I just hate people. Nothing more, nothing less.

Especially that rainbow haired guy who changes his hair colour almost very week.

"Sooner or later it's all gonna fall out and I'm gonna laugh and laugh till my gut hurts." I snicker and he glares at me as he runs a hand through his weird coloured hair.

"Well you change yours just as much as I do, so I wouldn't be talking Wild." He says eyes narrowing as mine copy his green ones.


1. New House, Old Me.

"Oh look Tyler! Look how beautiful it is here!" My mom - Jessie- gushed as she drove down the road towards our new home. Well, it'll never be home to me.

My mom and I go all over the place. I feel like she's running from all her problems. She always tells me not to run but she's aloud to do it? Yeah that makes perfect sense.

"Yeah. Beautiful." I mumble as I watch houses pass me by, all looking the same.

"Oh lighten up." She says keeping her eyes on the road. I roll my eyes and scoff under my breath.

"I think it's nice. So far I've seen about 7 girl that'll be dying to date me." My older brother says from the front seat. He's been quiet -most of the time anyway- till now.

"No one cares Brandon." I say leaning my head back on the seat.

"Guys this'll be fun! I promise you'll love it here!" Mom says sighing. I know she try's her hardest for us.

"Yeah like you said with the last five houses." I mumble and she shoots me a sorry look.

My mom turns on the radio and Wasted is on. I'm not sure who it's by but I really like the song.

"It makes it easier to fake it, lay all your laundry on the bed I think I'll lay- hey! You dumbass! Turn it back!" I yell as Brandon changes the station to some random song.

"No. I like this song." He says and I hear the damn smirk in his voice. I sit forward and smack him on the back of his head.

"Ow you bit-" Mom cuts him off.

"Hey! No swearing! You know how I feel about foul language!" Mom scolds him and I snicker. "Oh your not off the hook either Tyler."

I only roll my eyes and glare at the passing houses.

Some homes have little kids playing in the yard, some have old couples chatting and laughing with each other on there porches and I scowl.

I don't like people.

After a long car ride we pull up to a nice looking house.

I step out, my black VANs stepping onto the black pavement of our new driveway.

I tighten my bright orange haired pony tale and my brother and mom step out also.

"Oh look! It's so nice and big. You guys will love it here!" Mom says grabbing our bags and handing them to us. I grab mine first and make my way up the stairs and I past all the rooms and take the very last one at the end of the hall.

I open the door without hesitation and smile at the large bed on the middle of the room.

I set my bags down and look at my reflection in the mirror that the moving people brought in from our old house.

I blink and take in my look. My bright blue eyes and my pale skin and small nose, my long lashes brushing against my cheeks. I have a small body but not so small I look like bone. I have nice curves and all and my hair comes just past my butt and it's a bright orange and straight as a pin.

"Tyler? Oh your room is amazing." Mom says coming in my room without knocking it anything. Great mom.

"Yeah. It's great now get out please." I practically tell and beg her. She roll her brown eyes and leaves shutting the door but I can see the smile tugging at her lips.

I blow out a raspberry and walk over to my giant window and peer out it.

I look next door in the front and see a guy around my age with a girl around the same age kissing and then talking and holding hands.

I mentally gag and cringe when they kiss again.

It may be a new house but I'm still the same old me.


Okay so this is new and what do you guys think?

Yeah A/N are dumb and kinda pointless but I just wanted to say hi and read my other story's and tell me what you think of this one.

So comment and yeah.

Okay love ya guys.


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