me and her eyes light up at the sight of the food.

I place hers in front of her and hand her her drink. "Thank good sir." She says then laughs after.

"Your welcome my lady." I say and we start laughing like crazy.

"Okay let's eat, I never realized how hungry I really am till now." She says before taking a bite and moaning at the taste making my eyes widen and I shift as I feel my jeans tighten a tad bit.

"I-is it, um that good?" I ask and she smirks before nodding and taking another bite, moaning again making me go harder.

I laugh to cover how nervous I really am.

"You a real pain." No pun intended.

She grins shrugging her shoulders. "So I've been told."

She winks before sipping her drink and I let out a shuddery breath.

This girl will be the death of me.

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