I just hate people. Nothing more, nothing less.

Especially that rainbow haired guy who changes his hair colour almost very week.

"Sooner or later it's all gonna fall out and I'm gonna laugh and laugh till my gut hurts." I snicker and he glares at me as he runs a hand through his weird coloured hair.

"Well you change yours just as much as I do, so I wouldn't be talking Wild." He says eyes narrowing as mine copy his green ones.


8. "It's true."

Okay I'm sorry for this being short I just thought I would leave it were I leave it.

I cross my arms motioning for him to continue.

He leans back in his couch with a grin and I seriously just want to smack it off his damn face.

"First of all why would you call him that? Do you not know how much it hurts someone even if it's not true?" I blurt before Michael can even utter another word out.

He sighs. "It's true. Don't get me wrong, Luke is a nice guy- okay was a nice guy. Now he's just an attention seeking prick."

I get up and slap him I across the face with echoes through his house. He brings his hand up to his cheek and gives me a shocked look.

"What the fuck was that for?!" He yells standing up. He's a couple inches taller then me but I don't give a rats ass right now.

"Luke is my friend and I'll stick up for him even if all this shit happened a long time ago. Even though it still effects Luke." I snap and he raises an eyebrow at me.

"Still effects him? What are you talking about?" He asks and I glare.

I scoff. "He broke down crying after he told me what happened."

He blinks a couple times and then looks away. "Yeah feel bad you asshole."

"I don't feel bad about that trust me he deserved it." Michael snaps at me and I roll my eyes.

"No one- and I repeat no one should be called a faggot or anything along the lines of that when your being a jackass. They were rumours and you went along with then and calling him out to the whole school in the fucking cafeteria was stupid and immature Michael. You were his friend and you did that. He trusted you to believe that it wasn't true."

"He didn't tell you how I found out did he?" Michael snaps before I could rant some more.

I grow silent and he chuckles dryly. "Of course he'd leave that out."

"What the fuck are you talking about Michael, Luke's not-" I ask but he cuts me off.

"I found out because the person he told me he liked." He says.

"So what's wrong with who he liked?" I ask growing annoyed and a tad bit confused.

"He liked my best friend. Who's a guy!" He snaps/yells and I grow silent.

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