Unexpected turns

When you arrive at your new school , everything changes. You meet Calum hood , a quiet kid , you become close before one moment changes everything


6. morning

You just realise what happened last night and smile . Calum's not next to you , you realise he is in the kitchen, he comes in with a coffee for you and a tea for him. You put yours on the side where his is and you start to kiss again . Just then you realise the time and jump out of bed you chuck one of his tops on and find your jeans . He calls you a taxi that drops you home , your mum is waiting by the door looking angry .

"Y/n where were you last night , i was worried sick "

"I stayed at a friends , I thought i messaged you"

You go up stairs and have a shower and change your clothes. Calum calls you and you both arrange to meet at the park.

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