I just hate people. Nothing more, nothing less.

Especially that rainbow haired guy who changes his hair colour almost very week.

"Sooner or later it's all gonna fall out and I'm gonna laugh and laugh till my gut hurts." I snicker and he glares at me as he runs a hand through his weird coloured hair.

"Well you change yours just as much as I do, so I wouldn't be talking Wild." He says eyes narrowing as mine copy his green ones.


12. Guess What..

Hey guess what.....

Im getting a giraffe in a year or so.....

That and you should check out my other story's....

You guys are amazing. Just saying.

Sorry for not updating this in a while.... So into updating Voices right now.

If you haven't checked that out yet be sure you do.

:) love ya guys.

And I love reading your comments! Even if I don't reply back, I still see them!

Enjoy reading guys. Oh and sorry this isn't a chapter.

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