I just hate people. Nothing more, nothing less.

Especially that rainbow haired guy who changes his hair colour almost very week.

"Sooner or later it's all gonna fall out and I'm gonna laugh and laugh till my gut hurts." I snicker and he glares at me as he runs a hand through his weird coloured hair.

"Well you change yours just as much as I do, so I wouldn't be talking Wild." He says eyes narrowing as mine copy his green ones.


23. Okay I'm Cruel.

Okay HI.

So what's up.

I'm bored.

Enjoy this chapter.

I'm sitting here yelling at Castiel to stop being an asshole.

Oh look he came back to ask for help from Sam and Dean.

Ugh. Why are all the hot guys assholes?

Sigh. Oh well.

I hope you like this chapter.

So yeah. I've got 12 weeks left till exams.


I'm so sick of school already.

But I guess everyone's like that.


Michael's POV

Not really sure why I did what I did but, I kinda can't just go back in time and not do it.

But if I did go back in time I would probably do the same thing so there would be no point.

I can tell she's shocked, trust me, your not the only one babe.

My eyes are tight shut and I almost pull back and jump out the window in embarrassment cause she's not kissing back.

That is, till her lips move against mine.

Fuck it. Don't care if her and Ashton are dating or even fuck buddies. Im totally taking advantage of this.

My hands go to her waist and her go to my shoulders and up to my hair, her lightly tugging on it and I back her up against the wall by her door and my tongue slides overt her bottom lip, asking for entrance.

This. This is what I wanted all along.

I deepen the kiss and it seems like she's got the same idea as she grabs the front of my shirt and pulls me closer.

My hands travel down her sides and and to the back of her thighs, I tap them gently and she gets the hint and wraps her legs around me and I press her more into the wall and we break the kiss, standing there panting.

Her hair in a tangled mess and I'm sure mines not any better.

She looks up at me the same time I look up.

"Michael...." She mumbles confused and I'm just as confused as she is.

"I, um." I try to get some words out but it's not going as I wanted.

She slides up a little and I let out a low moan and she stops right away, tilting her head to the right watching me.

Well fuck. I lean back down and press my lips back to hers and she responds automatically and can't help but feel grateful.

Her hands go to the hem of my shirt and I pull it off and my hands travel under the front of her shirt and stop just under her bra.

My lips go to her neck and she tilts her head back and suck and bite on her neck, but her fucking shirt is in the God damn way.

"I hate clothing." I growl as I pull her shirt up and throw it God knows where and my lips attach to her collar bone and I leave a hickey there.

She throws her head back a little, eyes closed so I've got more access and mentally thank her.

A low moan escapes her lips and I pull back, bringing my hand up to her cheek and I kiss her again, softer this time.

Her eyes flutter open when I pull back and she looks a little dazed and confused.

Yeah I'm confused to.

"What was that?" She asks quietly and I blink.

"Honestly?" I ask and she nods slowly. "I'm not really sure...." I say and I realize that's be still got her up against the wall and the smallest movement she makes, she'll feel how hard I really am.

Her arms are still around my neck and she plays with the hair there.

"You kissed me...." She trails off as if those are the only words she can think of to say.

I nod my head. "Yeah." That's not the only thing I'd like to do to you.

I blink away those thoughts because I don't need to get any harder then I already am.

But me holding her against the wall with both of us shirtless isn't helping...

"Yeah. I did." I whisper.

"Why?" She asks, shifting so she's up more and I moan a little causing her to freeze.

"Well shit." She mumbles then she does it again but on purpose. and I let out another breathy moan.

"Stop." I mumble out but she leans down and starts kissing my neck which adds to the pleasure and- fuck this is feels so good.

"We both know you don't want me to stop." She mumbles against my skin and I moan again from the vibrations from it.

Shit. She's right. But if she continues, I won't be able to stop till it's all over. Or in her but you get the jiff.

I gently place my hand back on her cheek and bring her face back to mine and I stop her movements with my other hand.

"You gotta stop though." I tell her and she looks confused.

"Why so?"

I sigh. "Because."

She narrows her eyes at me with a frown and pushes me away stepping back on to the ground. It's like I can see the gears turning in her head but the wrong way.

"Right." She says walking past me and picking up her shirt and throwing mine at me.

"I got it. Use to it. I'm not good enough for you. Your a typical guy Michael Clifford." She laughs bitterly.

No funding shit. That's not what I meant at all.

"You can just let yourself out." She says walking into her bathroom, practically slamming the door. I flinch.

"Fuck." I mumble to myself.

I put my shirt back on and ruffle my hair out, trying to get it somewhat decent.

I sigh leaving her room after giving her bathroom door a longing look before leaving.

I walk down the stairs and her mom comes out of the kitchen stopping when she sees me.

"Oh hello." She says blinking.

"Uh hi." I say waving a little.

"Uh Michael. Right?" She asks wiping her hands on her pants before crossing her arms.

I scratch the back of my neck. "Uh well yeah."

She raises an eyebrow. "You here hanging with my son?" She asks me and I just really want to go home.

"Uh no I'm not really friends with your son." I say awkwardly.

"Tyler?" She asks looking a tad confused.

"Yeah. Well, more then Brandon." I tell her and she nods.

"Right are you staying for super?" She walks back into the kitchen and I guess that's my Que. to follow her.

I sigh following her and lean against the counter.

"Um no. See your daughter and me aren't on well, good terms right now." I say awkwardly.

She turns and looks at me in disbelief. But a smirk makes a way onto her face. She motions to my neck. "I thought you guys were on pretty good terms. It sure sounded like it."

I can feel my face heat up. My hand automatically goes up to my neck and I wince when I touch it.

Shit she left a mark. Well I did the same thing on her but whatever.

"Hey mom, what's for- why are you still here?" Tyler comes down narrowing her eyes at me.

"Ask your mom." I say motioning to her mom who's smirking.

"Mom. What did you do." She says slowly walking into the kitchen.

"Nothing. I know what you did though." She trails off walking to the fridge.

"What? What do you mean?" She glares at me. "What did you do?" She sneers walking closer to me and I my eyes widen.

"I did nothing." I snap back.

"Oh honey he didn't have to say anything for me to figure something out." Her mom says pulling out random crap.

"Mom, what are you making?" Tyler asks changing the subject and I can't help but chuckle at her beat red face.

She shoots daggers at me. "You shut the fuck up."

"Make me." I growl back.

"Don't make me hit you." She growls stepping towards me and I narrow my eyes at her.

"You can't hit. There all pity hits." I sass back at her and she scoffs rolling her eyes.

"Wow real mature idiot." She says putting her hands on her hips.

"Unlike you, whose just a child." I snap back.

"Me?! I'm the child here? Beats you, you over grown mushroom!" She tells me stepping closer and stabbing me in the chest with her finger.

"Mushroom? That's all you got?" I sass to her and she literally growls.

You know that song Face To Face? That's all I'm thinking of cause we're literally face to face now.

Then she scares the shit out of me.

She grabs the back of my neck and connects our lips again and kisses me with so much force that I thought I was gonna fall over.

I kiss back holding her close by her waist. And her hands go to my neck and to my hair.

I hear someone clear there throat and we break apart looking over at Tyler's mom who's standing there with a shit eating grin on her face.

Well hell.

"Yeah. Your on bad terms alright. Go wash up for diner. And by wash up I mean with water not by sharing saliva or any other body fliuds." Her mom says chuckling turning around to fix whatevers in the pot.

Tyler and me glance at each other before she motions for me to follow her and I gladly do so. Her mom is weird.

I can't believe she just did that in front of her mom.

Out of everyone. Her mom.

I wonder what her brother will think if he sees us kissing.

Hehe. Okay I'm cruel.

Oh well.

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