Anything could happen

Anything could happen, you just never know until you take a chance and trust your heart


2. sorry

From your POV

"Who are you guys and how did you get in?"

Luke sighed

"They're the fans I invited in"

"Um sorry we got bored and curious plus you never came back so we didn't know what to do" I said apologetically

"We were all going to come back and surprise you, guess it's not much of a surprise now is it"

Luke looked funny, for some reason his whole manner had changed. Because I knocked over those stupid crates he was happy and smiling and taking about how he though I was beautiful, aw no he must think we heard him. Well, we did but I bet he's embarrassed now.

"Oh for gods sake" shit did I say that out loud

"For gods sake what?" Michael questioned

What am I meant to say now 'oh yea yea I was just thinking about the fact I probably just embarrassed my idol because we had to go snooping'

"Umm nothing just um hurt my hand from knocking over the crate, hey look we're so sorry for snooping"

"You should be" Luke said bluntly

In that moment I honestly felt like crying. I'd managed to make a huge mess of something that could have been an amazing moment

"Um excuse me sorry" I ran out of the room

I manage to fuck up everything, how? How do I do it? I should be in the world record book for the most fuck ups in a day.

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