Sleeping With The Boss~H.S

"Brooklyn Jones Mr.Styles Wants You In His Office" I Hear The Words Through the phone "Alright Thank You" I say Hanging up the phone, I stand Up And straighten my skirt..."Show Time"


2. Chapter 2

~Chapter 2~ 

I Dreaded My First Day Of Work. I Mean Sure I Was excited to finally get a good paying job, But the problem is having to pleasure Mr.Styles.... 

I Got Out of bed and grabbed my Cream Colored Blouse And My Pencil Skirt 

I Slowly Walked To My Bathroom With My Clothes And Started My Shower. 

After I Was Finished I got dressed and did my makeup and curled my hair, I Walked out of the bathroom and grabbed my phone and went on Facebook.

Friend Request From:

Harry Styles 

I Clicked The Name and saw a picture of my new boss, Great He Found Me on Facebook As I groaned  ignoring  the request, And putting my phone in my purse.

I Threw on my heels and walked out of my room. I Grabbed an Apple And My Keys and Walked out of my apartment.

 I Was Trying to be quite since it was 6:30 in the morning and my neighbors have a baby.

I Finally Got out of the apartment and drove off to my work.


I Walked in and was stopped by Harry-Mr.Styles 

"How Are You this Morning Brooklyn?" He Asked Me 

"I'm Fine Mr.Styles, And You?" I asked in the sweetest voice possible 

He Smiled As He Took my Hand and dragged me to his office 

In Seconds I Felt His Lips On Mine And There Was No Way Of getting out of his grip 

"And Brooke, Make Sure You Accept my friend request." He Said Between Kisses 

Isn't This Just Great...




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