Inner Battles (AKA TO AO spin off)

an alternative backstory for AKA TO AO, I'll only work on this occasionally because I want to focus on the main story, and I don't imagine this will appeal to the kind of audience that I'm trying to aim AOA at. But I'll write small parts at a time.


1. Darkness

Set before the beginning of AKA TO AO in a world where Kairu had accidentally discovered the super-technology before Mr.Fi.

"There I stood, alone, yet surrounded by my friends. I was a monster. I hate myself. But oh... I do fucking love what I have become..." 

Kairu smirked, his blue eyes flickered red, his fiery red hair was jet black in the light, or was it the light? It was hard to tell, nothing made sense right now. 

Blood was spattered along the grey, cold marble floor, Kairu's eye's followed the long, winding, deep red river, at the end lay a pair of terrified, empty eyes. Flicks of blue hair had been tainted by an oily, thick red liquid, and a light blue shirt was torn and bloodied. Kairu looked back on what he had done. His knife had cut through Mateo's heart so easily, Mateo's face flooded with confusion, it was a party, they were having fun, what had happened? His closest friend's right eye flashed red and then he was on the ground, holding his chest, which had an open hole that could fit an apple inside.
"You little fucking bastart, I can't wait to have fun with you!" Kairu had laughed, Mateo's eyes flooded with tears, but before he could cry the point of the blade cut into his panicked eye. Kairu laughed hysterically.
"Oh what fun that been" Kairu giggled as he walked towards a shadowy figure leaning against a cold lamp post. As he did so, he noticed another body, void of a left arm, and missing the entire left half of their chest. 
"What the hell!" Shizue screamed "No! This is a prank, it has to be!"
"Nah..." Kairu cackled, as he extended his arm out to face her, a red glow shot down the veins in his arm and his palm became a minature speaker. A light flashed and Shizue's eyes filled with horror, blood spattered into the air and she fell backwards, smashing her purple rimmed glasses on the floor.
"That was fun too" Kairu laughed. He had finally reached the figure against the lamp post, his hair was now entirely ebony, his eyes glowing a bloody shade of red and his skin ivory, spattered in blood.
"You... you weren't here before..." Kairu observed "show me your face you unlucky bastard"
The figure looked up as the lamp post flickered on. Kairu's face filled with a combination of shock and excitement at the same time.
"Stop this, it's over!" The figure moaned, as they pushed their long, cherry red hair off of thier face, to reveal blue eyes.
"Well, well, well..." Kairu said, facing himself "I never thought that I'D be trouble. hahaha"
He slashed the figure across the chest with his knife, blood spat up into Dark Kairu's face, which at first seemed so joyous towards killing his noble counterpart, but then his eyes lit up with fear, as an explosion of black liquid burst from a gash in his chest. Both men fell to the floor, the lamp post flickered.






As you can see this is very different to it's full story counterpart, I decided to start at the end of the story, with both Kairu and Dark Kairu dyeing because of how it resembles the main story's intro, I plan to write the story slightly out of order, all of the story events leading to this final event. I hope it's not too cheesy but it will get a lot darker than this. Also the resemblance to the main AOA intro will be explained deeper into the canon story, so it's not really spoilers because the main story won't kill off all three main characters in one short paragraph.... this is more just for me to mess around with horrible character deaths.

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