Sleeping With The Boss~H.S

"Brooklyn Jones Mr.Styles Wants You In His Office" I Hear The Words Through the phone "Alright Thank You" I say Hanging up the phone, I stand Up And straighten my skirt..."Show Time"


3. Chapter 3

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~Chapter 3~ 

As I Finally Got back into my apartment room i fell down on my bed, I Was Already tired of work on the 1st day. 

I Pulled out my phone and got on to facebook,


Friend Requests: 

Harry Styles:

Accept, Ignore


Since i had to, i clicked accept. The Only good thing about today is i met 2 nice people, probably the only nice people in that hell.

I Met Scarlet, She Had Bright red hair, telling me that it was died, She Was also  About my age, She Always Was Jumping around and she told me how lucky i was that Harry Liked Me.

"Well, You get special treatment from him i would guess, right?" She Had Asked me 

"More like i have to do special treatment for him..." I Thought to myself, but i didnt say anything to Scarlet 

And The Second Person I Met Was Liam, Liam Was Not the type of guy you would picture working in a place like that. He Was Really Good At His Job Though, He Said if i needed help just to ask him.


My Phone Had Buzzed, Expecting it to be Harry, I looked at it, But it wasnt harry...

Hiii!!! Its Scarlet, Being the stalker i am i found your number! lol! -Sxx

I Looked and Saw that it had also been a group scarlet had put liam in the conversation

Ay Guys, Brooke...How was ur first day of workk? did mr.styles treat u well??-Lxox

The Day Went fine..i'm so tired though i mean typing on a computer for 8 hours? how about no-B;) 


We Had Texted  For Awhile Until we all went to bed... I Soon Became nervous that Harry Would Want Something more intense tomorrow...i mean sure i agreed to it, but he couldn't be serious....right? 


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