Unexpected turns

When you arrive at your new school , everything changes. You meet Calum hood , a quiet kid , you become close before one moment changes everything


5. the party

Its the night of the party. You are wearing blue skinny jeans and a oversized top and have curled hair. Calum picks you up wearing ripped black skinny jeans and a black top.

He drives you and him there , when you get there its packed , you cant hear anything . Calum drags you onto the dance floor and pulls you tight . He kisses your forehead. Ashton see's you and brings you both a bottle of WKD.

By 12 you are both drunk , you cant hear each other because of the music he takes you outside . And pushes you up against the wall . He kisses your lips then moves down your neck . He calls a taxi. Once you get back to his he grabs your hand , you both run to the bedroom.

He starts to strip you whilst kissing your neck them moves down towards your chest. "I love you " he says as he touches you. You pin him down on the bed. He roles you over and moves his hand down. You scream his name. He goes in as you play with his hair.

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