Anything could happen

Anything could happen, you just never know until you take a chance and trust your heart


4. talking


After taking to Luke in the small room for a while I felt better, why wouldn't I, I was sat having a normal conversation with Luke hemmings. In all seriousness it was great we just sat on the floor facing each other chatting about anything, it wasn't a conversation I had to push either it just flowed like we had known each other for years.

It suddenly got really cold in the room and I shivered a little

"Do you want my jacket"

"Na it's ok"

"You're shivering come on"

He took off his jacket and pulled it over my shoulders


"Much thankyou"

"So (y/n) how long have you been a fan?"

"Since 2012, some of my friends recommended your videos and I've been a fan ever since"

"I'm glad" he said fiddling with the button on his shirt

"Um so what does your boyfriend make of our band?" He said slowly as he looked at me

"I don't have one"

"Oh shame" a little smile grew on his face

"Won't the others wonder where we are we've been in here for like an hour?"

"Yea I guess they will,come on then (y/n)"

He stood up and reached out a hand to help me up

I took his hand and he pulled me up, so hard that fell into him

"You ok?" He said holding my waist

"Yea I'm great um good yea I'm good"

"Good" he smiled and laughed a little

The rest of the world seemed to stop it was just me and Luke standing so close, his eyes seemed to sparkle as I stood looking. It wasn't awkward it was perfect.

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